What’s A Secret Skill or Ability You Have or Wish You Had?

Do you remember that show from the ’60s called “Bewitched”? I loved it as a kid and I even watch it now on FETV most nights as I’m drifting off to sleep. In case you’re not familiar with the show, Samantha was a witch and her mortal husband didn’t like her to use witchcraft. Samantha’s mother was always meddling and casting spells on others, especially on Samantha’s husband! Crazy situations arose in every episode.

I always wished I had powers like Samantha. I wouldn’t use my powers for nefarious purposes. I would use them to improve my situation and help others, too. If someone didn’t want me to use my powers, then tough titty!

I would twitch my nose and fix the bathroom ceiling that partially fell in due to all the rain the other night. The ceiling got so wet from so many leaks, it couldn’t bear the weight any longer. I would twitch my nose and fix the foundation, the walls, the floors, and the roof. I would finish the new house, and with a twitch of my nose, we’d be moved in. I would fix my knees and reverse Dad’s health back about 10 years. I would help my friends and family with their problems, too.

Don’t get me wrong; I would live a mostly mortal life. I’m not afraid of work. In fact, I’d just love to be able to get back to a life where I could work! I’d love to do some work on the house like before I was disabled. Dad and I did many projects together on this old house. We added a bedroom, replaced floors, and painted the house. We built a deck in the back, fixed leaky faucets, put in linoleum, and repaired all kinds of things. I loved it! I can’t do any of those things now so Samantha’s powers would be awesome!

Well, I don’t have Samantha’s powers. Bummer. I have to settle with the hand I’ve been dealt, just like everyone else.

The skills I have now aren’t so secret, I suppose. I can usually figure out what’s wrong with my computer and have actually done so when computer techs couldn’t figure it out! Other skills include crocheting, and I used to be one hell of a cook!

What about you?

5 thoughts on “What’s A Secret Skill or Ability You Have or Wish You Had?

  1. I remember Bewitched, I loved that show. Although I watched it in reruns mostly, but still I loved Samantha! I too would love to have her powers and just be able to twitch my nose and all the concrete in my backyard would be gone! Or my roof would be fixed, or my car would run for years and years, or the electrical in the “new” edition of my house would be rewired! Or even, twitch my nose and have that a-hole who always tail-gates me on the freeway just disappear, now that’s power, lol.

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  2. I think the power of the wizards in Harry Potter to travel from here to there in an instant would be great – avoiding traffic, less likely to be late and far less exhausting as getting there the old fashioned way. Samantha’s powers would sure be nice too though.

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