To New Projects and New Beginnings!

I finished my last 2 crochet projects and am currently taking on a few more! My 4th grandbaby is due in September and I still have a few things left to make! I’m starting a stroller blanket, a nursing shawl, and a car seat cover. You can see the lovely afghan I finished in time for the baby shower here!

I get so excited when a new project has been completed. It’s such a wonderful feeling to see the end result of so many hours of work. There are so many items on my list of things to make…. Holy cow, you should see my Pinterest board! Hahaha!

I’m looking forward to having a 4th grandchild. I think this grandbaby will stay close, as I don’t think my dear daughter-in-law will want to go too far from her family. I love all of my grandkids so much but things aren’t as I’d like them to be. One lives hundreds of miles away, another is being raised JW, and the oldest was adopted by his other grandparents, due to circumstances beyond my control. That was a long and painful story….and the reason I started blogging.

I’m looking forward to this new beginning, not only for myself but for my son and his wife and their little one who will be here very soon!

…….And as soon as I finish my projects for #4 I want to start some projects to sell for the holidays. So many ideas and so little time!!

Peace be with you, my friends!

Throwback Thursday

I was going through some old posts last night and nearly burst into tears when I saw this post. It was when poor ol’ Korn was a much younger cat and the life of the party, so to speak. I miss him and his buddy Fuzz, too. Furbabies aren’t just pets; they’re family.

Mr. Potato Head’s Cat

Accepting Others For Who They Are

It shouldn’t be hard to do. We are all human. We all want the same things in life; love, happiness, acceptance, excitement, success, and the list goes on.

I always wondered how I would feel if one of my children came out as gay or transgender. I had no clue how things would change and it was worrisome. I knew I would still love them, of course, but had no idea if life as we knew it would change into something unfamiliar. In the world we live in today, it’s not hard to imagine the danger and hatred someone coming out might experience.

My children are not gay or transgender, but a very close family member has just come out as transgender, whom I will refer to as X. I can only hope everyone has been accepting and non-judgemental towards X; from what I have seen I think it’s been quite positive. X has family and friends who have been very supportive. I can’t imagine the difficulties this young person must have gone through, and how magnified that would have been without the support of friends and family!

In 2015 there were 21 transgender deaths. In 2016, 23 deaths were reported. Last year, 25 transgender deaths in this country! If that’s not bad enough, these people, THESE HUMAN BEINGS, were killed by acquaintances or partners, and some by total strangers! Over 2/3 of homicide victims are transgender women. Oh, and transgender people of color are 6 times more likely to experience police violence.

I don’t know about you, but this is unacceptable. We are all human beings. Some are thin, some are fat. Some have long hair, some are bald. Some are blond, some are brunette. Some are white, some are black. Some are gay, some are straight. Some are transgender. Get over it. These people have rights, just as anyone else. They are not animals and shouldn’t be treated as such.

How would you feel if it were your child? Your niece or nephew? Your cousin? If you would denounce them, then you don’t deserve them! Accept them for who they are. Treat them as you always did. Love them unconditionally.

Why should it be any different? Family is family. A true friend stands by a friend no matter what. Be supportive. Be kind.

It may take some time getting used to, and you may mess up pronouns and/or use the wrong name. It may even be a bit uncomfortable, but LEARN to ACCEPT and LOVE everyone for who they are.

Aunt Debbie


































Good Laughs & A Tough Decision


I have 2 kitties with allergies. This I discovered after two $100+ vet bills where antibiotics did not do the trick. Ugh. Figures, right? I found a homeopathic medication for felines with allergies and it cleared Alice up after just a few days. Jack, started getting the “snotsies” as we have come to call it, and so I started giving it to him as well. He’s still snottin’ a little but he’s much better than he was. The others have not had any problems, thankfully.

On the subject of kitties, I have come to the painful decision of having my 15-year-old nearly blind cat euthanized. I don’t want to do this but she has started showing signs of Kidney disease and after having watched 2 other furbabies suffer from the same thing, I have decided not to prolong it. She must be miserable; as I’m sure my other 2 were. She has been having troubles with her bladder for quite some time and quite frankly, I can’t go on forever putting puppy pads around the litter boxes and in various “favorite spots” all over the house. Poor Smokie has had a rough life. I’m not too sure when I’ll make the call, but probably in July sometime.

On a brighter note, my two 9-year-old grandkids had lunch with us on Thursday. They haven’t seen each other for a very long time! Heck, I haven’t seen them in around 6 months! We had a great lunch and it was fun catching up! We wanted DM to have lunch with us again today, but he had other plans and couldn’t make it. Maybe next time! DM has a cell phone now so we traded numbers and we have connected in a new way! I am sending him puns and jokes and he has tried to trip me up with riddles! The granddaughter stayed until today after lunch and a little shopping.

Granddaughter is quite the prankster, as I mentioned in the latest Friday’s Funnies. She really pulled a good one on her (gr)Grampa, which was supposed to be on both of us but I was too slow getting in there. Dad really thought that lizard was real! That lizard made his way to the kitchen, with the prankster’s help but I saw it and knew it was her toy again. We did get a really big laugh when poor Jack was sitting there minding his own business and I moved that lizard up behind him. When Jack turned and saw it he jumped 5 feet backward and at least a foot off the ground! The prankster and I laughed our butts off! Poor Jack! I’m sure he called us a few dirty names.

The prankster has been very helpful. I wish she could come live with us. She made many of my chores much easier by helping. I despise being disabled and not being able to do things like I used to. She’s so helpful and looks after us quite nicely. In fact, after I paid the bill at the restaurant with my debit card, the prankster made sure I had my receipt and my card back in my wallet before we left. Yep. Growing up.

Why, oh why must they grow up so quickly? I thought I was “getting old” when my own kids were growing up. Now the grandkids are making me ancient. Lol.

Throwback Thursday

I haven’t done this in awhile…. Throwback from waaay back! This is my Dad on the left, his brother (my uncle) on the right. Dad was born in 1937. His brother was a little older, but I don’t recall the year he was born. Dad is 81 years old this year. Sadly, my uncle passed away about 2 years ago.

I cherish every day Dad is with me. He’s my comic relief! I think I would go mad if it weren’t for him. I love him to pieces, forever and always. Ok, now I’m getting sentimental and teary-eyed. I’ll just leave this right here…..