My Crochet

February 2018 – Making heavy duty dish scrubbies! These babies are tough! They are 4″ across and 1/2″ – 3/4″ thick! If you’re interested in them, they are $4.00 each plus shipping! Your choice of colors!

              Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie


                Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie


October 2017 – Just finished this lovely crocheted poncho for my cousin. You can see it has a cowl neck and can be made without as well. Cousin loves it! It’s a perfect match to her purse! Do you like ponchos? I like them, but can’t seem to make one for myself that I actually like how it looks on me!

                               Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie


    Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie and K. Davenport



May 2017 – So, my latest creation took me a very long time to complete…..but not because it took me a lot of time to complete…lol. Let me explain. I started this “Batman” afghan for my nephew in late 2015. It was supposed to be done for his 14th birthday, which was in February. So, February 2016 is what I was aiming for. I didn’t make it. Ugh. The thing is when you make the same little square 144 times in the same color and then another 140-something times in a second color, then a bunch in a 3rd color….you tend to want to throw it out the window as the garbage truck goes by! I was so sick to death of this thing!! Well, I decided by golly, this ‘thing’ is going to get done by Christmas 2016. I missed the mark, again! Well, shit. Ok. It’s going to get done this year (2017) if it kills me. I got busy joining my little squares, a few at a time. Realizing I still had quite a few squares to make, I’d break from joining and make a few squares. That way maybe I’d not get so sick of it. I finally started getting somewhere! Little by little, I started seeing light at the end of the tunnel. If only I would have stayed with it, it could have been done in just a few weeks….but like I mentioned, you can only crochet so many of the same color squares before you start going batshit crazy! (Maybe it’s just me.) Anyway, I finally finished the afghan that I started so long ago and I am very happy with it but more importantly, my nephew loves, loves, loves it!! (He’s 16 now!)

                                                                                       Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

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