A Weight, Lifted

A few months ago, I made the difficult decision to sell my soap making supplies. This came after I finally realized my motivation was gone. My pain level is to the point that everything I do is a struggle. If I’m going to struggle to get a glass of iced tea, then how the hell am I going to make soap? If I were able-bodied, I would definitely not have given it up.

In January, I began boxing up supplies after I found a buyer. It would take me 2 whole months not just because of my pain level, but also because my supplies were scattered all over the house. Now, by ‘scattered’ I don’t mean strewn everywhere. I live in a small house, so in order to have all the supplies I needed for my soap making, I had to make room. That means a shelf here, a shelf there, a few tubs in the bedroom closet, a rack in the small bedroom, boxes stacked in a corner, etc. I spent a couple hours a few days a week getting things together. I had to box things up in a manner that made sense. Soap base in one box, tools and measuring devices in one box, soap packaging items in another, and so on. I labeled each box. Thankfully, the fragrance oils were already in their own tubs. So were a few other things like soap molds.

Today, after getting everything loaded into my car, I met with my buyer who just happens to be a good friend of mine. I said goodbye to my supplies as I drove away….but a huge wave of relief came over me. I was rather shocked. I never thought that there was anything to that “declutter your life, declutter your mind” crap I’ve heard for years but today, I get it. I GET IT!

As much as I hated to give up my soap making, it was a relief to not have all those supplies in my house, taking up space and not being used. I felt lighter….like a weight has been lifted. I felt like now I’m getting somewhere in this decluttering project! Soon, my sister will come for my incense making supplies and then there will be another wave of relief! I’m looking forward to having only what I/we need and will try my best not to accumulate more stuff…except for yarn!

Note: I will NOT be giving up my yarn stash! Hahaha!

23 thoughts on “A Weight, Lifted

  1. I totally understand your relief Deb. There is a sense of freedom and clarity that comes with decluttering your space. I’m doing the same but I’m doing it because when I finally buy a house I don’t want to take boxes of crap with me. Just what is mine and what I need. I need shoes, I’m down to only 47 pairs! Lol

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  2. There is a whole rage going on about minimalist living and decluttering. There is definitely something to that.

    I have so much I would like to get rid of but I wish I had a buyer for them. It was great that you found a buyer. Who wants to just give stuff away after spending money on them?

    Glad the eradication of your soap making supplies gave you relief. Relief is such an underrated emotion. 🙂

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  3. What a great feeling! I had a similar one yesterday when I dropped off a few big bags of yarn to a friend. I knew I would never use it and she loves to knit and crochet. Besides, I have been inventorying the yarn I have and putting it in good-sized bins. I knew I had a problem when I realized I had filled bin 50!! I might have to go through it again. I”ll never live long enough to use this much yarn!

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