This Post Is Making Me Hungry!

Daily writing prompt
What is your favorite restaurant?

Anyone who knows me knows that Mexican food is my favorite! I could eat Mexican food every day! I love spicy foods in general, but Mexican food is THE BEST!

My favorite restaurant would have to be El Chico Cafe. El Chico Cafe is a small chain of Tex-Mex eateries, offering daily specials, gift cards, catering, and curbside pick-up. The food is delicious and I never leave there hungry or disappointed! The servers are exceptionally nice and will try to accommodate your needs. For us, it’s a booth near the restrooms. Snort!

One of my favorite things on the menu at El Chico is the Chicken Tortilla Soup. What’s so special about it? The broth. I don’t know what’s in the broth but it is awesome! I also love and devour any of the enchiladas on the menu but if I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be the Avocado Enchiladas! 

I’m drooling. 

I am also very fond of the Fajitas and Chimichangas, and a good meal must be complemented with an alcoholic beverage! I don’t know if they still make it but I used to order a frozen margarita called a La Bandera. These days I don’t drink much alcohol (I never did before, except when we ate out) but if I decide to have something other than iced tea I normally opt for a Dos Equis Ambar. Sometimes beer just hits the spot!

You can check and see if there’s an El Chico near you here. There are several locations. Ours is in Mountain Home, AR. I always look forward to eating there and this post sure is making me hungry! I’ll have to wait until Wednesday though because Dad has an appointment with his cardiologist. We always go to El Chico afterward. 

What’s your favorite restaurant? 

Not Today…

Saturday, Dad and I ventured out to our favorite Mexican restaurant. I called ahead to placed the order and we took advantage of their curbside service! It went off without a hitch! We wore our masks and the server did as well. The food wasn’t hot by the time we got home but that was to be expected. We live about an hour away, after all. The car smelled heavenly all the way home!

Since it was 5 months to the day since we had been there, the food tasted absolutely wonderful! We hadn’t had someone else’s cooking since March! Saturday was once our usual day out pre-Covid19. Since we have to presume this to be our new normal, at least for the next year or so, we are going to try and go back for curbside service each weekend, or at least every other weekend. This staying at home bullshit is driving me mad. 

To counteract the “madness” we stopped and got a bottle of Kahlua Mudslide. I need to be careful though, as I nearly fell last night getting ready for bed. I haven’t had Mudslide in over 5 months so it hit me rather hard! 

When we got home, Jack decided to try and make a break for it. It will be 2 years mid-December since Jack has been an inside cat. He hasn’t been very happy about that and I suspect he’s a bit depressed. I can relate to that feeling even though it’s only been 5 months for me and Dad! Anyway, he dashed out the door when he saw his opportunity. He’s such a dope; he stopped to pee on Dad’s riding mower and when Dad called to him, he came lickety-split. Jack was stuck inside, yet again. Like I said, he’s a big dope.

I’m trying to get my creative juices flowing again… It’s rather difficult to concentrate on anything other than “the ills of the country” and I know I’m not alone, but Saturday also marked the 12th anniversary of my blog. It would be nice to actually be able to write. I guess I’m writing now but it just isn’t sitting well with me. I’ve already re-read and revised this post 7 times. Of course, I’ve never considered myself a writer. Some day maybe, but not today.

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Saturday Morning Ramblings

First of all, I just want to say I am SO behind on reading your blogs and I will try very hard to get caught up! I promise! There are so many of you who are producing great reads and I feel terrible for falling behind.

Dad and I decided to stay home this lovely Saturday. We normally go out on Saturdays for lunch but we went out twice this week already! The first time was after Dad’s periodontist appointment. I asked him if he was in pain and he said, “Not enough to keep me from eating. I’m hungry!” So we stopped at a little Mexican restaurant on the way home called, El Patron. We had eaten there before but it seems to get worse every time. The salsa was so full of cilantro that I couldn’t taste anything else. The enchiladas weren’t very tasty, and the service wasn’t very friendly or attentive. They have octopus dishes on the menu and I can’t help but wonder, where the hell are they getting octopus in SW Missouri? Is there an aquarium down the road that I’m not aware of? Ok, before you think I’m stupid, I know it has to be frozen!


Is this the elusive octopus of SW Missouri? Photo Image Pixabay

Two days later, we were out getting groceries. Yay, Walmart. I despise that place. Anyway, we got groceries and then drove a few extra miles to have pizza at our favorite pizza restaurant. Our eyes were bigger than our bellies that day! Dad had a shrimp basket and I had cheese ravioli, which was delicious but then we decided to get a pizza to go – our regular 16″ House pizza, adding black olives – and an 8 piece hot wings appetizer TO GO! We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire next day! I’m about pizza’d out!


Photo Image Pixabay

One of those days we were out and about, we spied 19 hawks while driving to and from. We used to see a lot of hawks, and sometimes eagles, but for some reason, we stopped seeing them. It was like they moved to another state or something! I mean, it wasn’t just for a season. It had been over a year before we started seeing them again. We were shocked and amazed at how many we saw in one day after such a long period of time.


Red-tailed Hawk Photo Image Pixabay

We saw a few different raptors that day: a Broad-winged hawk, a few Red-shouldered hawks, but mostly Red-tailed and Cooper’s hawks. There were a few that we weren’t able to identify, because we were, after all, in a moving vehicle. I miss being able to go outside with my Field Guide to the Birds of Missouri, my binoculars, and camera. I guess I have to be satisfied with our “hawk hunting” when we go somewhere!

I suppose I’ve rambled enough for one day! I’m going to leave you with this: A bear doesn’t wear underwear OR use toilet paper and no one would ever mistake toilet paper for a bouncy castle! Hahaha! Have a wonderful weekend!