Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

Time for Friday’s Funnies! I’ll start out with a little funny-ha-ha from my outing with Dad today! Enjoy!

Dad and I went to Mountain Grove today to buy a new DVD player. Afterward, we stopped at Los Amigos for a quick bite to eat. We’ve been there many times before and the food is really good, but I never noticed a side entrance door. I mentioned it to Dad and he said, “Oh yeah, I’ve seen it before. In fact, I’ve seen real people, not actors, come in that door.” If you don’t watch tv you won’t even get why this is funny! It’s a reference to the stupid auto commercials where they state clearly “these are real people, not actors,” which is just stupid. (Actors aren’t real people?? Lol.) Anyway, Dad never disappoints. Filing this under #ShitMyDadSays!



























I hope no one gets their panties in a bunch over that last one. The Facebook page that posted it got some really rude comments. People need to lighten up a bit and stop getting so offended over little things that, when you think about it, really don’t matter at the end of the day. Get some tickle back in that funny bone and have a little laugh. Laughs are free, fun, and make you feel good!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Aunt Debbie

Breathe & Be

Just be you, my friend.

Be always true, to the end.

Have integrity. Walk your own path.

Hold your head high, walk with class.

Dance barefoot, sing a song.

The days become short, rather than long.

Breathe your troubles away.

They really don’t matter, at the end of the day.

Time will run out for us all,

So do what you can, make that call.

Live life to the fullest. Live with glee.

Just breathe. Just be.

Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

A Caturday In Hiding

Poor Honey had to go to the vet yesterday. She went from 16 lbs. in January, to 17 lbs. in March, to a whopping 19 lbs. at the end of May! She has been on a diet since January! That didn’t work, obviously.

To the vet she went. She was not happy. In fact, she looks pissed.

                                                                Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

She was a good girl though. She hissed at me when I put her in the carrier, but no hisses at our new vet. Everyone commented on how gorgeous she was… I think this may go to her head and cause her to expect more food.

The vet checked Honey’s thyroid, which was normal. She took a ‘picture’ of her belly to check for excessive liquids or masses. Nothing abnormal. Diabetes was ruled out as she shows no signs of that. She does have big bones so she may have some Maine Coon in her, but her belly shouldn’t look like she swallowed a bowling ball.

So, first step… Change her diet to a special weight management metabolic cat food, to try to trick her metabolism into high gear…or least a higher gear than it’s stuck in right now.  EXPENSIVE cat food, I might add. Ok. I’ll try anything at this point, but after a couple of months if she doesn’t lose weight then I’m trying a different kind.

As soon as we got her home yesterday, she hid under my bed. Of course, she hadn’t eaten anything all day so I fed her and she came out for that…naturally.

I didn’t see her much until just a few minutes ago. She spent her entire Caturday hiding under my bed. I think she thought it would be safe to hide in case I wanted to put her in the cage and go for another ride!

                                                                  Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

She decided to give Alice a bath and Alice loves that! I gave Honey a good brushing while she was occupied with Alice. When I stopped brushing, Honey stopped and looked at Alice like, “What was I thinking?”

                                                       Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

So, Honey, aka Fatty McCatty, aka Porkahontas, among other funny names….is unhappy and hungry. I just want her to be at a healthy enough weight to be able to run and play with the others. I want her to be able to jump on my bed with grace. I want her to be playful and energetic once again.

Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

Well, I had a really funny video to share with y’all and now I can’t find the blasted thing! Worse is that I don’t remember what the video was of in the first place! I just know it was funny! Shoot. Oh well. Next time.

I hope you enjoy these! Some of them are just….something. You’ll see.






























You know that saying, “Something you just can’t unsee?” Applies to the last meme, don’t you think? Hahahaha! Have a great weekend and remember to laugh!