Friday’s Funnies – March 24

Happy Friday, friends! I need to get today’s funnies posted quickly because we are having thunderstorm activity and I’ll need to disconnect my internet so not to lose it! If my modem and router get zapped, then what will I do?!? Yikes!

I hope you enjoy this week’s round of funnies. I wish I had more but it’s been a rough week and social media has been on the bottom of my list of priorities. That’s where I find most of the things I share with you here. On with the show!




I don’t know about you, but the “fashion” meme cracked me up! That would have to be my favorite this week! “Brain Cells” coming in at #2, “Irish” coming at #3. Which ones did you like the best?

Well, that will have to be it for now. I hear that thunder rumbling in the distance so I’d better sign off. Have a super weekend!


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