Fatty McCatty

My name is Honey. Mom calls me Honey Bear, but most of the time she calls me Fatty. Fatty McCatty. I’m a whopping 22 lbs. of CAT. Not fur, like most people think. I’m heavy, and fur doesn’t weigh that much!

It’s been raining an awful lot and I’m not happy about that. Neither is the rest of the gang. Jack and Alice go out on the catio and get wet. Then they come back in bitching. Mom says, “Haven’t you learned anything, you big dummies?” I laugh because I’d rather be fat than dumb! Kitty doesn’t go out on the catio much. I do, but sometimes Jack is mean to me. I don’t know why. I like everybody.

A Rainy Day & A Wet Cat

It’s been raining a lot here lately. I can always feel it in my bones before it even starts, but once it does I ache so bad I can’t do much of anything. I end up staying in my recliner most of the day. Today I worked on a crochet project that has taken much of my time the last 2 months. I’ll show you photos later, as it’s a gift and I don’t want to risk it being seen by the recipient before the special occasion. I managed to finish said project, thankfully. I was really getting tired of working on it! It turned out beautifully if I do say so myself.

We’ve had a stray cat hanging out here for a few months. In fact, I think he must’ve been the guy Jack fought with just before Christmas. I can’t risk them tangling again because Jack cost me an awful lot of money after that with x-rays and two vet visits, just for the wounds from the fight. Jack wants to fight him so badly, though! The stray cat, Sammy is what I’ve been calling him, looks like Alice but he’s buffed up! He’s short and stocky, and has the thickest neck I’ve ever seen on a cat! Anyway, I’ve been feeding poor Sammy when he comes around, which is only once every couple of weeks. I think he makes his rounds. I always wonder how far he travels.

This morning, I looked outside to see Sammy back so I brought him out some food. The thing is, he likes to hang out on top of the catio. The catio doesn’t have a roof. It’s covered on top and around the sides with chicken wire. It’s needing some reinforcement because it’s beginning to sag. Sammy has been laying out there all day long and in the rain! He’s wet and he doesn’t seem to care…but I care. I feel so bad for him. Sammy is an intact male so I can’t let him in the house. He and Jack will tear each other up AND Sammy will mark his territory in my house, which means then Jack will do the same! Plus, I love my furbabies and I don’t want to traumatize them or put them in close contact with anything Sammy might have. I guess I’ll have to put a shelter out there for him so he has a dry place to sleep instead of laying in the rain, although I don’t know why he doesn’t go out in the old shed! It’s got to be drier than the top of the catio!


Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie