Earworm – The Sounds of Silence

I’m laughing while trying to type this…

A few nights ago, I opened the refrigerator to grab my bottle of Kahlua Mudslide and immediately started to sing to the tune of The Sounds of Silence, the following lyrics:

Hello, Mudslide, my old friend… I’ve come to visit you again… Because I’m feeling bored and lonely…can’t go much longer without sleeping…and I’m sure with you I’ll sleep well…very well…

Well, it’s not perfect but that’s what came natural, although not in tune, and I hope you get a chuckle out of it. Feel free to finish the lyrics and share in the comments! I’m just not that talented! Enjoy!

Just Call Me Quasi

I slept in my lift chair last night…I mean, this morning. I had a Mudslide and was up until after 3am. I don’t know how long after 3am because…umm…the Mudslide. I decided my chair would be a better place for me because when alcohol enters the picture, I’m more apt to fall on my ass trying to get ready for bed.

I slept well until about 6:30am. Not a lot of sleep but I did sleep better than I do in my bed. I’m walking better as well but I have a kink in my neck and an ache in my upper back. When I looked in the mirror, I noticed my hair was sticking straight up…in the back. I looked like Quasimodo for fuck’s sake.

I have to apologize, my friends, for not posting Friday’s Funnies yesterday. I promised myself that I would try harder but time just got away from me yesterday. When I looked in my file for memes I realized I never saved one meme all stinkin’ week anyway! I just haven’t been on social media much lately. It’s actually been nice. I’m thinking of deleting a couple of my Facebook pages and maybe my Instagram account. I don’t use that one much anyway.

I crashed at about 10am, as I thought I would. I was falling asleep sitting up. I dreamed that I looked out my bedroom door, which was on the opposite wall than it really is, and saw the back door. Under the back door, I saw a huge gap between the bottom of the door and the floor and thought, “No wonder I get so many bugs and critters in my bedroom.” I then Googled (still in my dream) ‘Why do I see a gap under the door?’ and Google’s answer: ‘Perhaps you see something that really isn’t there.’ Lo and behold, I looked again, and there was no gap under the back door. See, Google is always helpful. Even in dreams. Then I woke up and realized only an hour and a half had passed. Maybe I should Google “Why is Debbie losing her mind?”

I crashed again at 2:30pm. Another hour and a half of sleep. Still looking a bit like Quasimodo, I realized sleeping in my lift chair at night instead of my bed probably isn’t the best place for me, Mudslide or not.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, and be safe and not sorry.

A Better Day & A Little Chuckle

I’ve been trying to get my mojo back. I decided to force myself to do some of the things that I enjoyed prior to COVID19, and/or prior to becoming disabled. It has not been easy. Having to rest every 10 freakin’ minutes sucks any joy right out of whatever task it was I was trying to complete.

I think I mentioned in my last blog post that I had the bell peppers to make my famous-not-so-famous Stuffed Bell Peppers, thanks to a great friend who went to the grocery store for me. I made 4 of them and rough-chopped the remaining 4 bell peppers and popped them in the freezer for my Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup. Dad and I each ate a stuffed pepper for lunch and then the last 2 at dinner. I wish I had made more! I was exhausted afterward…and in between…resting every 10 minutes, as I mentioned. I was not in any shape that day to be working in the kitchen anyway, because I was working on only 2 hours sleep the night before, if that. My pain level was so high I ended up getting out of bed at the butt crack of dawn. I was so tired after making the peppers, I took a nap. Then I took another later in the day.

Today, my pain level wasn’t so high and I actually slept pretty damn good for a change. I don’t know whether that was because of the lower pain level or if it was thanks to the Mudslide I had before bed. When I say before bed, I mean right before bed! I took the last gulp as I was headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth! Haha! Anyway, I had a pretty good day as far as pain goes, so this evening I made my Granny’s Banana Bread. It’s more like cake than it is bread because it’s sweet and heavy but it’s delicious nonetheless.

As I was pulling the banana bread out of the oven, Dad changed the tv over to watch SpongeBob SquarePants. He said, “SpongeBob is more intelligent than any of those assholes speaking at the RNC.” Sadly, that’s so true. Now we shall eat banana bread and watch ol’ SpongeBob for a few laughs.

Have a great night, folks!


Not Today…

Saturday, Dad and I ventured out to our favorite Mexican restaurant. I called ahead to placed the order and we took advantage of their curbside service! It went off without a hitch! We wore our masks and the server did as well. The food wasn’t hot by the time we got home but that was to be expected. We live about an hour away, after all. The car smelled heavenly all the way home!

Since it was 5 months to the day since we had been there, the food tasted absolutely wonderful! We hadn’t had someone else’s cooking since March! Saturday was once our usual day out pre-Covid19. Since we have to presume this to be our new normal, at least for the next year or so, we are going to try and go back for curbside service each weekend, or at least every other weekend. This staying at home bullshit is driving me mad. 

To counteract the “madness” we stopped and got a bottle of Kahlua Mudslide. I need to be careful though, as I nearly fell last night getting ready for bed. I haven’t had Mudslide in over 5 months so it hit me rather hard! 

When we got home, Jack decided to try and make a break for it. It will be 2 years mid-December since Jack has been an inside cat. He hasn’t been very happy about that and I suspect he’s a bit depressed. I can relate to that feeling even though it’s only been 5 months for me and Dad! Anyway, he dashed out the door when he saw his opportunity. He’s such a dope; he stopped to pee on Dad’s riding mower and when Dad called to him, he came lickety-split. Jack was stuck inside, yet again. Like I said, he’s a big dope.

I’m trying to get my creative juices flowing again… It’s rather difficult to concentrate on anything other than “the ills of the country” and I know I’m not alone, but Saturday also marked the 12th anniversary of my blog. It would be nice to actually be able to write. I guess I’m writing now but it just isn’t sitting well with me. I’ve already re-read and revised this post 7 times. Of course, I’ve never considered myself a writer. Some day maybe, but not today.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com


Here I sit at the computer, in the wee morning hours of Monday. I went to bed at 9:30pm Sunday night because I had 3 yummy Kahlua Mudslides and they really kicked my butt. (I should know better than to have more than one of any kind of alcoholic beverage!) After 3 hours of sleep, I was wide awake!

This is the time of the year when I get depressed. I just hate the holidays! I have never been a fanatic about the holidays but when my kids were growing up, I always tried to make it nice for them. It was fun making memories. I looked forward to having a house full of grandkids on the holidays to make even more special memories….but that’s where the depression comes in.

I don’t get to spend the holidays with any of the grandkids. It appears the newest grandbaby will be no exception. I’ve seen him 3 times since he was born, Sept. 1. I know they didn’t want to take him out until he was a bit bigger so I had no problem stopping by to see him. Chronic pain and mobility issues prevented me from stopping by more often. But now, my son and his wife are going here and there, spending time with her family…and here I sit waiting for them to come see me. They have gone out of town, and apparently, I won’t be seeing them on Thanksgiving either. So, it will be just Dad and I, once again.

That’s where the Kahlua Mudslide came in… I’m sick of feeling unnecessary, left out, and unwanted. I know alcohol doesn’t help but on the bright side, as I sit here my pain level is pretty low! Bazinga!

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. Mother TeresaRead more at_ https_www.brainyquote.comquotesmother_teresa_131834_img=2&s