Earworm – The Sounds of Silence

I’m laughing while trying to type this…

A few nights ago, I opened the refrigerator to grab my bottle of Kahlua Mudslide and immediately started to sing to the tune of The Sounds of Silence, the following lyrics:

Hello, Mudslide, my old friend… I’ve come to visit you again… Because I’m feeling bored and lonely…can’t go much longer without sleeping…and I’m sure with you I’ll sleep well…very well…

Well, it’s not perfect but that’s what came natural, although not in tune, and I hope you get a chuckle out of it. Feel free to finish the lyrics and share in the comments! I’m just not that talented! Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Earworm – The Sounds of Silence

  1. In my case it would be hello whisky my old friend!

    I love this song and the Wednesday Morning album it comes from. Simon and Garfunkel are still one of my favourites. I can’t believe that everytime there is even a reference to this song on FaceBook, there are always comments about some band called Disturbed who supposedly do the best cover. I went and had a listen and it was terrible! They sound like Nickelback on steroids. It seems that not everyone has my good taste in music!


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