Friday’s Funnies – Christmas Edition #2

Happy Friday! I’ve wanted to share these days ago but I’ve been busier than a cat covering you-know-what. This week’s funnies are dedicated to that blasted little “Elf on a Shelf.” You either love him or you hate him. I’m glad the craze didn’t start until after my kids were grown. Not that I hate the little bugger, but he seems to be an annoying and naughty little elf. Decide for yourself:



Ornery elf.



In my house, he’d be cleaning up that mess or he’d go in the garbage disposal!



Poor Frosty!



Now we know what really happened to Cheryl’s she-shed.



Now we know where those “chocolate kisses” come from!



Why does he have it in for poor Frosty?



Shouldn’t that be on a cookie?



No wonder he does such naughty things!



The little perv!



The continued exploitation of Barbie and her friends.


Some are taking matters into their own hands and have the right idea!


Good doggy!



Flush him!



Burn him!



Cook him!



The way enemies should be treated!



Hell, this would freak ME out!



So, have you decided? Love him or hate him, these are pretty funny! If any of these offend you then sorry….not sorry. Pull the stick out, maybe it’ll be easier to laugh!

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season! I have tons of goodies to bake so I have to start as early as Monday. I never know if my pain will let me do what I want, so starting early just in case I need downtime in between is the best way to go. What are your plans next week?


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