10 Things I Haven’t Done In Six Months

Like so many people, Dad and I have made staying at home our new normal. Since mid-March, we’ve been keeping a low profile, and it really wasn’t much different than our pre-pandemic lifestyle. We’ve always been homebodies, so we weren’t too concerned about staying home for a few weeks. We spent March 12th -15th getting appointments out of the way, getting medications refilled, picking up groceries and supplies, etc. We had lunch and drinks at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We didn’t think this would be our last time sitting in a restaurant or that this pandemic would still be going on 6 months later!

It’s been lonely, depressing, and boring. I can’t imagine another 6 months of this! Although we don’t live exciting and adventurous lives, we still miss those little things like going to the grocery store or Walmart when we need something, having lunch out, or seeing friends and family on occasion. It’s funny (not-so-funny) the things you miss when you no longer have them.

The following is a list of things I’ve not done since March.

  1. I’ve not been in a grocery store. We always kept our freezers and cupboards stocked even prior to the pandemic, so we didn’t have a lot to get the last time we were out. Mostly all we needed was a few canned goods and we were set for at least 2 months. Thankfully, we’ve been able to get just about everything we’ve needed online since then.
  2. I’ve not been to Walmart. It was always nice to be able to pop in and pick up my medications, try on a few pair of shoes or sweaters, etc., plus the occasional kitchen or bath item. Now, we either do without or find it online.
  3. I’ve not been inside any public establishment. We’ve only been to liquor store, bank, and pharmacy drive-thru windows. We’ve used only curb-side service at out favorite Mexican restaurant, twice. Oh, and we got gas twice in the car and once for the mower.
  4. I’ve not had a haircut. OMG! I need a haircut. I cut my bangs once myself and I’m about to do it again. My hair hasn’t been this long in years. I prefer it short.
  5. I’ve not been out with a friend. I used to meet up with this friend or that friend for lunch and/or a little shopping. Now, I see only one friend periodically while social distancing outside.
  6. I’ve not worn any make up. I never wore much make up before, but now I wear absolutely none! I stopped wearing eye make up several years ago because I can’t see well enough to put it on anymore. But I still wore a little foundation or BB Cream, and maybe some concealer when I planned on going out. If I was feeling exceptionally brave, I might attempt a little mascara with the use of my 10x magnification mirror, but that was rare!
  7. I’ve not had a doctor’s appointment. I saw my Nurse Practitioner on March 12 to have my medications renewed for another year, and had them transferred to a different pharmacy with a drive-thru window. Thankfully, I’ve not had any issues that need a doctor’s attention. Fingers crossed that neither one of us will have to worry about that for a while.
  8. We’ve not taken the car for a check up. Taking Ol’ Blue in for a check up, tune up, or other ‘procedure’ has been postponed indefinitely. We will be needing new tires very soon though, so I need to be thinking about that!
  9. I’ve not taken my furbabies to the vet. My furbabies were due for their vaccinations in May and I’ve put it off. I don’t think I should put it off much longer. I’m feeling very guilty about not doing it. It’s just so stressful thinking about coming into contact with COVID-19 and bringing it home to Dad.
  10. I’ve not been in anyone else’s home. Ugh. I hate not being able to stop in to see someone if I wanted to. I didn’t do a lot of that before for a few reasons: I can’t walk up/down stairs, I always feel like a bother, and with chronic pain being an issue, I just don’t have the energy. It was still nice to have that choice.

Since the above things are not part of my normal life – at least not for a while – I have to occupy my mind with other things. I try to keep my brain sharp (hahaha, if that’s possible!) by doing word puzzles, brain games, and the like. I’ve started another jigsaw puzzle. I’ve been writing more offline – as in personal self-exploration type, and legacy journaling. I’m considering another online class…just can’t decide which one yet! One thing I really need to do more of, is exercise. That’s a hard one for me because of the pain I’m in. It’s so easy to just say, “Not today, maybe tomorrow.” So, on that note, I will leave to go do some exercise on my Air Walker. I just hope I can walk afterwards.

Have a relaxing, SAFE, and fun Labor Day, my friends!


15 Things That Just Don’t Make Any Sense To Me

*Coffee pots that make 5 oz. cups. The box says, “Makes 12 cups!” I call bull squirt! I know their cups are based on restaurant cups but when we buy a coffee maker for home, most of us are using 8 – 12 oz. mugs or maybe even bigger. A cup is 8 oz., not 5!

*Children are our future. They are precious cargo. Most (normal) people would agree. Children are required to wear seat belts while in a moving vehicle. Unless it’s a school bus. What? Why the heck are kids not required to wear a seat belt while on a school bus? The driver of the school bus is required to wear a seat belt! I can understand that it would be quicker to evacuate a school bus if no one is wearing a seat belt. I can understand that no one would be trapped in their seat if they aren’t wearing a seat belt. But don’t those things hold true for any vehicle? What about an unfortunate accident that flips that bus over and over again? Are those kids going to survive or walk away with no injuries if not wearing a seat belt? This has bothered since my kids had to ride the bus to school.

*Does it make a lot of sense to say, “It was in the last place I looked,” or “It’s always in the last place you look,” when obviously it was literally in the last place you looked? I mean, where the hell else would it be? Why would you keep looking after you found the item you were looking for?

*Reality shows don’t make sense to me. I have my own reality. You have your own reality. Why watch someone else’s reality…especially when it’s scripted and not reality at all?! Reality shows are hogwash. Those people (in many cases) are being paid to behave badly. We need to stop making stupid people famous. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

*The other day, I was trying to get into an online account that I hadn’t used in a while. I tried logging in but I was told I had entered the wrong email or password. So I tried another of my commonly used passwords…and another…and another. Still denied access. So I tried my other email address and those same passwords. Still no access. So I decided to use their “Reset Password” option. I was asked to choose a new password. When I entered one I was told, “You cannot use your old password.” I wanted to throw the computer out of the damn window!

*I can understand having 3 different sized cups for drinks if you are ordering from drive-thru window or placing a to-go order inside a fast food restaurant. But why offer different sizes for people (other than for small children) dining in? If the restaurant is offering free refills, doesn’t it make better sense to just have one size cup, perhaps medium? Why should a person have to choose the size cup when they can get as many refills as they want before they leave?

*Automatic hand soap dispensers in public restrooms make sense. But at home? Why does it have to be hands-free? You’re not going to touch the dispenser after you wash and dry your hands, are you?

*Why do they package light bulbs in flimsy cardboard packaging? You’d think a little bubble wrap lined package would have been thought of by now, like bubble mailers. Why are batteries so hard to get out of their packaging? Have any of those little stinkers ever opened the way they are supposed to? Just put the damn things in a regular box!

*Google ads drive me insane. I can look up something on my phone or computer and the very same day I start getting ads on Facebook (and elsewhere) on that same item. Several times, I was talking to Dad about a certain item and lo and behold, I started getting ads on Facebook. Were they listening to us talking? I never looked it up on my phone or computer. I never looked at the product on Amazon or anywhere else. We just talked about it. Creepy.

*Why do we put celebrities on a pedestal? Why do we listen to what they say but not our doctors, our mothers, or someone else? You don’t know the celebrity personally so how would you know if they’re telling the truth? I have my favorite celebrities, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not going to live my life according to Johnny Depp or Al Pacino.

*Schools have rules against fighting…OK fine. What about when your kid is being bullied? I mean, physically bullied? Don’t you want your child to defend himself? I taught my kids that if someone threw the first punch, then go for it. I didn’t care what the damn school’s rules were! Kids have the right to defend themselves! Instead, they get in trouble for fighting and the bully wins…and continues to bully.

*I will never understand the insane amounts of make up young girls wear these days! I can’t stand when I walk by someone and all I smell is make up. That’s just gross. These girls can have the prettiest face but they cover it up with goop!

*I don’t understand these telemarketers who leave voice mail messages like, “We’d like to talk to you about our products. Please call us at 1-800-555-5555.” Seriously? If you can’t even tell me the products you want to talk to me about, why the hell would I want to call you back? Those numbers get blocked.

*17 commercials during one break while watching a show? Those commercials aren’t going to make me buy a damn thing. They piss me off, and/or annoy the crap out of me. Most of them are the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe anyone would buy a product based on seeing a commercial. A commercial might remind me to put something on my list that may or may not be what they’re advertising. A commercial might make me do a little research, say on the advertised vehicle IF I was in the market for a new car. Same thing goes for insurance commercials. If you’re not in the market for something, why would you pay any attention to the commercial? They need to save the money they spend on ads and pay their employees more! There’s a novel concept!

*Conspiracy theories. You’ve got to be a few fries short of a happy meal to believe the theories out there. Do I completely trust the government? No, especially not now with Tweet-y in office, but to believe that everything is a cover-up is ridiculous. Do you realize how many people would have to keep their big mouths shut in order to pull off a major conspiracy/plot/assassination? People are just not that good at keeping secrets and I still believe that most people have more integrity than that.

Well, there ya go. It would probably be safe to say that some of the things that make no sense to me would be on your list, too! I bet you could add a few, as well!

20 Ways To NOT Be An Asshole


Ok, so this list is not complete….but after the day I had, it just felt like the right thing to do! Ha! Here are 20 ways to NOT be an asshole!

  1. Drive on your own side of the road! Watch what you’re doing before you end up killing someone!
  2. Put your phone away when you’re driving. Idiot.
  3. If you’re going to critique someone’s writing, then make sure you use proper capitalization, punctuation, and grammar while doing it. Yeah, YOU.
  4. Be respectful and use the good manners your mother (hopefully) taught you when dealing with others.
  5. If you or your child receives a gift from someone, the very least you can do is ACKNOWLEDGE the gift giver’s attempt.
  6. Be nice to animals. Just because you think God put them here for humans to use, doesn’t mean that God wanted you to be an asshole and torture them.
  7. Don’t try to beat an older person to the door and then NOT hold the door open for them! Your grandmother would be ashamed of you!
  8. Try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for a change. Empathy, it’s a real thing.
  9. Stop trying to convince others that they’re wrong and you’re right. You aren’t going to convince them because they have their own reasons for thinking and feeling the way they do. Just STFU.
  10. Don’t lie and make up stories to make yourself look good. It’s really pathetic.
  11. Shut up and listen to others. What you have to say is important but if you shut up long enough you’ll find that what others have to say is equally important.
  12. Don’t be lazy. Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.
  13. Wash your own dishes. Don’t expect your girlfriend/mom/sister to do them because you think it’s “women’s work.” With that attitude, I guarantee someday that dirty cast iron skillet is going to leave a mark on your skull.
  14. Replace the toilet paper roll when needed. It’s not that hard. Not even for a 2-year-old.
  15. Don’t eat or drink the last of something and then put the empty package back. Don’t just leave ONE freakin’ cookie in the package either, you douche.
  16. Don’t hold up the 10 items or less lane in the grocery store when you clearly have 35 items in your cart!
  17. Stop thinking you’re so damn perfect because you’re NOT!
  18. Don’t talk with your mouth open, you animal. Your Gramma would smack you.
  19. Stop thinking you have the right to tell adults in your life what they can and can’t do. They’re adults. They make their own decisions.
  20. Don’t wait until a chore is nearly finished by someone else before you ask if they need help.


I could go on forever and I may continue at a later date. What would you add to the list?