Earworm – God Bless The USA

I woke up this morning with a few scattered thoughts and this song on my mind. I can only hope things will get better soon. I wish everyone would stop and think about what our flag represents. Think about those who died for our right to protest and to speak freely. Think about other countries who have governments that rule with an iron fist; where citizens have little to no rights. Think about our Great Nation, the USA, and what it would be like if we were to come under dictatorial rule. What would happen if we lost the rights we have become so used to having? We take our rights for granted, don’t you think? We must stand together now and hold the American Flag high.

Being a Patriot is about standing up for the Constitution of The United States of America, supporting our government, and standing up for our country as a whole, not just certain groups of people. Our government is not perfect, by a long shot, but change must come about peacefully and according to our laws. Let us unite and fix what is broken instead of ripping it completely apart.

What’s Eating Aunt Debbie?

Oh, so many things to say but less than an hour to write!

Who’s Trying To Steal What?

It looks to me like Donald Trump is the one who’s trying to steal the election. They counted and recounted the votes in several states. Biden still had more votes. 60+ law suits put in front of various courts, were knocked down! NO evidence of widespread voter fraud was presented in any of those cases. Biden is still, clearly the winner of the 2020 election. Still claiming to have won the election, Trump riles up his base and makes them believe the lie! Now look what has happened.

He Told Them To Come

Peaceful protests are one thing; a riot is quite another. Donald Trump told his followers to come to the Capitol. He told them to fight. They knew what he wanted them to do. He knew they would do it. He used his followers to do his dirty work, the fucking coward! Desecrating the Nation’s Capitol Building is unacceptable! Donald Trump incited this riot that resulted in 5 deaths, property destruction, and theft. Let us not forget that these rioters came with weapons, zip ties, a constructed gallows and noose, Molotov cocktails and the like – for what purpose other than to terrify and inflict harm? It is clear what their intent was. They threatened the life of the Vice-President; shouting “Hang Mike Pence.” All because Trump expected Pence to overturn the vote, which is completely not up to Pence. His job was to oversee, not overturn. Trump just can’t accept that he lost the election and refuses to give up “power” because he’s a big, whiny-ass crybaby! But…but…but…BLM, Antifa, yadda yadda… Just staaahp! It doesn’t matter who did what, when, or why. The people that stormed the Capitol Building are simply, domestic terrorists. Destruction and violence is unacceptable. ANY destruction or violence committed during a protest of any kind is unacceptable! Insurrection and sedition is CRIMINAL. The riot on Wednesday was a direct attack on our Democracy! It was an attempted coup.

Speaking of BLM…

If those rioters had been black they’d have been shot/beat/pelleted and arrested before they could have even walked in the doors of the Capitol. Why were these white Trump supporters allowed to do what they did with little push-back? We all know why. 

Freedom of Speech

We, the people, have been granted the right to speak freely; to express our opinions, via the US Constitution. Twitter, among other social media platforms have banned Donald Trump for violating their policies. News Flash: Twitter is a privately owned company and they have every right to suspend or permanently ban people for violating their terms of use policy. I can’t help but compare this to the situation with my sister, who is constantly in Facebook “jail.” She speaks her mind, not always in the classiest way, and she violates Facebook’s terms of use. Why is Trump any different? He is NOT different. No one is infringing upon his rights! He has violated company policy by inciting violence, using hate speech, etc. Come on, folks! We are all HUMAN BEINGS! We are all the same! Just because someone else is being hateful, doesn’t mean it’s ok. We must remember, that with Freedom of Speech comes a certain responsibility. Just because you have the right to speak your mind doesn’t mean you should always speak your mind. Some things should remain unsaid. Some things are just inappropriate and unacceptable. Some things are just downright FALSE. See what happens when lies and conspiracy theories are spread and perpetuated by a US President?  

Yes, I’m A Democrat

What of it? Do you hate me now because I’m a Democrat? Are you going to call me names like libtard, snowflake, liberal, or angry Democrat? You damn right, I’m angry! I’m angry that Donald Trump has turned us all against each other. He has flipped our Democracy upside down! We have never seen the likes of such an incompetent, hateful, ignorant, racist, sexist, anti-American POTUS in the history of the United States! Anything, and I mean anything you might think Trump did that was good, is completely clouded by all the bad. If you still support this man, then you are the problem. There. I said it. Unfollow. Unfriend. I really don’t give a rat’s ass…all because I’m a Democrat. Well, let me tell you that I have several times in the past voted Republican. I’m smart enough to think for myself and vote for the candidate that I feel is the best qualified. Donald Trump was not and is STILL NOT qualified to lead this country. I didn’t vote for him nor would I ever


I knew what was going to happen before Trump was even elected in 2016. Of course, I didn’t know the exact events, nor did I know to what extent, but I knew things were going to end badly. He has ripped this country into shreds. My heart is weary. My brain is exhausted. I am sick and tired of the way Republicans think. Frankly, I am ashamed.

Click. There goes my last Republican friend. Oh well. 👋


Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s hope 2021 is better than 2020, shall we? Good Lord, it couldn’t possibly get worse…could it? My resolution this year is to laugh…laugh until I wet myself if it makes me feel better! Have you made a resolution? Will you keep it?

This is the first Friday of 2021 so it’s also the first installment of Friday’s Funnies! Let’s get the show on the road and start laughing, shall we? Enjoy!






















So, there ya go! The first installment of 2021! What do you think? My favorites are the last 3. I can’t narrow it down any closer than that! Which are your faves?

That’s all for this week, folks! I hope you all have had a fantastic holiday season but now it’s time to get back to work. By work I mean, doing our part to get things back to normal. I’ve had enough of this bullshit, haven’t you? So… Wear your mask, be considerate of others, and wash your hands. It’s the least we can all do.

Signing off until next time,


The ABC’s of 2020

2020 was the crappiest year ever! I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that way. So many people have been affected in negative ways – those who died from Covid-19 paid the ultimate price. I can’t help but think that if things had been handled differently, we would be entering 2021 a little more hopeful. Don’t get me wrong, I am more hopeful than I was a couple of months ago, but we have so much more to endure.

I was thinking this morning about all the words there were to describe this shitshow of 2020 and came up with so many! I thought, why not choose just one for each letter of the alphabet? So, this is what I came up with, with an explanation for each along the way.


A – Apocalyptic – because it’s the end of the world as we know it. Our way of life will never be the same.

B – Bizarre – with one freakin’ absurdity damn near every day, nothing surprising anymore!

C – Clusterfuck – the entire year summed up in one word.

D – Disastrous – needs no explanation!

E – Exhausting – needs no explanation!

F – Fucked – we have all felt this way since at least March.

G – Gong show – an event that proves to be a disaster, as did this last year.

H – Hell – needs no explanation!

I – Ignoramous – as in being led by an…

J – Juvenile – again, as in being led by a…

K – Kaput – broken and useless; no longer working or effective, as in our government.

L – Loneliness – it’s been an extremely lonely year.

M – Mayhem – violent or damaging disorder; chaos…

N – Nightmare – 2020 has been a nightmare for all but most especially for those who have lost loved ones.

O – Ominous – giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening; inauspicious…the feeling I have had all year long!

P – Pandemic – needs no explanation!

Q – Quagmire – a difficult, precarious, or entrapping position; a predicament, as in what we have all been experiencing this year.

R – Rancid – if this year had a smell or taste!

S – Shitshow – a situation or event marked by chaos or controversy, as in 2020.

T – Tragic – The fact that so many people have lost loved ones UNNECESSARILY is freakin’ tragic!

U – Unprecedented – never done or known before, as in 45 doing whatever the hell he wants without following any procedure or law! 

V – Vaccine – the only thing that can help save lives at this point because too many people won’t do the right thing and wear a mask, or use social distancing to protect each other!

W – Weakened – I’ve felt my spirit become weakened over the year.

X – Xenacious – yearning for change!!

Y – Yucky – I’ve felt this way all year long.

Z – Zilch – exactly what 45 has done for this country!


There ya go! That’s my ABC’s of 2020! Don’t like my words? Pick your own. Maybe you can think of better ones! 

I am done with 2020 and I’m ready to take out the trash! I am ready for REAL leadership, not an adolescent child pretending to be big and bad. Is Joe Biden perfect? No, and he doesn’t pretend to be, unlike Donald Trump. Joe will make mistakes, of course. But he will at least listen to EXPERTS and not Fox News hosts who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Joe will listen to SCIENTISTS. He will listen to his advisors. He will not disregard policies and procedures. But I am getting off track…

Let’s join together and make 2021 a better year, shall we??

Happy New Year, y’all!


Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Earworm – Thunderstruck

I woke up this morning with the guitar riff from this song in my head. I’ve always liked AC/DC and if I dare say, I’ve been more of an AC/DC fan than a Led Zeppelin fan. That doesn’t mean I don’t like Led Zeppelin, but if given the choice I’ll pick AC/DC first. I’m not sure why this particular song was in my head, but here it is – to get stuck in your head, too. Enjoy!