The Monster Under The Bed

I rolled over in bed and looked at the time. It was creeping up on 7am. Good, I can sleep for a bit longer, I thought to myself. I closed my eyes and heard a loud purring. I glanced at the “cat side” of my bed and none of my 4 kitties were there. Being half-asleep, I thought the purring was coming from under my bed. I inched my way toward the side of the bed and looked down over the edge. The purring was even louder now. I asked myself, which cat is that? The next thing I knew, Alice was next to me on my left and looking down over the edge of the bed. I realized she had jumped up on the bed as I rolled over and it was her purring that I was hearing the entire time, unaware that she was even there. I chuckled a little, seeing her looking over the edge of the bed, as I was. Alice nudged me with her cold, wet nose and flopped down next to me, still purring. Moments later, she was at the foot of the bed and stayed there until I was ready to leave my bedroom. Ah, the love of a black cat. ❣