Monday, Monday…

Can’t trust that day…

I woke up this morning with one eye stuck shut. I must have looked like Lucille Ball in that episode with the pickle! I started thinking about how Monday is such a drag, even though I don’t (can’t) work. Most people hate Mondays because it’s the beginning of their workweek. Me? Well, I just feel like I can’t trust Mondays anymore.

Then this song popped into my head, not really an earworm, just a friendly reminder of the lyrics… đŸŽ” “Monday, Monday…Can’t trust that day.” đŸŽ” Here’s the entire song; a blast from the past! Enjoy!

I hope your 4th of July weekend was fun but safe. Wishing you all the best this first Monday of July. This year can’t get any worse, can it?

Earworm – Plateau

For some reason, Nirvana’s performance of The Meat Puppet’s song, Plateau, has been stuck in my head all weekend. I don’t know why. I haven’t heard it in ages. It always makes me laugh to hear, “Nothin’ at the top but a bucket and mop and an illustrated book about birds.” Of course, from what I understand Kurt Cobain purposely chose songs that were a bit out of his vocal range on purpose for this Unplugged performance, so that’s part of why it sounds so silly and makes me laugh! Anyway, I’m sharing it now so you’ll have it stuck in your brain and…I won’t. Hopefully. Snort.

Earworm – Under Your Scars

This past few weeks I’ve been hearing a new song on Sirius XM by Godsmack and I really love it. It’s called “Under Your Scars.” I’ve liked Godsmack for a long time now but haven’t enjoyed any of their songs nearly as much as their hit “Voodoo.” (Until now.) “Voodoo” has a ‘witchy’ vibe (lead singer Sully Erna is a practicing Wiccan) and the drums are spectacular! Check that one out when you have a chance.

Godsmack has been around for a little over 2 decades now. They have a new album out and I like the new songs I’ve heard so far but this one really hits me in the feels, as they say. It’s been stuck in my mind since the moment I rolled out of bed this morning.


Ok, so now I have to share “Voodoo” with you because I had to go watch the video!


Ok, I can just imagine what’s going on inside your mind right now! They are not Devil worshippers. The Devil is a Christian concept and has no place in Wicca.

What about those drums, ‘eh?

Earworm – Amerika

What is an earworm, you ask?

It’s a tune or song that gets stuck in your brain! It’s that song that’s playing in your head as soon as you wake up in the morning and plays all day long. Sometimes it’s a good song or tune but sometimes it’s awful and drives you bonkers.

This morning, when I woke up, I was humming this song. I don’t know why; I hadn’t heard it in quite a while. Today, Dad and I had our usual outing for lunch and a little shopping. (Not fun shopping. Shopping of the necessary kind; produce and misc. supplies.) I like to listen to the radio when I’m driving. I listen to various channels and since we have Sirius, there’s a great variety. On three different channels, at different times, this song played. Now it’s really stuck in my head! I love Rammstein! I just don’t like when a song gets hung up between my ears and won’t leave!