Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week & Last Week’s Winner(s)

Friday again. I think. I can’t keep track. Every day is like the one before and the one after. I’ve resorted to doing jigsaw puzzles, coloring, word games, painting, and watching my old childhood favorite tv series Dark Shadows. I used to run home from school every day just so I wouldn’t miss an episode! That is, until my mother wouldn’t let me watch it anymore. She said I was having nightmares but wouldn’t I remember having nightmares? I remember ALL the other nightmares I had as a kid.

Anyway, I’m doing a lot of different things these days just to break the monotony of “same shit, different day.” At least prior to COVID19, I had options; I could go shopping, have lunch out with Dad, visit with my son and his little family, have lunch with a friend, or go to appointments. So many people are feeling the stress of staying home and social distancing. I hope this post will break the monotony and provide some levity, improving your mood! 

As mentioned last week, your vote for your favorite funny meme will determine the winner for the next week’s top billing!

Last week’s winners: (Tied) Pinatas and Aunt Clara! 



This week’s memes:

Jabba the Toad


Beach Pic


Toilet Paper




Talking Frog


Idiot Needs A Truck




2020 Slide




Brain Cells


Fuck Off, Rock!





So, there ya have it, folks! What’s your favorite? My favorites are Brain Cells and Fuck Off, Rock! I’m still laughing my ass off! Don’t forget to vote below in the comments!! (If you’re reading this through a link on my Facebook page, you can vote in the comments there, too!)

I hope you have a super weekend! 


Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

Happy Friday, Everyone!

A few days ago, I wrote One Day At A Time and how difficult it’s been for me to write consistently. Well, I guess it was harder than I thought, because I completely forgot about Friday’s Funnies last week! This week, I did not forget!

It’s hotter than balls here. At least that’s what my son says. I guess he ought to know. My grandmother used to say, “It’s hotter than a popcorn fart” and I always wondered how hot that was! I hope the weather isn’t too unbearable for you!

This week, your vote elects the top billing on next week’s edition of Friday’s Funnies! Each meme/photo has a title. Remember that title and vote for your fave in the comments! Here’s this week’s funnies!


VOTE: Peek-a-Boo


VOTE: Aunt Clara108021535_10160092510698502_4037372748357495069_n

VOTE: Beware of Dog108832900_5781507048533501_7720951195870127542_o

VOTE: Pinatas108948664_3756555581040412_4793604343452949933_n

VOTE: Udder Surprise109010399_5777642772253262_5962682631314011583_o

VOTE: Vacation109201251_5790666490950890_9083400678155515300_o

VOTE: Family Photo109263522_2671491396443179_2183622260167300515_n

VOTE: PIG-DOG109341848_5779918012025738_1535136909864222769_o

NOW! Flip that pic upside down

and UN-confuse your brain!!


VOTE: 10th Life109581193_5779923375358535_3133568230404888533_o

VOTE: Sense of Humor109637347_624888504809407_1492629358994713723_n

VOTE: Alien Cats109695605_5781452961872243_8610509549696472731_o

VOTE: Darryl112473184_927098821102129_9200172149154501824_n

VOTE: Quack115419249_927786847699993_7600415971235105971_n

VOTE: Asshole Snakes115439070_3763083183720985_8774427537611996213_n


I hope you got a few good laughs! Now, vote for your faves! Let’s see which meme wins and gets top billing on next week’s edition of Friday’s Funnies! My vote is for Asshole Snakes!