Throwback Thursday

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, I’m linking to a 2-part post about Toxicity from 2010. I’m sure most of us can relate, especially to the 2nd part! Please be sure to comment and share!

Toxicity Part One          Toxicity Part Two

Good Reasons To Unfriend Someone On Facebook

Today, a good friend of mine posted a selfie to show off her new hair-do. She has only twice posted a photo of herself and she’s been on Facebook for years. A “friend” of hers commented in part, “I am totally against close up selfies, and I always unfriend,” and then she promptly unfriended her. That really stuck in my crawl! I mean, who the f*ck unfriends someone for something in such a ridiculous and childish manner? There are very good reasons to unfriend a person, but THAT was not one of them!

I have unfriended a few people in the 10+ years I’ve been on Facebook but mostly I just “unfollow.” It seems the better alternative to offending someone or hurting their feelings, especially when the reasons are that you’ve just been annoyed one too many times. Unfollowing allows you to still be friends on Facebook, but their posts stop showing up on your feed.

There are great (and reasonable) reasons to unfriend people on Facebook. Below are some of those reasons.

  1. Racism – Posting anything of this nature should be an automatic unfriending in my opinion.
  2. Promoting violence of any kind – This is not cool!
  3. Religious and/or political fanaticism – Everyone has the right to his or her own opinions and ideas but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to hear about it and they shouldn’t have to unless asked.
  4. Inappropriate language and/or content, nudity – Come on. Have some class! I mean, I have the vocabulary of a sailor, to be honest, but I try to have a little respect for others.
  5. Promoting hate/hate crimes – Same as #2. Not cool.
  6. Stalker-ish behavior – If someone seems to be visiting your page and commenting on everything you post, if they send you messages all the time, or if they just give you a creepy feeling, unfriend and BLOCK.
  7. Stirring up trouble for other people – No one needs added drama in their lives. We all have enough of that sh*t without help. Am I right?
  8. Airing personal problems – Personal issues should be settled privately, not for all of Facebook to see.
  9. Spreading lies, half-truths, and rumors – Unfriend quickly. No one needs a friend like this.
  10. Constant negativity – Things can’t always be that bad and if they are, why is that person on Facebook instead of getting his/her sh*t together?
  11. Constant soliciting – Who wants to be bombarded with private messages or posts on their feed of things someone is trying to sell?
  12. Disrespectful comments, back-stabbing, and lack of honesty, integrity, kindness – There’s enough of this in the world. We don’t need to see it or read it on Facebook.
  13. Perpetuating fake news – When someone just shares meme after meme without any common sense thinking or research, cut ’em loose. I mean, we all can make a mistake and share something that’s not true, but the fake “facts” floating around the internet are absurd.
  14. Posting things on your timeline that are totally irrelevant – If someone constantly posts links to horse riding school on my timeline when I’m not even remotely interested in horses, that’s unfriending material right there.
  15. Bragging about their perfect life and how happy they are – No one’s life is perfect, and no one likes a bragger.
  16. Posting spoilers on tv shows or movies on a regular basis that you haven’t seen yet – Either unfriend or unfollow. It’s just not nice for them to try and ruin things for others.
  17. Constantly whining about problems and never doing anything to resolve those problems – Come on, if someone has a problem and they need help, asking for help is great. But constantly whining and not doing anything to resolve the issues is grounds for unfriending. Enough is enough.
  18. Anti-government, anti-establishment, anti-everything posts – Negativity, in general, is a real buzzkill.
  19. Making judgemental comments about your life – No one knows your journey so unfriend without feeling guilty.
  20. Super-opinionated and/or insulting comments on your posts – No one needs this kind of stress. Unfriend.
  21. Hunting/killing and dead animal photos – Some people enjoy hunting, the thrill of the kill….others do not. This type of thing really hurts my heart.
  22. Continual conspiracy theory posts – I can’t believe how many seemingly intelligent people believe so many of these theories. I’m not saying they’re all untrue theories but if something is covered up, doesn’t that mean that many people have to keep their mouths shut?? We all know people can’t keep their traps shut. Lol.
  23. Grammar Nazis – Ok, so I’m not exactly a Grammar Nazi because I make errors sometimes….but I do try to spell correctly and use punctuation. I also try to use complete sentences. BUT I don’t insult people on their posts for others to read. Not classy at all.
  24. Links that make you sad – Maybe it’s a story of the abuse of an animal or a child, maybe it’s something else that really hurts your heart. I pass them by quickly or hide from my timeline. Sometimes I unfriend.
  25. Terrible friend/relative – If someone did you or a family member terribly wrong, then by all means, unfriend.


So, that’s my list of reasons to unfriend someone on Facebook. I’m sure there are others that escaped my mind, and there are always exceptions to the ones I listed. You may or may not agree, and that’s perfectly fine. You didn’t have to read this and if you think about it, my opinion isn’t hurting anyone now is it?

Do you have any other reasons one might unfriend someone on Facebook?


Aunt Debbie’s Advice to the Younger Generation

I know, I know. The younger generations have never been good at taking advice from older people. I refused to take my mother’s advice, my mother refused to take her mother’s advice, and the list goes on. The older generations always know a thing or two, even if the younger folk won’t admit it!

Much of this list is based on my own experiences and some are things I wish I would have learned long before I did. I guess that’s life, though. We don’t get instructions on how to live it. We are taught some things by our parents but much is a game of trial and error. We learn as we go.

Here’s my advice to the younger generations.

  1. Ask questions. Question everything. Learn everything you can. Don’t reject new ideas because they are different than you believe. Be curious about everything and think for yourself.
  2. Be respectful of others and their opinions. How can you expect others to respect you and your opinions if you don’t show them the same?
  3. Stay away from drugs. They will NOT make anything better. They will make things worse, guaranteed.
  4. Don’t plaster your face with tons of makeup. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up. Besides, it really looks bad.
  5. Don’t be a bully! Everyone deserves to be accepted for who they are. Everyone wants (and needs) to be cared for. Everyone is worthy!
  6. Choose your own spiritual/religious path. Don’t worry if no one else gets it. It’s not their path. It’s yours.
  7. Nurture your creativity. Pursue hobbies. Try new things.
  8. You can’t fix stupid; unless it’s you. Refer to #1. Keep learning, always!
  9. Adapt. Changes can be awesome!
  10. Take advantage of opportunities. They may not come around again.
  11. Learn how to resolve conflict without anger and violence.
  12. Always try to see things from another person’s perspective. Keep your mind open.
  13. Don’t be lazy. Talent is not enough if you aren’t willing to work hard.
  14. Learn to cook! It’s much healthier than buying processed meals or eating out.
  15. Be responsible. Pay your bills on time. Go to work. Clean your house. Wash your car. Feed the dog. Take care of your responsibilities!
  16. It’s ok to admit when you’re wrong. It happens. Admit it and move on.
  17. Skip the credit cards. It will be too easy to use them and too easy for it to get out of hand. Next thing you know, you’re in debt and can’t pay your bills.
  18. Be generous. Give your time. Donate. Help others. It feels good to be helpful.
  19. Don’t be stupid and land yourself in jail. It will suck for you! Obey the law!
  20. Save money. Learn to manage money effectively. It’s ok to splurge now and then, but it’s never too early to start saving for the future.
  21. Do your homework – and not just school homework. Learn everything you can about a topic before you start an argument with someone and find out how wrong you really are!
  22. Don’t flaunt yourself/your body. A little modesty goes a long way.
  23. Guard your health. You will get older someday. Use sunscreen. Don’t smoke. Drink alcohol in moderation. Exercise. Brush your teeth. Eat healthy foods. Don’t do drugs. Wear your seatbelt!
  24. Take time each day just for you. Take a bath, a walk, or read a book. Do something that makes you happy. Make yourself a priority as you do with others.
  25. If you have pets, take care of them. Have them spayed or neutered. Take them to the vet when they are sick. Don’t leave them behind when you move. Don’t dump them when you can’t afford to feed them anymore. They depend on you to care for them. Do it.
  26. Never give up – Not on love, friendships, education, health.
  27. Listen to music! Experience different genres of music. You might find you like more than you think.
  28. It’s ok to cry. Don’t let anyone make you feel weak because you need to cry. It’s healthy and normal.
  29. Teach your children to look with their eyes, not their hands. You will have less conflict while shopping and in other people’s homes!
  30. Be honest and trustworthy.
  31. Don’t blame others. Don’t make excuses.
  32. Laugh at yourself. It’s easier and feels better than beating yourself up.
  33. Meet new people, try new things!
  34. Listen more, talk less. Know when to keep your mouth shut.
  35. Return everything you borrow.
  36. Don’t live to impress others.
  37. Pay attention to the little things; sunsets, sunrises, children’s giggles, freshly cleaned clothes, petting a cat, the smell of popcorn, a good movie, birds chirping, etc.
  38. Be grateful for everything. Don’t worry about what you don’t have.
  39. Be on time!
  40. Have good manners.
  41. Learn from your mistakes.
  42. Don’t become financially dependent on anyone!
  43. Live a simple life and let go of the bullshit.


Do you have any advice for the younger generation? Leave your advice in the comments!