My Crochet

August 2018 – Made my grandbaby due in September. “Your First Breath Took Ours Away” Didn’t take as long as you’d think and I loved making it! I’d like to do this in other colors, too!

                                              Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie



July 2018 – I finally finished my brother in law’s American Flag throw! I started it in January I think! The starts were the most time-consuming part and they look a bit wonky to me, but BIL loved it! That’s all that matters! So, tell me….. What do you think?

         Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie and M. Whalen
                                   Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie


February 2018 – Making heavy duty dish scrubbies! These babies are tough! They are 4″ across and 1/2″ – 3/4″ thick! If you’re interested in them, they are $4.00 each plus shipping! Your choice of colors!

      Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie
          Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie


October 2017 – Just finished this lovely crocheted poncho for my cousin. You can see it has a cowl neck and can be made without as well. Cousin loves it! It’s a perfect match to her purse! Do you like ponchos? I like them, but can’t seem to make one for myself that I actually like how it looks on me!

                                      Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie
Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie and K. Davenport


May 2017 – So, my latest creation took me a very long time to complete…..but not because it took me a lot of time to complete…lol. Let me explain. I started this “Batman” afghan for my nephew in late 2015. It was supposed to be done for his 14th birthday, which was in February. So, February 2016 is what I was aiming for. I didn’t make it. Ugh. The thing is when you make the same little square 144 times in the same color and then other 140-something times in a second color, then a bunch in a 3rd color….you tend to want to throw it out the window as the garbage truck goes by! I was so sick to death of this thing!! Well, I decided by golly, this ‘thing’ is going to get done by Christmas 2016. I missed the mark, again! Well, shit. Ok. It’s going to get done this year (2017) if it kills me. I got busy joining my little squares, a few at a time. Realizing I still had quite a few squares to make, I’d break from joining and make a few squares. That way maybe I’d not get so sick of it. I finally started getting somewhere! Little by little, I started seeing light at the end of the tunnel. If only I would have stayed with it, it could have been done in just a few weeks….but like I mentioned, you can only crochet so many of the same color squares before you start going batshit crazy! (Maybe it’s just me.) Anyway, I finally finished the afghan that I started so long ago and I am very happy with it but more importantly, my nephew loves, loves, loves it!! (He’s 16 now!)

                                                                     Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

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