The Ex-Files – The Paint Job

CP was known to take on odd jobs, from replacing a carburetor to painting houses to doing a complete overhaul of a car’s engine. One time, being the “Jack of all trades” that he thought he was, he took on the job of painting a car.

He told a guy that he could paint his car for half of what the professionals quoted him. He said that would include banging out the dents, the whole 9 yards. Please understand that CP did not have his shop at this time. Where was he going to paint this car?

The guy took a chance – I can’t tell you why, other than he wanted to save some money. I had never seen a car that CP painted, nor had I ever heard of a car that he painted. I had a bad feeling right from the start.

CP took 6 weeks just banging out the little dents, that seemed to get worse as he fucked with them. I saw him sanding and buffing and whatever the hell he was doing, on our front lawn. He stripped the existing paint and got it ready to be primed. That car was an eye sore from the moment CP got his hands on it because we had a big picture window in our living room, which overlooked – you guessed it – our front yard. For 6 weeks, CP went out after he got home from work and on the weekends, but mostly the weekends because he was too tired during the week.

He proceeded to prime the car, sand a few rough spots and of course, this took him a few more weeks. So, now the owner of this car (if memory serves me correctly, it was a Mustang) has been waiting for 2 months for his car to be painted.

He finally finished prepping the car for paint, and I thought to myself, I wonder where he’s going to paint it? Well, take a wild guess. If you guessed our front yard, you are absolutely correct! In our front yard, right under the tree. Now, I know nothing about painting cars but any dumb fucking idiot could probably tell you not to paint it a) outdoors, b) under a tree, or c) when the wind is blowing. I guess he thought he could outsmart the wind, the birds, leaves, bugs and any other debris falling from the tree.

To my utmost horror, CP began painting that car, a very pretty blue, I might add, and even though the wind wasn’t blowing, there was just enough air movement to cause a problem. By the time he finished spraying that car, there was over-spray almost everywhere and bits and specks of this and that all over that damn car! He thought it looked great but it was a disaster. I felt bad for the owner of the car!

The car sat overnight, thereby collecting more bits and specks of this and that from the air and from the tree. After a few days, he called the owner of that poor Mustang and told him it was finished. I was mortified.

The owner came, looked at the car, and although I was in the house I could tell by his expression that he was not happy. Who in their right mind would be happy about such a shitty paint job? CP gave him excuses about not having a place indoors to paint…blah, blah, blah. I was so embarrassed to even know CP at this point I didn’t even dare let myself be seen by the owner of the car. I wonder if he asked CP why the hell he took on the job if didn’t have a place to paint inside? I guess I’ll never know!

Needless to say, CP didn’t get paid for that job. The only thing the owner of the car paid for was the paint. I’m surprised CP wasn’t sued over the whole thing but honestly, I think the owner of the car never wanted to see CP’s face or hear his name ever again!

Image by Folgt bitte meinem Account: Elionas from Pixabay

Talking To Aliens

Have you ever had to call or email customer service and felt like you were talking to aliens from another planet? This happens to me all the time! I used to think it was just me. Me, being the problem; that perhaps I wasn’t expressing myself properly or maybe I was leaving out words or important details. Nope. It is NOT me.

Many years ago, we had one of those humungous satellite dishes and hadn’t had a problem with it for years. Then one year, we lost our signal. I called customer service. They directed me to call the installation department, and so I did. After briefly explaining the issue and what I had done to troubleshoot the problem, they transferred my call back to customer service. I hadn’t had the chance to tell them that customer service directed me to them. I explain again to customer service because I was speaking to someone different. They said I needed to call the technical department. They gave me the number and I called. I explained the issues again and this foreign-accented man asked me if the television was on. I’m like, “Um, yes. How else would I know if I was or was not getting a signal?” He guided me through the troubleshooting process even though I explained I had already done that. I followed him through the steps, and then in all of his wisdom he declares, “You need a tech-nee-shan!!” I said, “OMG. Are you serious? That’s why I’m talking to you!” I was so disgusted from spending the last hour on the phone and getting nowhere that I just hung up. Not too long after that, we replaced our humungous satellite dish with a smaller one from Dish.

Another example: I had a credit with a company because they had discontinued something that I had ordered and paid for. I couldn’t find any information on the website or in my account regarding using that credit, so I emailed customer service. I explained that I had a credit coming to me and I asked, “How do I apply that credit to my next order?” I was flabbergasted when the answer I received was how to login to my account. I emailed again stating that logging into my account was not the issue and explained again. This time, I got some other stupid answer that had nothing to do with my issue! After several tries, I sent them a rude and to the point email about how the company needed to hire competent people. It wasn’t long before I received an email from a manager, who apologized and that he didn’t know what the problem was with the two reps but that he knew what I was asking and understood my frustration. He solved my problem and all was well in the world.

Just this week, I was trying to find a certain product that I had purchased many times before on a website because I have a friend interested in said product. This time, I couldn’t find it. Using the search option, the product appeared but when I clicked the link I was taken to an “ERROR 404” page. I emailed the company. I was instructed to call them to place the order. Well, I don’t want to call them because the company is located in the UK, plus I’m not ready to order at the moment. I responded and explained, then asked if they had the item in stock or if they were going to get them back in stock any time soon because I had a friend who was interested in purchasing right now. I also explained again about the “ERROR 404” page. The response back was simply, to use the search option to locate the product. OMG. I was ready to scream. I responded back and got the exact same response but from a different representative. Finally, I blew a gasket. I responded back with, “Will you please direct this email and the entire conversation to someone who reads and comprehends English?!” I also added, “The keyword search from your website sends me to an ERROR 404 page!!! Do you have the product or not? Will you be getting them or NOT? Why is it so hard to get a straight answer????”

It’s like talking to aliens from another planet, I swear. I do not play well with STUPID. It frustrates the hell out of me, and it happens all the damn time! I have even read aloud to other people what I have written and everyone, including my therapist, agrees that I express exactly what the problem is and/or what I need. So, why do people not understand? Does everyone have the wrong freakin’ job or what?

What are some of your experiences? I surely can’t be alone….and don’t call me Shirley.

“I Know!”

This morning, I called the doctor’s office to make an appointment so I could get a new script for my meds. Normally, I would just call the pharmacy and they would take care of it BUT I haven’t had a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test in 2 years. It should be done every year to make sure my medication is keeping my thyroid on track but it just never got done last year and the doctor kept approving my refills. I didn’t squabble. But it’s been 2 years now so it needs to be done.

What I expected was a conversation like I had about 20 years ago with a different doctor’s office. I had called for the same reason as I called this morning. The receptionist said, “You need a doctor’s order for a TSH,” to which I replied, “I know. That’s why I’m making an appointment.” I think she decided to be difficult when she woke up that morning because she then said, “You need to just call the pharmacy and they will call the doctor, then the doctor will approve your meds.” I told her, “I’m quite aware of the procedure. I’m not doing that because I need a TSH and I would like all of my scripts ready to fill at the same time each month.” She was very quiet as if she was confused. I told her, “I don’t want to have to go to the pharmacy more than once to get my meds. One stop, all at once. Get it?” “She continued to be a bitch and said, “Yes, I get it but you need a doctor’s order for the TSH.” By then I was pissed. I think I yelled a little when I told her, “I know! That’s why I want to make an appointment!” She said, “The doctor will decide when you see her if you need a TSH.” I yelled again, “I know!! Will you just make the goddam appointment?!” I got my appointment and I hung up.

Not too long after that, I changed doctors. The next doctor was basically worthless but she had a standing order in my records to do a TSH every 6 months and that I need not make an appointment. All I had to do was walk in and they would get it done. Easy peasy. After not getting any help whatsoever when I started having pain and mobility issues, I changed doctors again.

The clinic I’m dealing with now utilizes Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants. They seem to be ok, but I haven’t dealt with them for too long so I figured they’re probably just as incompetent as the rest. That still remains to be seen, however, I had no trouble getting an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner and I’m sure she’ll do a TSH because it’s been so long since my last.

I cringe at the thought of dealing with doctors, making phone calls; trying to explain myself to people in general. It just never seems to fail. They will either talk to me like I’m stupid or they just don’t understand what I’m telling them…. I used to think I just wasn’t expressing myself correctly but my therapist assured me that I express myself quite well. So, I know it’s not me, it’s them! They’re the stupid ones! Ha!

Round and Round

I have many pet peeves. Ask anyone who knows me. I bitch a lot, about a lot of things. I can’t help it. My biggest pet peeve is incompetence. I just can’t understand why people can’t be more competent in their jobs. Don’t employers train the people they hire? Of course they do. They just hire idiots or foreign-speaking people who don’t have a complete grasp of the English language. Just email (or call) any business’ customer support and you’ll see what I mean. Perhaps you’ve already had experience with bad customer service reps? I sure have. Every single time I have a problem and contact customer support, I get the run around.

Last October, we changed ISPs which means I had to change my main email. I went through all of my accounts and changed my email to the new one. I tried to log into my account and I couldn’t. I don’t know why. My password is always one of 4 different variations of one word. I had just used my account not too long before that when I purchased a digital camera online. I tried several times, for several days and then I just gave up. I opened a new account. I then asked customer service to delete my old account. Even though I emailed them the pertinent information to prove my identity, they emailed back with:  “………we cannot delete an account without proof of your identity.” I was aggravated to say the least. I emailed them and politely explained to them that “….if they had read my email thoroughly they would have seen that I sent all the information they would require to prove my identity.” They actually did what I asked them to do at that point.

After I got my accounts all updated with the new email, I went back to and attempted to order my prescriptions online, which I had done many times before on my old account. Since I now had a new account I was required to open a new pharmacy account. The site would not let me do this. I got a message stating that “The information you entered is already linked to a different email address. If you have already created an account using a different email address, please sign out and then sign in again using your other email address. For additional assistance, please contact customer service.” My old account had been closed, so I contacted customer service.

Customer service sent me instructions on how to create an account. Aggravated again? You bet I was. I explained to them again, that I cannot create an account because my old email is linked to my name and Rx information. I told them I needed to have the email associated with my old pharmacy account changed to my new email. They answered back with instructions on how to change my email address. More aggravation sets in at this point. After another email to them, explaining the situation yet again, I was told, “Please call your local Walmart pharmacy and have them change the email on file.” Ok. That’s the best answer I’ve got since I started this. Easy enough.

After several months of perpetual forgetfulness – too many things on my plate I guess – I finally called my local Walmart pharmacy. The pharmacy technician said they don’t keep emails on file. She double-checked on their computer, looking up my name and said, “Nope. We don’t have a place here to enter an email.” She apologized and I told her it wasn’t her fault and thanked her for looking. Back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, April 13 – Friday, April 15: I tried again to open a pharmacy account. I thought just maybe they fixed a glitch in the system that had caused this problem. No such luck. Same message. Again, I emailed customer support, explaining the problem. I get instructions on how to open a pharmacy account. I explain again. Then, I get instructions on how to change my email. I explain again. Then I am asked to provide detailed information pertaining to my account, i.e. name, birthdate, address, old email, phone number so they can delete my old pharmacy account. This would allow me to then open a new one. I’m thinking “Ah. Finally. Someone who knows what to do.” Wishful thinking. The next response from them sets my blood on fire! I’m told, “Your account for [current email] does not have a pharmacy account created.” REALLY? REALLY? I had to explain yet again. Obviously, my emails are read by different customer service reps each time. There are no case numbers assigned to the emails, and none of the emails are signed with a name.

I was absolutely livid when I got the next response, which read “Dear William, We apologize for the delay……..and we have escalated the issue to a Customer Service Manager, who will be contacting you within one business day.” I replied back to them, “My name is NOT William!” I insisted that they get someone COMPETENT to call me or just don’t call me at all! IDIOTS!

My phone call came Sunday, April 15, in the evening. The customer service manager apologized for my trouble and repeated to me the problem I was having. I told her she was correct. She then, retrieved my old pharmacy account and changed the old email to the new email and told me I shouldn’t have any problems now. She even read off to me a few of the previous prescriptions I had ordered refills for. Seemed everything was in order. I thanked her for her help, letting her know how appreciative I was and we hung up. After checking, my problem had finally been solved. Simple. As it should have been at the very start.

Is It Just Me????

Each and every time I have to deal with so-called “professionals” I know I’m going to get pissed about something. It never fails. No one ever does anything right the first time. No one ever does what they say they are going to do. They never do what is expected of them. And they are referred to as professionals?? Not by me.

No one is perfect I know. “Stuff” happens. But “stuff” shouldn’t happen every time — should it?

My dad goes to the doctor for his yearly check-up. He gets a complete blood work up, and the doctor says, “Someone will call you with the results.” He goes home and a week passes. No word. He waits a few more days, still nothing. He calls the doctor’s office and the nurse right away says, “Everything was fine.” My dad asks, “What is my cholesterol?” The nurse says, “It was good.” Dad asked her, “What were the numbers?” He’s ready with pen and paper. She says, “I don’t have the file in front of me.” Obviously, she didn’t have the file in front of her. So, how does she know it’s good then, right? What a joke. Dad, shortly thereafter, found a new doctor.

I took my son to see the surgeon about his hand. They gave him a work release – so he could go back to work, duh. The release form didn’t SPELL OUT that he could go back to work. It listed only a limitation of lifting 10 lbs. or less. His employer is being picky because it doesn’t say specifically that he can go back to work. So I call the surgeon’s office. I have to tell 3 different people the same stinkin’ story before finally the nurse looks up my son’s file and says, “We’ll fax a new one over.” I gave her the number. I wonder if this is even going to be done or if I will have to go there in person to pick it up myself?

I ended up calling a second time, asking if they had faxed the new work release. Nope. Message not received. Guess what? I ended up going all the way to Springfield, to the surgeon’s office to get the dang thing myself! Never would have guessed it huh?