Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to starting a new year. I don’t know why. It’s always the same. One year is just as much the struggle as the next. I try to stay optimistic. I mean, what else can I do? I’m just glad Christmas is over.

Out with the old and in with the new, right? I can hope and do my best to make 2020 better than 2019.

My wish for all of you is to have the most splendid year of your life! May all of your wishes come true! Have a wonderful celebration tonight, but be safe! Be sure to have a designated driver if you’ll be drinking away from home. If you’re staying home like me, snuggle up in a blanket, with your pets or significant other (or both) and have a couple good, strong drinks (or not) to bring in 2020!

Thank you for following my blog!


Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

Happy 2019, everyone!

With the new year comes those dreaded resolutions, which are mostly diet related. I didn’t make any resolutions this year but I knew I needed to get back on track, back on my diet, as soon as the holidays were over. I had lost 60 lbs. and then I let a LOT of it creep back up on me. Shame on me. I was so proud of myself, too. I lost that 60 lbs. in less than a year. So, I am back on track as of yesterday. I got this!

This week’s funnies are dedicated to dieting and getting healthy. Dieting is no joke…but it can sure inspire some good memes! Enjoy!



























Elegant Dieting Memes Diet Meme










Neveruary. Great time to start, unfortunately, the time has to be now! It’s ok to slip up now and again, but getting back on track is important. Dr. Phil once said, “It’s ok to have a piece of birthday cake, just don’t eat the whole cake!” I don’t care much for Dr. Phil. He’s just a big show off in my opinion but he has a point.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Friday’s Funnies! If you’re trying to diet or eat healthier, I wish you luck. It’s hard to do but we have to stick to a plan if we want to succeed! Have a great weekend, my friends!

Aunt Debbie

Adios, 2018

As I prepare to leave 2018 behind, I’m thinking about my life and how much stronger I am today. I detest “New Year’s Resolutions” because after a few short days (maybe even weeks) those resolutions are forgotten. Instead, I’m focusing on who I am today.

  1. I’m a good person with many flaws, but I try to better myself every day.
  2. I have regrets, but I refuse to get stuck in the past.
  3. I value honesty, respectfulness, love, manners, and education.
  4. I have a great sense of humor. Sometimes, I can literally crack myself up!
  5. I love my family. I would die for my children and my grandchildren.
  6. I love animals and I have a great reverence for nature.
  7. My furbabies fill my heart each day as they allow me to love and care for them.
  8. I despise drug pushers, thieves, and abusers. ZERO tolerance!
  9. I am very self-conscious about my looks, my body, my writing, and even my voice.
  10. I believe I’m a good friend. I always listen, offer encouragement, and advice if asked.
  11. I value my alone time. I might read or write, listen to music, or watch tv. Sometimes crocheting eases my mind better than anything else.
  12. I am an introvert, but when I’m within my own circle I’m not shy and I tend to be more vocal.
  13. I tend to have a stubborn streak when it comes to figuring things out. I will persist until I accomplish my goal!
  14. I’m not brave but I would stand up for someone being wronged in a heartbeat! I believe everyone is equal. It doesn’t matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation. Don’t go spewing hatred because I will call you out!
  15. I cannot handle stories of hungry and dying children or animals. I literally cry. It hurts my heart.

I will go into 2019 seeking knowledge and betterment of myself. I will continue to improve my writing, get back on my weight-loss journey, and I will discover new things! I can’t wait!

What are you thinking about tonight as 2018 comes to an end?


Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks for reading my blog!