Not Such A Good Idea

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Today, my daughter, my son, the 2 grandkids and I went to Walmart. We had a few things to pick up like milk and stuff for burgers tonight. Doodle Bug was a bit tired of riding in the cart and daddy took her out to let her stretch her legs. As we were standing in the check-out line, Doodle Bug decided to crawl under the basket and lay on the rack near the wheels. We were very mindful of where her little hands and fingers were. I’ve seen kids get their fingers ran over while riding below like this and I didn’t want her to get hurt. We weren’t moving though, just standing in line. The problem was, that her little legs were skinnier than the bars on the rack and her little legs got stuck in between. She was STUCK and not a happy camper! Her daddy helped her out and all was fine in the universe again. It was fun while it lasted!

Mr. Potato Head’s Cat

Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

This is Mr. Potato Head’s Cat, Korn. “Yes, that’s Korn. Korn with a “K” and you have disturbed my slumber.”

This morning the phone rang and woke me up. I let the machine pick it up. I decided I’d better get up and see who it was. I put my glasses on and crawled out of bed.

Message important, but not urgent.

I guess my grandson, D.M., was shocked to see that I had my glasses on already. Usually, when I crawl out of bed he reminds me that I don’t have them. He uses sign language mostly – some that I taught him and some that he created himself. His sign for glasses is putting his hands over his eyes. He made this sign and then made the sign for sleeping, which is his head resting on his hand. I told him, “Yes, I have my glasses on. I don’t wear them when I sleep.” Then, just to be funny I asked him, “Do you wear your glasses when you sleep?” He cocked his head to the side (like a puppy) and looked confused. “Uh oh,” I thought. I’ve confused him alright!! He then ran to his Mr. Potato Head pieces and grabbed up Mr. Potato Head’s glasses and put them on his own face! Soon after he was trying them on the cat. Poor Korn. He’s a ‘good ol’ boy’ and really doesn’t mind being bothered, but doesn’t he looked thrilled?

Difficult Feelings

I really do care about people. I feel their pain when they are in pain. I feel their grief when they are grieving. I laugh when they laugh. I am very empathetic and sympathetic. I lend a good ear and I have a big shoulder for those needing a good cry. I often have advice that sometimes is taken and sometimes, is not. I love with my whole heart and if you are my true friend I will be a loyal friend. My family is my heart and soul. To hurt my family is to hurt me. If you hurt me I am not so quick to forgive. When my heart is bruised, it heals slowly. When it is broken, it may not heal at all. I respect everyone unless they disrespect me or my family.

I have lost trust and respect for someone I cared deeply for and it hurts. I wish I could get that back but I’m afraid that ship has sailed. It can never be the same. I do miss her because she was like a daughter to me.

I have been disrespected by another, in such a manner that I don’t think I could ever respect that person regardless of how hard I try. I must try however, for the sake of someone else who is very close to my heart. How can I even begin to care about someone who is so blatantly disrespectful? Is he really so arrogant (or stupid) that he thinks he deserves my respect now?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to ‘care’ about people these days especially when it seems like every time I feel, I get burned. When I was young I learned not to loan my belongings to others because I would get my belongings back damaged (or not at all). It’s the same with my heart, loyalty, respect and compassion. Why give it, if only to have it damaged?

Giving Thanks

This time of year, most people are planning their Thanksgiving dinners. Some folks head out to spend a few days with relatives. Some folks stay home and prepare the big meal for family and friends.  My family and I are staying home, wishing that my sisters and their families could be here. No matter where we’re going or who we’re with, we’re giving thanks for all we have and those we love. Of course, we shouldn’t wait until Thanksgiving to give thanks. We need to slow down and appreciate our lives, our loved ones and all the little things that we many times take for granted. What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for…..

*My family, who have always been there for me.
*My father, who is my best friend.
*My children, and that they are safe and healthy.
*My grandchildren, who are beautiful, healthy and light up my life.
*My friends, who are always there to listen and give helpful advice or lend a shoulder for me to cry on.
*My health, although it isn’t the greatest at this moment. I’m alive and still able to take care of myself.
*The food on our table every single day. Some people aren’t that lucky.
*A roof over my head, even though it leaks a little.
*A bed to snuggle up in, to keep warm on these cold winter nights.
*The clothes I wear, although not very stylish or extravagant. I’m comfortable.
*My furbabies, who are every bit a part of my family as my children and grandchildren.
*The warmth of the sun on my face when I step outside.
*My ears that enable me to hear babies laughing, kittens purring and beautiful music.
*My eyes, to see my children and grandchildren, flowers blooming, kittens playing and the ability to drive my car!

There are so many things to be thankful for, although sometimes things aren’t always what I wish them to be. I’m so thankful to be alive and experiencing this life with the people closest to my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving All!
Be safe and thankful…..

Things That Give Me The Creeps!

After reading another blogger’s post of the things that give her the “heebie-jeebies” I was inspired to make a list of my own. There are many things that creep me out and some may be just plain silly to some but nonetheless, they still creep me out! Please feel free to comment but be nice because you wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings. Ha. Just kidding. Fire away.

(These are in no particular order; I type as they come to me.)

1. Spiders. Any kind, shape or size. Poisonous or non-poisonous. Hair or no hair. 8 legs or missing a leg or 2. Doesn’t matter. They scare the crap out of me.

2. Chainsaws. I hate the sound of a chainsaw. I get the creeps at the mere mention of a chainsaw. In fact, in my house we refer to a chainsaw as a CS. I think this fear of the CS is due to that good ol’ original movie “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” I took my sister to see it in the theater when she was in the 5th grade, which made me about a sophomore in high school. To this day my sister LOVES horror movies. I, on the other hand, DO NOT.

3. Maggots. The dreaded “M” word. Yep, we call it the “M” word in my house. I hate them. They are disgusting and just the thought makes me want to hurl. This stems from seeing some awful things with the “M” word that I do not wish to write about.

4. A certain Rock Star by the name of Steven Tyler. When I was in the 5th grade I started buying my own records (yes, they were records back then) and I frequently shopped at a little store called The Music Box in my home town of Lodi, CA. I would flip through the records to see if there was anything of interest to me and the very first time I saw Steven Tyler’s face on an Aerosmith album cover I wanted to run out of the store screaming! Don’t know why. To this day he still gives me the creeps. I cannot look at him. If his face pops up on tv I look away as quickly as I can. I just can’t do it. I had a dream not too long ago, with Steven Tyler in it. I couldn’t even look at him in my dream. I kept covering my eyes! How weird is that? I don’t think I’ve taken a good look at the guy since I was in the 5th grade.

5. People with crossed eyes, a lazy eye – or crooked headlights as my dad calls them. It’s so difficult to tell if they’re looking at me! Holy smokes. Just creepy. (I mean no disrespect towards anyone who suffers from an eye problem.)

6. The sound of bones crushing or breaking, blood gushing, heads or other body parts coming off….. Back to the horror movies….. Geez, they need to leave a little to the imagination in my opinion. When I see the CS, I know that something is coming off and I don’t need to see it fly off to get the idea.

7. Dwarfs, midgets. They just give me the creeps for some reason. Nothing against the little people, really. I knew a father and son, both little people and they were very nice.

8. The thought of being buried alive, trapped in a water-submersed vehicle or in a burning building with no escape. What a horrific way to die.

9. Bridges…swinging foot bridges, high bridges over deep water, narrow bridges, bridges longer than 100 feet or so. I have a recurring nightmare, not too often anymore, about being on a long, high bridge that’s over deep, rising water. In the dream I get half way across the bridge and then I turn around and around again. Suddenly the water is all around me and I’m left standing on the one dry part of the bridge and I have nowhere to go. I’m sure the reason for this dream and my fear of bridges stems from me not being able to swim. This leads to my next item.

10. Deep water in which I cannot see or feel the bottom. I want to see what’s under there. I want to have my feet planted on the ground. You just never know what’s under there lurking….

To Be Continued….possibly.