Friday’s Funnies – Coronavirus Edition

There’s a lot of bullshit flowing on the web this week. I’m sick of hearing about COVID-19. The entire situation is extremely worrisome, but wouldn’t be so bad if the “stable genius” had addressed the problem with a) intelligence, b) facts, and c) clarity. He has no idea what the hell he is doing. But this isn’t a political post. I’ll save that for another time.

I finally got my meds straightened out and met my new FNP. She was very personable and spoke with knowledge without talking down to me. I asked her about the clinic’s process if someone thinks they might have the virus. Her answers were reassuring and I left feeling that it would be handled competently. I went to Walmart to pick up my meds and a few other things afterward.

Walmart was a madhouse. Families pushing 2 and 3 carts packed full of supplies were everywhere. I actually got a scooter and I realized on the way home why it was so easy to get one today, of all days. Well, a scooter basket doesn’t hold enough for the zombie apocalypse you know!!!! It’s really a good thing I didn’t need toilet paper because there was not one package left on the shelves! Paper towels and facial tissues were pretty slim pickins, too! They were low or completely out of so many things! Ugh.

Anyway, folks… Here’s this week’s dose of levity. Enjoy!












































My pick for 3rd place this week:



My pick for 2nd place:



And my pick for #1:




Now, if some of those don’t make you laugh then there’s something wrong with you! Seriously, though. I had a hard time choosing my faves! The Quarantini and That 70’s Mom were pretty close in the running but I had to pick the ones that made me laugh the most! Which are your picks?

Tomorrow Dad and I are off to do some last-minute errands and to have some lunch. It will be our last day out for a while, I think. We shall lay low for a couple of weeks and let the zombies run amuck!

Have a great weekend, folks! Thanks for following my blog and remember, wash your hands!

Aunt Debbie

Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

This week has been much better than the last, pain wise. Last week, my brain was so scrambled from intense pain that I totally forgot about Friday’s Funnies. When I finally remembered, it was Monday. Gasp!

I’ll start this week’s funnies by adding something to what I call Shit My Dad Says.

Two days ago, Dad went out to the mailbox for the mail. He came back in and says, “You’ve got something here from Jake.” I say, Jake? Jake who?” Dad says “Jake! Jake, from State Farm.” I laughed until I snorted. It was a letter from State Farm! 


If you don’t know what Jake’s connection is to State Farm, then check out the original commercial below. Then please enjoy the rest of this week’s funnies!
















My 3rd Place favorite this week:




The next two tie for 2nd Place!






Are you ready for 1st Place??





Big SNORT! That groundhog is my spirit animal! Which were your faves this week? I hope you got a few laughs, maybe even a couple snorts! You just can’t go through life with a snort now and then!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! Have a few laughs (and adult beverages) and for goodness sake, don’t forget to wash your hands!

Ta ta for now, my friends!

Aunt Debbie

Friday’s Funnies – Valentine’s Day Edition

When I was with my ex, Valentine’s Day was like any other. He didn’t have a romantic bone in his body. Before I knew better than to waste my time, money, and energy, I prepared a nice candlelit dinner for the two of us. I thought it would be a nice gesture since I was broke. He ruined it by complaining about how he didn’t like to eat in the dark. No more candlelit dinners for him!

My best Valentine’s Day memories are with my kids! I always gave them a little something – candy, a special book, a card, or other little thing I might think of. Some years, I stretched Valentine’s Day out for 4 or 5 days by giving them each a zip lock bag each night with some candy and a little note, telling them something I loved about them. They made things in school for me, as well.

To me, Valentine’s Day is about showing your love and appreciation for someone or something. We should really be doing that every day of the year though, shouldn’t we? Here are some funnies to make you laugh on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re involved in a relationship or single (by choice, like me) or even if “it’s complicated,” I’m sure your funny bone will get a kick out of at least some of these! Enjoy!













































I think the last one made me laugh the most! Oh, and the “Kiss My Nose” cartoon! Haha! Well, I hope you liked this week’s funnies! Which were your favorites?

I hope your Valentine’s Day is well spent; whether with your significant other, with your kids, or friends. Remember, LOVE YOURSELF, too! Any time spent on yourself is time well spent!!

Have a great weekend!

Aunt Debbie

Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

Happy Friday! Well, Happy Frustrating Friday, is more like it. Nevermind. I won’t go there.

Here are this week’s funnies. I hope you enjoy them!
































There you go, friends! I hope you enjoyed this week’s funnies! I think I got the biggest kick out of the Scotsman in the wrong house video! Anywhere else and he would have been shot dead, am I right? Which ones were your faves?

This weekend is supposed to bring great weather for the Superbowl and for fans everywhere! I’m not a football fan but Dad and I have our own little Superbowl party (just the two of us) every year. I try to make game day fun for Dad since he doesn’t socialize with anyone. I make hot wings and other snacks, I drink beer and Dad drinks his wine. I enjoy the commercials when they don’t suck while Dad enjoys the game! Do you have plans for Superbowl Sunday?

Whatever your plans, drive safely and have a great time!

Until next time,

Aunt Debbie



Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

I’m late! I’m late! I try. I try. Really, I do. Something always comes up and I get behind. I can’t seem to get it together. Oh, well.

I hope you’ve had a good week. Mine? Not that great. To make matters worse, I tried to avoid a fall and twisted my knee. Sure could have done without that! This morning, my knee wasn’t any worse than it usually is so I guess it’s all good.

Onward and upward, my friends! I hope you enjoy this week’s funnies!











































Well, there you have it! This week’s funnies! I hope you got a chuckle or two! Have a super weekend, folks! If you’re getting ice or snow, please stay safe. The roads are not a fun place to be when they’re slick!

See you next week!

Aunt Debbie