The Monster Under The Bed

I rolled over in bed and looked at the time. It was creeping up on 7am. Good, I can sleep for a bit longer, I thought to myself. I closed my eyes and heard a loud purring. I glanced at the “cat side” of my bed and none of my 4 kitties were there. Being half-asleep, I thought the purring was coming from under my bed. I inched my way toward the side of the bed and looked down over the edge. The purring was even louder now. I asked myself, which cat is that? The next thing I knew, Alice was next to me on my left and looking down over the edge of the bed. I realized she had jumped up on the bed as I rolled over and it was her purring that I was hearing the entire time, unaware that she was even there. I chuckled a little, seeing her looking over the edge of the bed, as I was. Alice nudged me with her cold, wet nose and flopped down next to me, still purring. Moments later, she was at the foot of the bed and stayed there until I was ready to leave my bedroom. Ah, the love of a black cat. ❣



9 thoughts on “The Monster Under The Bed

  1. I love that she was looking over the edge of the bed just because you were. That’s an inquisitive kitty! Little did she know that she was looking for herself since she was the purr-er. Does that mean she was trying to ‘find’ herself?

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  2. Don’t you just love it when the fur babies are dramatic? lol
    Of course that could be referring to just about anything they do, but the fact that she was just at the edge of the bed because you were still lying down, that’s love for you.

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