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Single, mother of 2 adult children and grandmother to 5 beautiful grandchildren! I crochet, make jewelry, hand-poured soaps, and whatever else I can get into! I love Medieval History, castles, all things Celtic. I love animals, rock music, Mexican food, writing, learning, and good movies.

Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week – May 26, 2023

Well, here we are, another Friday. I apologize for skipping the last 2 Fridays but it’s been rough. Depression comes and goes and I fight hard to keep it at bay. I can’t let it suck me under because I have to take care of Dad. I take each day as it comes and try to stay focused on what is good in my life.

For at least 4 days of the last 2 weeks, I have been recovering from trying to do a few chores around here. Good grief, I need a live-in. Remember Hazel from the tv sitcom in the 60s? That’s who I need right now. She’d really get things done.

I hope this month has been good to you all. Let’s get the funnies rolling now. I hope you enjoy!






There ya have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed this week’s collection! There were just too many for me to choose a favorite! Could you choose?

I hope you have a super enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. While you’re out on the lake or grilling your favorite foods, please remember those who died fighting for our country.

Peace Out,


A Random Memory

Back when I was in high school, I must’ve been a Junior or Senior at the time, I had a most hilarious experience! I was walking in front of the student parking lot and a girl I knew from Elementary school was walking beside me. I could see that she was stoned out of her gourd but had no idea how stoned until this happened.

I won’t mention any names for obvious reasons but she and I were talking, about nothing in particular really. It was probably the same ol’ same ol’ of the average high school student. School sucks, I hate homework, that asshole boy, yadda yadda… She pulls a pack of cigarettes out of her sweater pocket, pulls out her lighter, and proceeds to try to light a cigarette. I was watching her because I was amused at the fumbling of this stoned-as-hell girl, but looking where I was going at the same time. I looked over at her just as she walked smack-dab into a telephone pole! She bounced right off that pole! I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die from laughter! My eyes watered and my belly hurt from laughing so hard. Even funnier was the fact that her cigarette was bent – not broken – and she was still trying to get it lit.

I feel bad now because I should have stopped her to check her damn face! I’m sure she must’ve had a mark from hitting that damn pole! She must’ve had a headache or a concussion, who knows.

Shame on me for laughing…but you have to admit, you’d probably laugh too!


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my current situation. There’s one word to accurately describe how I feel. Miserable.

I have never been so miserable in all of my life. I’ve been through some rough times: emotionally, mentally, and physically rough. From childhood to adulthood, and beyond, I have had some serious situations arise. I have dealt with some traumatic issues and come through them all. I suppose I’ll come through this, too. But when? I don’t see much improvement until the new house is finished.

The issues at the moment are dealing with an elderly father 24/7 and my own pain and mobility issues. Dad is 86 years old and sometimes reminds me of a toddler. One day he likes something and the next day, he doesn’t. Or the other way around. He has to have his chocolate drink at lunchtime and if I give him prune juice instead (because he’s bitching about being constipated) he gets his briefs in a knot. He sometimes wants something and when I order it, he loses it or never uses it because he doesn’t remember why he would want that. He watches the news all day long so I sit in the kitchen at my laptop. I can’t stand to hear the news all damn day! When he lets me find something else to watch, he bitches and moans at my choice, and rolls his eyes repeatedly. His usual bedtime is 10pm. However, recently he has been staying up until sometimes midnight! That’s about the time I start getting ready for bed so I have no time to destress, unwind and watch tv without hearing him bitch the entire time. I need that time, even though it’s just 2 hours, to clear my head and not be completely focused on what he’s doing and where he’s at (because he tends to fall). At least when he goes to bed, I know where he is and that he’s not going to fall down! So, when he stays up late, I’m agitated. I go to bed agitated and wake up agitated. I sleep in my power chair in the living room (if I can sleep at all) because I can’t sleep in my bed. I am trying to save money to get an adjustable bed so that I can at least be in my room and semi-comfortable.

On top of all of the agitation of dealing with an aging father, and pain and mobility issues that make everything difficult for me to do, the house is literally falling apart. A couple of weeks ago, the ceiling in the bathroom fell in. It just got so wet from all the leaks in there that it couldn’t take the weight.  It was just yesterday that my son was able to come over and cover the roof and hopefully, it will be ok until he can do more work. The house is crumbling. It’s very stressful and need I say uncomfortable?

It’s very easy to slip into depression and never come out of it. I am miserably uncomfortable. I’ve always been a pretty positive person. I used humor to get through the rough shit in my life but it’s hard to find humor in the situation at hand. I get tired of people telling me to be more positive as if that’s going to improve the situation. Sorry, but even if I were the most positive person in the world, it wouldn’t change anything. I am as positive as anyone would be in this situation! In fact, I think I’m more positive than someone else would be if they had to deal with the same issues, so forgive me if I sound like a bitch when I snap…and I will snap sooner or later.

Signing off for now before I have an aneurysm…


Elvis Is Dead


Ok, so… I don’t have a pet mouse named Elvis but a mouse died yesterday, and not in a trap, unless you count Jack’s tummy. I found mouse remains on the laundry room floor. I don’t think he tasted good because Jack threw it up and wasn’t feeling well afterward. I was worried for a few hours because he just wasn’t himself. Later in the day, he perked up and went mouse hunting again.


Yes, we have mice. We also have craneflies, roly-polies, centipedes, millipedes, termites, beetles, wasps, spiders, and so much more. That’s really fun in the warmer months. You should see BobCat chasing a beetle! Anyway, since we live out in the middle of nowhere we have to deal with the annoyance of all kinds of things. One year we had a family of skunks living under the house. Something spooked them, and my house smelled like skunk for weeks afterward!


Jack felt well enough to continue with his mouse shenanigans and caught another… It was just a baby! Then Alice caught one. She ate the head off and left the rest. Thanks Alice. I think there must’ve been a new nest of meeces (intentional, an attempt of humor) living somewhere in a mouse-sized crawlspace. Things have calmed down now so I think my furbabies have killed them all.

Rest in Pieces, Little Meeces.

Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week May 5, 2023

Happy Friday! Today I wish I was at my favorite Mexican restaurant, drinking margaritas and eating my favorite enchiladas. They always have a fun Cinco de Mayo day with games and contests. Dad and I won many prizes one year and we had a blast. These days, we just aren’t up for dealing with crowded restaurants…or crowded anything. That’s the last thing on my list of fun things to do. Haha. Instead, I’ve been sitting here like a bump on a log…my grandmother used to say that…and I was so damn busy doing that that I nearly didn’t have time for today’s funnies!

I won’t bore you to death with meaningless crap. Here is this week’s collection!




Well, I can honestly say I do have a few faves from this batch! I like Accident Insurance Form, Clint Eatswood, and Storytime with Papa Bear the best! Which ones crack your funny bone?

I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay safe and be considerate of others. We need more of that shit these days.

Until next time,