Throwback Thursday

I was going through some old photos I took when my granddaughter was little. I stumbled across these; my favorites in a sequence. They are a bit out of focus but you can still see the humor behind them. Starting top/middle/bottom, moving left to right: These photos show little Daph squeezing between the chair and side table, getting stuck, waiting patiently or thinking how she would get out, and then finally the look as if to plea with Grandma to help her out of this predicament and stop taking photos!

Throwback Thursday

Ah, memories of the old days… My cousin and I were probably about 5 or 6 so I’d say this was around the late 60’s.

Top and center photos: My cousin, Lyn and I were best buds. (I’m the terd with the darker hair.)

Bottom photo: It looks like my Aunt Helen (Lyn’s mom) is doing my mom’s hair. My mom looks thrilled, doesn’t she? They may just be getting drunk, who knows? Papa, (my dad’s dad) looks on. I wonder what he’s thinking.

Throwback Thursday

I haven’t recognized Throwback Thursday in a long time so in addition to my recent post, My Empathic Heart Is In Pain I want to reshare what that post was really about. Some people didn’t get it. The post wasn’t about any one particular issue. It was about the negativity, hatefulness, and disrespect floating about like feathers weighing me down.

It was about MY HEART! 

Please refer to I Am An Empath to better understand. There are also links available at the bottom of that post for further information.

Thanks for reading!

Throwback Thursday

A memory from 9 years ago popped up on my Facebook feed today that made me laugh! I always have the oddest and funniest dreams! I don’t even remember this one but that’s what’s great about Facebook Memories!

“I dreamed that my sister Carol was dating Dr. Oz. He bought her fluffy bunnies and a chimpanzee for her birthday. Carol was wearing an outfit that only Charo would wear!”