I’m a crazy cat lady so I have to share my little furry loves with you! I am down to 4 cats, which is the least I’ve had in many years.


This is Kitty and she’s the oldest of the bunch now. She’s going on 13 and psycho! Her nickname is “El Diablo’s Sister.” Kitty likes chicken and tuna and long naps on my bed. She hates electric razors…well, she hates anything that buzzes!


This is Alice. Her nickname is “Allie Cat.” She’ll be 6 in February. She’s the best girl ever! She loves to have her head and cheeks scratched. She’s very good natured! Alice loves her “Lickables” snacks and tuna. She lets me know when someone is in the driveway by running into my bedroom to hide. Who needs a watchdog, eh?!


This is Jack, aka “Jackie Boy” and he’s a lover and a fighter. It took me 3 years to integrate him with the others because he was so aggressive. He’s sweet as pie now but he still tries my patience at times. He loves his crunchy snacks and he hates spray bottles. He’s going to be 4 in March.


This lovely baby is Honey Bear, aka Fatty McCatty. She’s part Maine Coon and weighs in at a whopping 19 lbs.! She came to us in July of 2017 and the vet said she was under 5 years old. Honey is a sweetheart and loves to be brushed. Obviously, she will eat just about anything but her diet has to be controlled somewhat. She gets the same food as the others but her snacks are limited.


These are my babies lost to kidney disease. They lived long and full lives. They were loved very much. Fuzz was 18.5 years old, Korn was 15 and his sister Smokie was 15.5 years old. I miss them every single day.

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