“I Know!”

This morning, I called the doctor’s office to make an appointment so I could get a new script for my meds. Normally, I would just call the pharmacy and they would take care of it BUT I haven’t had a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) test in 2 years. It should be done every year to make sure my medication is keeping my thyroid on track but it just never got done last year and the doctor kept approving my refills. I didn’t squabble. But it’s been 2 years now so it needs to be done.

What I expected was a conversation like I had about 20 years ago with a different doctor’s office. I had called for the same reason as I called this morning. The receptionist said, “You need a doctor’s order for a TSH,” to which I replied, “I know. That’s why I’m making an appointment.” I think she decided to be difficult when she woke up that morning because she then said, “You need to just call the pharmacy and they will call the doctor, then the doctor will approve your meds.” I told her, “I’m quite aware of the procedure. I’m not doing that because I need a TSH and I would like all of my scripts ready to fill at the same time each month.” She was very quiet as if she was confused. I told her, “I don’t want to have to go to the pharmacy more than once to get my meds. One stop, all at once. Get it?” “She continued to be a bitch and said, “Yes, I get it but you need a doctor’s order for the TSH.” By then I was pissed. I think I yelled a little when I told her, “I know! That’s why I want to make an appointment!” She said, “The doctor will decide when you see her if you need a TSH.” I yelled again, “I know!! Will you just make the goddam appointment?!” I got my appointment and I hung up.

Not too long after that, I changed doctors. The next doctor was basically worthless but she had a standing order in my records to do a TSH every 6 months and that I need not make an appointment. All I had to do was walk in and they would get it done. Easy peasy. After not getting any help whatsoever when I started having pain and mobility issues, I changed doctors again.

The clinic I’m dealing with now utilizes Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants. They seem to be ok, but I haven’t dealt with them for too long so I figured they’re probably just as incompetent as the rest. That still remains to be seen, however, I had no trouble getting an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner and I’m sure she’ll do a TSH because it’s been so long since my last.

I cringe at the thought of dealing with doctors, making phone calls; trying to explain myself to people in general. It just never seems to fail. They will either talk to me like I’m stupid or they just don’t understand what I’m telling them…. I used to think I just wasn’t expressing myself correctly but my therapist assured me that I express myself quite well. So, I know it’s not me, it’s them! They’re the stupid ones! Ha!

7 thoughts on ““I Know!”

  1. Gosh Deb, somehow our lives are mirroring a bit. I have the flu right now, not pleasant at all and I turn into a version of She Hulk when I’m sick. I went to my doctor yesterday, only to confirm what I already knew, but also to get meds. So I left my doctors office and right down the block is a Walmart Neighborhood pharmacy. Because I feel like total crap, I thought I’ll take my Rx get them filled no problem right? Wrong! They told me it would take 30 mins, so I waited, then time came to pick up my Rx and the stupid girl at the window tells me my insurance doesn’t cover the Tamiflu! And that the “pharmacist” is trying to find another way to get me my Rx. She asked me to wait, so I did because by this time my body aches are so bad my thighs are beginning to cramp. I call my insurance and the lady on the phone tells me my ins does cover this Rx, but the generic version. She asks me if the person at the Pharmacy asked if I wanted the generic. I told her she did not, she called the pharmacy and said the pharmicist said they didn’t have the generic version in stock but they would get it Tues by 4pm. The ins lady asked if I wanted them to order it and barely being able to speak I said yes. So I go to pick up my Rx today and the same bitch, nail polish peeling and way too much makeup tells me they have it in stock, but my ins won’t cover it. I couldn’t yell, my voice is gone but I made such a raucous to speak to the manager/pharmacist. He came to the drive thru and I tried to tell him what my ins had said. He said that he knew but the “assistant” should have told me was that my ins doesn’t cover the blister pack of Tamiflu. I told him he needed to train his staff better because telling me my ins doesn’t cover the Rx and that it only covers loose pills are two very different things! I asked for my Rx back, went across the street to Walgreens and got my meds in less than 15 mins. When I am back to 100% I’m going to Google review the hell out of that inept pharmacy staff. They could have called me, the could have saved me a lot of time if only they knew what fuck they were doing! So your rant at an incompetent person is well deserved. Stupid people are everywhere in jobs they clearly shouldn’t be in. Ugh 🙄😡😤

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