Top Ten Tuesday – Money-Saving Tips

With prices on the rise, we all have to do what we can to save money. Some folks have to work a little harder in order to do that, so I know every little tip helps! I’ve decided to share a few of my ideas here. Check them out below, and please share in the comments a few of your money-saving ideas!


★Purchase cloth napkins and paper towels. Why throw paper products in the trash when you can use cloth products, toss them in the wash, and use them again? You can find hand cut and sewn cloth napkins and paper towels on Etsy like I did or even buy plain white cloth washcloths to use as napkins and/or paper towels. Even if you don’t use them all the time, you can still cut down your paper usage, reduce waste, and save money.

★Purchase a vacuum sealer to preserve foods before storing in the freezer. Foods last longer and do not get that dreaded freezer burn! You’ll save money on food that would normally go bad before you use it. Using zip lock freezer bags is another way to save your foods, but be sure to squeeze all the air out of the bag before freezing!

★Sign up for Amazon Prime! If you are low income and can show proof, your Prime membership fee is just half of the regular price. Amazon Prime will save you hundreds in shipping costs if you’re making a lot of purchases.

★If you are low income and receive SNAP benefits, you can add your card number to your Amazon account and purchase eligible food items with SNAP.

★Make your own cleaning spray. 2 cups white vinegar and 1/4 cup blue Dawn dish soap makes a spray you can use on counters, in tubs and sinks, toilets, and many other surfaces. If using on surfaces that will come into contact with food, then rinse with water. Add tea tree essential oil for disinfecting or citrus essential oil for a fresh clean scent. This spray also cleans the funky discoloration in stainless steel pots and pans.

★Switch to a pre-paid cell phone service. Straight Talk offers a $45.00 monthly service with unlimited calls and texts. Straight Talk carries smart phones and are internet capable. Ditch the high monthly charges with contract phones! A pay-as-you-go service will provide you with what you need without the added costs.

★Make your own freezer meals and meal kits. There are hundreds of sites that provide recipes and tips for making tasty and quick meals. This could save you a lot of time in the kitchen and allow you to spend more time with your family at the end of a busy day. I visit Six Sisters Stuff for freezer meal ideas, crock pot and instant pot recipes and more! You’ll find plenty of ideas on You Tube as well.

★Reduce the number of times you eat out by cooking at home! Google “copycat recipes” and learn to make your family’s favorite restaurant foods at home!

★”Only Pay For What You Need” is an insurance campaign slogan that I, for one, am sick of hearing, but setting aside insurance needs, this slogan is pretty true. I’m guilty of buying more of certain items just because they’re on sale, but I’ve learned to pay more attention. Since it’s just me and Dad now, I don’t need large amounts of food items. I do purchase a few bottles of ketchup or mustard, canned goods, when there’s a sale but a large 20 lb. bag of potatoes? No. Not even if it’s on sale, because I end up throwing half the bag away! We just don’t go through that many potatoes! So, watch what you’re doing and plan your purchases! Only pay for what you need!

★Shop at The Dollar Tree! I can hear some of you already. Don’t be a snob. There are good items at The Dollar Tree! They have some name brand items you may already purchase, like Orange Crush soda, Dawn dishwashing liquid, Libbey’s canned vegetables, Healthy Choice soups, Banquet Pot Pies, Crest and Colgate toothpastes, and many other brands. I never purchase food items that come from China or are suspicious in any way, but I have no problem with products coming from Poland, India, Spain, or Italy. You’ll find school supplies, party supplies, and greeting cards at The Dollar Tree! You’re going to save money shopping there, and did I mention that everything is $1.00, unlike Dollar General? But better take advantage while you can because that dollar item may go up soon! The Dollar Tree may begin adding the $1.50 and up aisle because of rising prices!


Being disabled and on a fixed income, I’ve had to find ways to make my life easier. Having pain and mobility issues things are difficult already, so I’m always looking for shortcuts! Then add Covid-19 to the mix and you get even more difficulty! Do you have any money-saving tips or ideas that have helped you through this Covid-19 time of our lives?

Walmart & Cousin Eddie

I headed out to Walmart today but I had three strikes against me that never even occurred to me until I pulled into the parking lot. 1) It’s always busy on Friday, 2) It’s the 1st of the month/payday, and 3) there’s a storm coming in. Luckily, I thought, I just need my prescriptions and a few grocery items.

Now, let me give you a little perspective here. I live in a very rural town – actually Wikipedia describes it as an unincorporated community – of less than 200 residents. Our nearest grocery store is 16 miles away, in a town with a little more than 700 residents. Our nearest Walmart is 28 miles away, in a bit larger town of just under 3,000 residents. That town also has a grocery store, a few small eateries, auto parts store, several small locally owned businesses, a few gas stations, several banks, and many churches. It’s insignificant in comparison to towns with a much, much larger population. So, you can imagine our lovely Walmart to be rather pleasant and not too ridiculously stressful…..

…..Unless it’s a Friday, the 1st of the month, and there’s a storm coming in! I didn’t realize what I got myself into until I got there. I was lucky to find a disabled parking spot. I was equally lucky there was a scooter available inside. It was the last one, so I was very lucky! There were people everywhere. I think everyone in the county was in that store! 

I went to the pharmacy first, to pick up my meds. I was annoyed right away because after I paid, the pharmacy technician told me I had to step to the side window so the pharmacist could bag my purchase. Umm….I don’t know what the point of this is really, because the pharmacist didn’t tell me anything about the medications, nor did he look at the labels to see what they were. He looked at the receipt to see that I had paid for them, tossed them in a bag, stapled it shut and handed them to me. The pharmacy tech could have done that!!

Like I mentioned before, I had very little to pick up. On my list were vitamins, Dramamine, cat food, wine, rock salt, small ziplock bags, and a 6 pack of half-sodas. I figured it wouldn’t take long for me to gather those things and get the hell out of there!

Boy, was I wrong! Every stinkin’ aisle I wanted to go down had people blocking the entire path. I mean, literally standing in the center, not off to one side or another. There were some blocking one end or the other, having conversations with others. I almost ran over a few people, who saw me coming towards them but still stopped and blocked the path. I had to back-track a few times, thinking the path would be clear when I came back but that was a fruitless effort. I was in Walmart for an hour longer than I needed to be!

I know everyone has things they need to get done. People have jobs they can’t be late for, kids to get home to and meals to cook, someone to pick up from somewhere, errands to run, appointments to get to. I get it. I have things to do, too. Why can’t people be more aware of others around them? Why can’t they just be more courteous?

When I went to check out, all the lines were several people long. So, I just picked one. There was a man with 3 items who looked about as exasperated as I was and I told him he could go in front of me. I really didn’t mind but I swear, this guy was someone’s Cousin Eddie! You know, the cousin of Clark Griswold in The National Lampoon movies!








He talked my ear off until it was his turn to check out and he was gone. When I got out to the parking lot, he was still putting things in his trunk and talking to himself. I tried to look inconspicuous so as not to draw attention. I swear, I must have a weirdo magnet attached to my hip or something! Seems to be every time I go somewhere, the weirdos all find me. Today just happened to be someone’s Cousin Eddie!

Oh Little Christmas Tree, Will Jack Pee on Thee?

The last time I wrote in my blog, I was wrapped up in a blanket of depression. Thanksgiving was calm, just Dad and I, but I was depressed that my kids and grandkids weren’t with us just like every holiday for the last 8 years. We were able to have lunch out the Saturday following Thanksgiving with my son, his wife, and my newest grandbaby, though. That helped my mood and I have tried very hard ever since to have a little more holiday cheer.

I really despise Christmas. I was never crazy about the concept but always made memories with my kids when they were growing up. Following old family traditions and creating a few of my own, we always had a good time. I’m not a religious person, nor will I ever be, but my kids were taught that the reason we celebrate Christmas is Jesus. Funny though, December 25th isn’t even the correct birthdate, but I digress.

Christmas has become so commercialized that it just sucks the life out of me. People have become so greedy and they’ve raised their kids to be greedy little monsters, too. Not all, but I’m sure you know the ones. This year I have done all of my shopping online. Why go out and deal with the greed, crowds, and noise? I’m keeping everything small and simple this year. Just a few gifts, some homemade, some store bought will be placed around a 2 ft. tree (ordered online) on my kitchen table draped with a purple tablecloth. The tree will have a few purple lights to make it more festive but the large white tree and all of my ornaments and decor will stay in storage. I just don’t have the energy for that much hoopla. Especially since the house won’t be full of kids and grandkids, maybe just my son and his little family, or maybe…just cats….which leaves me with the thought, will Jack pee on my little tree? He’s the only cat that goes outside and he’s been neutered, but I have seen him mark his territory outside on trees, my car, the side of the house, etc. I’ll let you know how my little tree fares. As for Christmas eats… I will try my damnedest to do my traditional Christmas Eve pizza, pizza balls, and popcorn cake, all homemade. Christmas Day dinner will include ham and not sure what else yet, but lots of goodies for snacking. (Isn’t that the best part anyway?) Keep your fingers crossed that my pain level stays…well, level with no spikes for at least that week of Christmas.

I’m taking a break (for the most part) from social media and blogging. I want to change the look of my blog, so I hope to do a little work on it during the next few weeks. I will leave you now with a few Christmas funnies (since I’ve missed the last 2 weeks of Friday’s Funnies) and who knows, I may just have another installment of these before Christmas! Enjoy!






















Have a great week, everyone!

Not Such A Good Idea

Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

Today, my daughter, my son, the 2 grandkids and I went to Walmart. We had a few things to pick up like milk and stuff for burgers tonight. Doodle Bug was a bit tired of riding in the cart and daddy took her out to let her stretch her legs. As we were standing in the check-out line, Doodle Bug decided to crawl under the basket and lay on the rack near the wheels. We were very mindful of where her little hands and fingers were. I’ve seen kids get their fingers ran over while riding below like this and I didn’t want her to get hurt. We weren’t moving though, just standing in line. The problem was, that her little legs were skinnier than the bars on the rack and her little legs got stuck in between. She was STUCK and not a happy camper! Her daddy helped her out and all was fine in the universe again. It was fun while it lasted!