Sadness floods my heart tonight as my son and his long-time girlfriend are separating. The sadness is not in the separation so much, but in the fact that my grand daughter will be affected by this. She’s in the middle, as all children are when parents separate. The sadness surrounding the separation is more about the years spent together and events lived through. So many years were invested in this relationship and for it to just end like this makes me want to cry. I’m hoping that they will still be friends and do what’s best for my grand daughter. She deserves that much and more. The sadness is overwhelming when I think too much so this post is becoming quite unbearable. Tomorrow is another day…perhaps things won’t look so bleak.

Just Stop Talking Please….

I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted. One thing after another just appears on my plate. Why can’t I get it together? Why can’t I handle this? I never have any time alone, except when I sleep, the one time it may be nice to not be alone. I love my family more than life itself but I wish they would all just stop talking to me for at least a day. It’s like none of them can have a thought in their head without telling me about it. I just need some peace and quiet, some time to think, to work. Business is suffering because I can’t concentrate or stay focused on the task at hand. I keep spinning my wheels and I’m not getting anywhere, financially or personally. If everyone would leave the house just for a day, I could get so much done! They would be amazed! Well, that isn’t going to happen any time soon. I wish I could tell them all to “Just stop talking please.”

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Dad turned 73 this month. He was sick on his birthday. We decided to wait until he was feeling better to celebrate. He’s been much better for the last couple of days so today, we decided it was time to celebrate! Nothing major, just a nice dinner, cake and a shopping spree.

S.R. is making a chocolate cake; can’t be anything but chocolate. Dad doesn’t like white cake and yellow cake is out of the question because he says it’s like eating cornbread with frosting. Whatever Dad. Chocolate on chocolate. I’m not complaining; that’s my favorite anyway. It’s just funny how Dad thinks. Cornbread with frosting. Ok. As long as it’s chocolate frosting I wouldn’t complain!

C.F. is here today doing laundry. He will have dinner with us. A.B. is at the college taking care of something — when she should be home resting after the car accident. She has a pretty bad concussion. Her mom took her (since A.B. totaled the car and she shouldn’t be driving anyway) and Doodle Bug is with them too. I miss her so much!

We decided to go out for dinner, maybe Chili’s or Ruby Tuesdays. Dad’s birthday, Dad’s choice. Dad wanted Chili’s, so off we went. Thing is, we live out in the boonies more or less. We have to drive 20-30 miles no matter which town we go to. Dummy me though, I got confused and we ended up going to the wrong town — a town with NO CHILI’S! Cripes. We ended up having Ruby Tuesdays, which was good but it was an aggravating dinner.

Dad complained from the get-go. The lighting was bad. The booth was too small. The silverware looked dirty. The waiter was a girly-boy, LOL. Dad ordered the Louisiana Fried Shrimp, then complained because he didn’t know it was breaded shrimp. How else do you fix fried shrimp? He ordered the house wine because it was the cheapest and then complained because “they could’ve at least filled the glass to the top.” The meal was good, but to hear him talk it was the worst meal he’s ever had.

Dad. Gotta love him, but can’t take him anywhere.

Lucky Girl

I’m thankful today that an icy road wasn’t the end of the road for my “other daughter.”

The roads were beginning to get icy last night, as I took Doodle Bug home. I prayed the snow would stop and that the sun would come out today but no such luck. A.B. was out early this morning, headed to the college for a really big test. She had a friend with her, whom she was taking home after an overnight stay. Evidently there were some really icy spots on the road and A.B. lost control of the car. I don’t know all the details and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know because just the thought brings tears to my eyes. The car is totaled and she and her friend escaped with minor injuries but it could have been so much worse. Both are bruised up pretty bad and sore as heck. I’m very thankful they are alive and even more thankful that Doodle Bug was not in the car with them.

The lesson hopefully learned today: No class is worth risking your life to get to.

Sick & Tired, Part 2

What’s with all the snow? I think my toes are going to freeze tonight.

I took care of Doodle Bug today and when I took her home the road was beginning to freeze over. Snow was coming down, and still is. I doubt anyone will be going anywhere tomorrow. Good thing we have supplies to last for a bit.

I’m really sick and tired of this cold, cold winter, although just thinking about the hot, humid summer not too far ahead of us just makes me want to pass out! I use to love the hot summers but that’s when I lived in California. The heat was dry, not humid like it is here in SW Missouri. Of course, I was a younger woman back then too!

I really like the Spring. Why can’t it be like Spring all year long? Is there anywhere in the world that’s like Spring all year long? I’m looking forward to the Spring. I want to take the grand babies to the park and to the zoo. I want to watch them run in their bare feet on the grass. I want to share with them my love of birdwatching. I can barely wait until we can bring out the toddler wading pool so they can splash and laugh and then cry when it’s time to come inside. I’ll be taking plenty pictures, that’s for sure.

I guess I’ll just have to be sick and tired of the cold until the Spring decides to pay us a visit.