About Deb / Being Aunt Debbie

Single, mother of 2 adult children and grandmother to 5 beautiful grandchildren! I crochet, make jewelry, hand-poured soaps, and whatever else I can get into! I love Medieval History, castles, all things Celtic. I love animals, rock music, Mexican food, writing, learning, and good movies.

You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

I think if I were going on a cross-country trip, I would take whichever mode of transportation that is available to one basic destination, don my backpack and start hiking! Of course, I’d have to be physically able to do that. At this time, I am not. It would be so much fun to get back to one of the things I loved the most as a younger person; hiking. There’s just nothing like it in the world. 

Since that is not an option for me, I think I’d take the train. I have heard that you can see the most beautiful sights traveling via train. I would take my bestie with me and rest assured, it would be an adventure! 

What Activities Do You Lose Yourself In?

I can’t do much of anything these days due to chronic pain and mobility issues, but I do things with my hands since they still work right.

I like jigsaw puzzles and I can get so wrapped up in one that I don’t have a clue what’s going on around me! Of course, add to that an audiobook going at the same time and I’m really immersed! I always have an audiobook going, regardless of what I’m working on. 

I also do diamond paintings. I must have nearly 100 of them done and have a few more left to do. They really are relaxing, despite what people think. My eyes may prevent me from doing them indefinitely but for now, I will keep doing them! Dad was trying to get my attention the other night without interrupting at a bad time in my audiobook. He said he was standing there for several minutes and I had no clue! Talk about being immersed!

I’ve added a new activity to my evening schedule. I will start a color-by-number painting as soon as my current diamond painting project is finished. I hope my hands are steady enough for that! I worry that I’ll mess it up and/or I’ll spill paint everywhere! I can be very clumsy at times! 

I rotate my evening activities, throwing a bit of journaling into the mix each night. I want to try a latch hook kit. Maybe next month I’ll get one to start. I have to do something besides watching tv all day. Dad watches the news all day long. It drives me bonkers. 

What activities do you do? Whatever it is, I hope it relaxes you and gives you some time to yourself.


Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week – March 17, 2023

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, folks! Happy St. Patty’s Day! Are you wearing green? Me either. If I had little kids around trying to pinch me at every turn, then it would be a different story.

I hope I have enough funnies to make this post worth the effort. It’s been a long and tiring week of appointments so everything is a bit of a blur. I don’t know what I have saved! Anyway, I’ll try. Enjoy this week’s collection and be sure to let me know in the comments what your faves are!





Well, not too many this week as I suspected. I hope you like them anyway. My favorites this week are: Loaded Ground Hog, Snoop DOG, and Hot Coffee. What’s your favorite? I can never have just one!

I hope your weekend is good to you and that you are good to others. You can’t expect others to be good to you if you aren’t deserving of it. Be nice. Be respectful. Be helpful if you can. What comes around, goes around.

Thanks for reading my blog! See you next week!


What’s Eating Aunt Debbie?

a person holding poster with equal rights

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

I despise the word ‘woke’ because the GOP uses it in a derogatory manner as if it’s a bad thing. They have created this war against ‘wokeness’ and I just don’t understand it.

As a human being and a member of a ‘supposed’ civilized society, I would like to say that yes, I am woke, if that’s what they want to call it, and I’m not ashamed of it! I believe that anyone with a heart and compassion for others would also be woke.

Some folks wonder, “What the hell is woke?” Woke is basically being aware of the social and political injustices around us. Woke originated from African-American slang which has been given new life in the past few years.

Woke means being alert, empathetic, open-minded, socially aware, informed…and generally a good person.

If you’re not woke, then what the hell are you? You’d be uninformed, unaware, or perhaps you’re informed but don’t give a shit. Why wouldn’t you give a shit? Why wouldn’t you want others to have the same rights that you have? Skin color, sexual preference, religious beliefs, and/or political views don’t make a difference! We are all human beings!

Everyone has the right to fair treatment, and the medical/mental health care that is right for them. Why wouldn’t you want that for everyone? Why shouldn’t the LGBTQ community have access to the health care that they need? Why would you treat someone differently because of their skin color? Why be so hateful? People being treated poorly (and sometimes killed) all because of their skin color infuriates me! It should infuriate you, too!

If you don’t like the way someone lives their life then stay the hell out of it. They still deserve fair treatment and equal rights. Your opinion of them doesn’t matter one iota.

I am woke. I am an empathetic, open-minded, caring, and informed human being. The opposite of that is just not an option.

Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week – March 10, 2023

Good Morning. I have been trying all week to write something…anything…but something else always got in my way. What normally happens is that I’d think of something to write about and then forget what it was just as quickly! My brain just doesn’t want to stay focused on anything. I’ve been a bit depressed lately brought on by my constant pain and mobility issues and the stress of looking after Dad by myself. Family is always there for me but never here for me. Does that make sense? Anyway, trying to push through the best way I know how. In the meantime, I have to find things that make me laugh or at least smile. Friday’s Funnies helps a bit. I hope it helps you, too.

On with the show, folks! I hope you enjoy this week’s collection!




There ya go! The Woman’s Poem reminds me of my relationship with my ex. I can’t even count how many times I wanted to smack him with a cast iron skillet! (You can read The Ex-Files, which has been retired since my ex passed away. I just didn’t think it was right to continue with the series. If you do a search on the top right of the page, for The Ex-Files then you can find each post in the series.) The Stool Bus is clever!! But, my fave this week is Entymology/Etymology! Oh, gosh! What about Mr. Bean as a baby? Snort! I love Mr. Bean but if my baby looked like him I don’t know what I’d do! Which one is your fave? I’m sure you noticed two Tommy Lee Jones memes. I think both apply, don’t you?

I hope you’ve had a good week, and if your week has left you feeling like a turd smeared on a boulder, then I hope this batch of funnies has made you feel a little better. The week seemed to fly by for me. I wish I had more to show for it but that seems to happen every week these days.

Have a super weekend, folks! Thanks for checking out my blog! Until next time,