Monday, Monday…

Can’t trust that day…

I woke up this morning with one eye stuck shut. I must have looked like Lucille Ball in that episode with the pickle! I started thinking about how Monday is such a drag, even though I don’t (can’t) work. Most people hate Mondays because it’s the beginning of their workweek. Me? Well, I just feel like I can’t trust Mondays anymore.

Then this song popped into my head, not really an earworm, just a friendly reminder of the lyrics… đŸŽ” “Monday, Monday…Can’t trust that day.” đŸŽ” Here’s the entire song; a blast from the past! Enjoy!

I hope your 4th of July weekend was fun but safe. Wishing you all the best this first Monday of July. This year can’t get any worse, can it?

Earworm – Gothic Girl

I haven’t heard this song in years so I was bit surprised when I woke up with it stuck in my head. The 69 Eyes are a Finnish Gothic Rock band.and they have some really good songs! I haven’t heard any of their newer music so I’ll have to get on YouTube later and see what they’ve been up to!

I originally came to like this band through my daughter. We discovered many Finnish bands that are so worth the time to listen to, including The 69 Eyes! I hope you enjoy this song!

70’s Musical Inspiration

If you grew up in the 70’s the musical and educational cartoons of Schoolhouse Rock probably still echo in your brain. We all learned different things on Saturday mornings just watching these little cartoon shorts. Do you know what I learned? (Aside from the obvious, I mean.)

I learned that anything – ANYTHING – can be turned into a song. To this day, I make up songs about all kinds of things. This “skill” of mine is in part, the result of watching Schoolhouse Rock. I say ‘in part’ because there was something else – I should say someone else – I learned this from. I will explain after the following videos from Schoolhouse Rock:


I think y’all might also remember Mac Davis if you grew up in the 70’s! He had several hit country music songs (Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me, It’s Hard To Be Humble, and In The Ghetto, to name just a few) and he had a variety show once upon a time. I recall at the end of his tv show he would go into the audience and ask for phrases that he could make up a song about. He would then just make something up on the spot, and it was always hilarious! His sense of humor and his ability to make shit up like that was amazing to me as a child! It was the best part of the show. I couldn’t find much in the line of his improv on YouTube, but I think you might get a kick out of what I did find:

I spend much of my days of this crappy “2020 Isolation Game” making up songs. (Of course, I have always done this sort of thing, I just do it more now!) Some days are more ‘musical’ than others but I always crack myself up!

Thank you, Schoolhouse Rock and Mac Davis, for inspiring me, teaching me, molding me, and entertaining me. It is very much appreciated!

Earworm – Plateau

For some reason, Nirvana’s performance of The Meat Puppet’s song, Plateau, has been stuck in my head all weekend. I don’t know why. I haven’t heard it in ages. It always makes me laugh to hear, “Nothin’ at the top but a bucket and mop and an illustrated book about birds.” Of course, from what I understand Kurt Cobain purposely chose songs that were a bit out of his vocal range on purpose for this Unplugged performance, so that’s part of why it sounds so silly and makes me laugh! Anyway, I’m sharing it now so you’ll have it stuck in your brain and…I won’t. Hopefully. Snort.

Earworm – Real World

Last Saturday, Dad and I were out for our normal supplies run and we stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant. They used to play Mexican music but for some reason, they now play pop music. Oh, well that’s ok. At least it’s not country music.

Anyway, this song comes on and I love the song, but it has been stuck in my head since Saturday! I wake up with it playing in my head. I go to bed with it playing in my head. The lyrics that resonate with me the most are, “I wish the real world would just stop hassling me.”

The shit going on the real world right now is causing me so much anxiety. I’m not freaking out about COVID-19 but I am concerned. I’m mostly concerned for my Dad, who’s 83 years old. He still wants to go out on Saturdays. We will go out again this Saturday, but I told him when this thing is more widespread across our state, (only 2 cases, so far) then we WILL be staying home. In addition to that, I’m having to jump through hoops to get my pain meds refilled. I know people who rely on narcotic pain meds to function and they have to jump through hoops BUT mine are not narcotics. I’m not sleeping well due to my pain level being extraordinarily high and I’m running out of my meds! Now I have to see a new FNP because the one I had been seeing left the clinic. Holy crap.

I know the meaning of this song is more than that one line, but that one line is what resonates with me in the here and now.

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