A Better Day & A Little Chuckle

I’ve been trying to get my mojo back. I decided to force myself to do some of the things that I enjoyed prior to COVID19, and/or prior to becoming disabled. It has not been easy. Having to rest every 10 freakin’ minutes sucks any joy right out of whatever task it was I was trying to complete.

I think I mentioned in my last blog post that I had the bell peppers to make my famous-not-so-famous Stuffed Bell Peppers, thanks to a great friend who went to the grocery store for me. I made 4 of them and rough-chopped the remaining 4 bell peppers and popped them in the freezer for my Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup. Dad and I each ate a stuffed pepper for lunch and then the last 2 at dinner. I wish I had made more! I was exhausted afterward…and in between…resting every 10 minutes, as I mentioned. I was not in any shape that day to be working in the kitchen anyway, because I was working on only 2 hours sleep the night before, if that. My pain level was so high I ended up getting out of bed at the butt crack of dawn. I was so tired after making the peppers, I took a nap. Then I took another later in the day.

Today, my pain level wasn’t so high and I actually slept pretty damn good for a change. I don’t know whether that was because of the lower pain level or if it was thanks to the Mudslide I had before bed. When I say before bed, I mean right before bed! I took the last gulp as I was headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth! Haha! Anyway, I had a pretty good day as far as pain goes, so this evening I made my Granny’s Banana Bread. It’s more like cake than it is bread because it’s sweet and heavy but it’s delicious nonetheless.

As I was pulling the banana bread out of the oven, Dad changed the tv over to watch SpongeBob SquarePants. He said, “SpongeBob is more intelligent than any of those assholes speaking at the RNC.” Sadly, that’s so true. Now we shall eat banana bread and watch ol’ SpongeBob for a few laughs.

Have a great night, folks!