Fatty McCatty

My name is Honey. Mom calls me Honey Bear, but most of the time she calls me Fatty. Fatty McCatty. I’m a whopping 22 lbs. of CAT. Not fur, like most people think. I’m heavy, and fur doesn’t weigh that much!

It’s been raining an awful lot and I’m not happy about that. Neither is the rest of the gang. Jack and Alice go out on the catio and get wet. Then they come back in bitching. Mom says, “Haven’t you learned anything, you big dummies?” I laugh because I’d rather be fat than dumb! Kitty doesn’t go out on the catio much. I do, but sometimes Jack is mean to me. I don’t know why. I like everybody.

The Monster Under The Bed

I rolled over in bed and looked at the time. It was creeping up on 7am. Good, I can sleep for a bit longer, I thought to myself. I closed my eyes and heard a loud purring. I glanced at the “cat side” of my bed and none of my 4 kitties were there. Being half-asleep, I thought the purring was coming from under my bed. I inched my way toward the side of the bed and looked down over the edge. The purring was even louder now. I asked myself, which cat is that? The next thing I knew, Alice was next to me on my left and looking down over the edge of the bed. I realized she had jumped up on the bed as I rolled over and it was her purring that I was hearing the entire time, unaware that she was even there. I chuckled a little, seeing her looking over the edge of the bed, as I was. Alice nudged me with her cold, wet nose and flopped down next to me, still purring. Moments later, she was at the foot of the bed and stayed there until I was ready to leave my bedroom. Ah, the love of a black cat. ❣



Sick Miss Kitty

We’ve had a rough 5 days or so. Miss Kitty has been sick. She’s nearly 14 years old and I didn’t know if I would have to take her to the vet or not. She had been eating and drinking, and toileting herself so I figured she could fight this cold off with little help of OTC supplements. She (and the others) get Lysine daily, so her dose went to twice daily. I also added DMG Immune Formula and Nose Relief drops.

It was a rough weekend for poor Miss Kitty. She couldn’t breathe out of her nose so she had her mouth open most of the time. Her eyes were a drippy mess and she did a lot of sneezing. Slowly, the sneezing subsided and her eyes stopped leaking. The last thing to clear up was her nose. She’s still a little congested but overall, she’s much improved from the weekend. Thank Goodness!!


She’s almost back to her old grouchy self; wagging her tail for no reason, rolling over for tummy rubs only to get aggravated after a few rubs, and pacing the floor as if she’s on the prowl for demons or something! She’s taking a nap now, tail still wagging…silly cat.


Spike – A Novel (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9

It was now 4:15 am. Bob Keller and his 2 rookies were almost half-way down the path to the lake. Bob knew better than to tell Howard that his 2 men were rookies and women, at that. (The reason they were outside, rather than inside was to prevent a scene while Bob was questioning Howard.)

Carol Janson was a thin blond in her late 20’s. She was alert at all times and seemed to have the strength of a bull. Beverly Liftken, on the other hand, was a brunette, a little older, a little heavier and definitely not as strong as a bull. However, she was level headed, intelligent, and did everything by the book.

It was Carol who first saw something in the path. Her flashlight drifted across something and Carol immediately passed the light across the path again. “Bev-” Carol yelled out and turned her face to the bushes. She had never seen a murder victim since she had been on the job for just 3 weeks.

Beverly quickly came up the path to meet Carol. “Oh, my God. Sergeant Keller!” Bob was right behind the two women and was horrified at what he saw. The body of young Elizabeth was covered with crimson blood, glistening in the faint light of the morning. “What in God’s name happened here? We’ve got what appears to be deep scratches and torn flesh. She may have encountered a large wild animal.” Pumas have been known to walk the woods but they were scarce. “We won’t know for sure what has happened until we get the forensic team here. Carol, make that call and don’t disturb anything here.”

The town of Sandy Oaks was small but had an excellent team of law enforcement and forensic investigators. The Medical Examiner was an older man with a spotless reputation. He was sometimes called away to testify in court regarding high-profile murder cases. The forensic team was sometimes called to aid in special cases in surrounding towns because those towns were even smaller than Sandy Oaks.

Carol did as Bob instructed. The Medical Examiner was on his way as were 3 forensic specialists. As she put her cell phone back into her pocket, she glanced up the road toward the Johnston’s house. There was a light in the distance and she knew Howard and Jen were waiting for news. No parent wants to hear news like this, she thought.



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This past week has been a busy one. With Christmas baking and (a little) decorating, also came a big veterinary bill.

The Thursday before Christmas, Jack came in from his usual daily outing with a bloody foot and more damage than I first thought. I’m pretty sure he tangled with a stray cat. He was obviously in some pain and favoring both legs on his right side. I was especially concerned about the front leg because he was not bearing weight on it at all. I thought maybe something was broken or dislocated. I was lucky enough to get an appointment the very next day – I didn’t want him to suffer through the holidays. I knew it would be at the very least the Wednesday right after Christmas before I could get him in again. So off we went to the vet.

We have been to this vet clinic several times and have only seen the one vet, Dr. Missy. She wasn’t available that day so we got to see Dr. Ritchie. This Dr. Ritchie was old and seemed like he should be retired, in my opinion. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not against people working well into their 80’s but he just didn’t seem to know what he was doing.

First, I told Dr. Ritchie about my concerns. He felt of the legs. I had to point out all the wounds because he couldn’t find them. That’s not all he couldn’t find. He went to take Jack’s temperature and was holding Jack’s tail up and poking around back there… After a couple of minutes, I asked, “Is there a problem back there?” Dr. Ritchie said, “No. I just can’t find the bullseye,” and it wasn’t until he took his glasses OFF that he found it. Poor Jack probably wondered what the fuck that strange man was doing back there.

Jack got an antibiotic injection at my request because it’s hard for me to give meds with my mobility issues. So, home we went but I wasn’t feeling too confident about Jack’s condition.

The day after Christmas, I called and got another appointment. This time with another vet I was not familiar with. Dr. Missy was booked. We saw her husband instead. He seemed to have his noodle in working order. Jack had no broken bones or dislocated joints, thank goodness. However, there was one wound located in the crook of his elbow – if that’s what it’s called in feline anatomy, I don’t know but close enough – where the muscle had been punctured resulting in so much pain he wouldn’t bear weight. We ended up with 4 x-rays, an anti-inflammatory fast-dissolve pill, and another antibiotic – in liquid form, yay. Why so many x-rays, you may be wondering? Jack has an oddly formed clavicle unlike any other the vet had seen before so he wanted to make sure it was the same on the other side. It was. I just have a weird cat. Another weird cat, I should say.

It’s been hell trying to give that cat his meds! I can’t believe how strong he is! But we are getting the meds in him and he is finally starting to bear weight again. He uses it some, he limps a little, and then he’s back to hopping with that one foot up. It’s progress. He’s becoming more and more restless each day. He wants back outside and he doesn’t know it yet but he will be an inside cat only from now on.