Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope this week has been good to you! It’s been a rough one for me. With pain levels on the rise, I need all the laughter I can get. I’ve always kept my sense of humor through tough times but it helps! I know I’m not the only one going through a rough patch. Even if you’re not experiencing a chronic illness like I am, I’m sure you’re still experiencing a lot of unrest and concern over current affairs these days. So let’s all just breathe and have a few laughs, shall we? Here are a few funnies I hope will help make your Friday a good one.  


In all seriousness, folks…please be cautious when dealing with fireworks! Things can go wrong without warning so please be careful!

I think I liked the ‘gramma got laid’ and ‘old man walking’ the most! Do you have a favorite?
Please be safe this 4th of July weekend! I plan on staying inside, under the a/c, and working on my crochet project! Don’t forget to laugh, friends!

7 Shows To Put On Your Watch List

If you’re like me, you’re looking for something to watch since you’re spending more time at home. Maybe you want crime-drama, something quirky, or something to tickle your funny bone. We could all use suggestions from time to time, don’t you think? I’ve put together a short list of some shows you may (or may not) enjoy. It just depends on your own personal tastes. I hope this list is helpful to someone!

Prodigal Son – This show is amazing! It stars Tom Payne (The Walking Dead’s Jesus) and Michael Sheen (Underworld, Good Omens). Payne’s character, Malcolm Bright, is the son of Martin Whitley, famous surgeon and serial killer dad (Sheen) who is in prison for his gruesome crimes. Malcolm is a forensic profiler, working with the NYPD. Could Malcolm be just like his father? Renewed for Season 2.

Fox Network

Threesome – A silly but hilarious show from the UK. Threesome had me in stitches! Three best friends (one girl, two guys – one is gay) end up in a drunken threesome while partying. Girl gets pregnant and craziness and laughter follow as they try to navigate through the situation. From 2011. Sadly, only 2 seasons.

The Neighborhood – I never cared much for Cedric the Entertainer but he’s hilarious in this show. With a wife, and 2 dumb as hell sons, they try to navigate the weirdness of having white neighbors in their black neighborhood. The thing is, the white neighbors are oblivious to how things are in the ‘hood and try way too hard at times to fit in. Renewed for Season 3.

Hunters – Outstanding! I didn’t think I’d like this show due to the subject matter. Hunters takes place in the 70’s and focuses on a group of Nazi Hunters; Jews who are ready to get their revenge and justice. The gang quickly discover a new conspiracy boiling. With a serious plot twist at the end of the first season, that I didn’t see coming, it will leave you wanting the next season NOW! Based on true events. Stars Al Pacino.

Amazon Video

Killing Eve – I never watched this show on tv but was desperate for something different to watch on Netflix. Well, I found it. Killing Eve is definitely different! And quirky as hell. An MI5 security officer chases a young, intelligent female assassin, which leads to some violent scenes and odd situations. Stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. 3 seasons; I have yet to see Season 3.

Six Feet Under – A friend of mine suggested this series. It’s quite a few years old (2001-2005) but I really enjoyed watching this show’s very screwed up family trying to run a funeral home after the patriarch of the family dies. Many comical situations, dysfunctional people at best, and very adult situations. 5 seasons. Stars Michael C. Hall. (Dexter)

Yellowstone – I’ve only just started this series; it’s a great story so far and is well acted. Kevin Costner plays the patriarch of a ranching family fighting with modern developers and the Native Americans wanting their land back. The family members all have a story of their own. Don’t let the sexually overt daughter put you off; there’s a story to be told. Currently airing Season 3.

Paramount Network

Have you seen any of these shows? What are your thoughts? It’s really hard for me to find shows to watch most of the time. I don’t like romance, romance-comedy, superhero/villains, anime, westerns (for the most part), or horror movies. It makes things a bit more complicated…not to mention time consuming! I spend way too much time trying to find shows to watch, so if you have suggestions for me, lay ’em on me!! Please and thank you!

Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

Happy Friday! I hope this week has been good to you. Dad and I are on Day 96 of staying home. We only go out to hit the liquor store or pharmacy drive-thru windows. Today, we are making a run to the liquor store. How exciting. (Insert sarcasm.) We would be willing to go to the grocery store or Walmart, if only people were wearing masks and using social distancing BUT it seems (according to several local friends) people are doing no such thing. Oh, sure. There are a few but not enough for me to feel that Dad is safe. Even as the number of cases rise in various states, people don’t take this seriously. It hasn’t hit our rural communities; last I heard we’ve had only 3 positive cases. BUT it’s coming. I feel it. We stay home until I know it’s safe for Dad to be out without getting seriously ill with COVID-19.

Are you staying home? Are you wearing masks and using social distancing measures to protect yourself and others? Are you working from home? I bet you’re sick of it all, just as I am. A good laugh now and again helps. Here’s this week’s funnies to break up the monotony. Enjoy!



What do you think? My favorite is “alcohol and horses” but the “guess what happened dog” is pretty dang close! I hope you got a few laughs, friends. Heaven knows we all need a good laugh these days.

I hope your weekend is good to you! Be safe, stay away from idiots, and look for humor in all places!

Friday’s Funnies – Moody AF Edition

Happy Friday, everyone!

Happy? Sad? Angry? Crazy? Cranky? Cheerful? Gloomy? Humorous? Whimsical? Reflective? Sick of everyone’s shit?

This week’s Funnies are all about the moods we experience! I know I’ve been moody AF the last month because I am sick to death of the current affairs in this country. I know I am not alone. As if it’s not bad enough to deal with the everyday moodiness that comes with having spouses, toddlers, teenagers, bosses, and co-workers!!

Here’s to all of us and our many moods; from the good moods to the ‘better not even look at me moods’ because we all experience them!

I don’t know about you all, but I’m not appreciating this new block editor that WordPress is switching to! It’s so awkward and I there are a few things I can’t figure out how to do yet, so bear with me over the next few (hundred) posts while I get it all figured out. Ugh.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s collection! I know there are so many of them but I couldn’t decide on which ones to use and I thought, ah what the heck!

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

Friday’s Funnies – Valentine’s Day Edition

When I was with my ex, Valentine’s Day was like any other. He didn’t have a romantic bone in his body. Before I knew better than to waste my time, money, and energy, I prepared a nice candlelit dinner for the two of us. I thought it would be a nice gesture since I was broke. He ruined it by complaining about how he didn’t like to eat in the dark. No more candlelit dinners for him!

My best Valentine’s Day memories are with my kids! I always gave them a little something – candy, a special book, a card, or other little thing I might think of. Some years, I stretched Valentine’s Day out for 4 or 5 days by giving them each a zip lock bag each night with some candy and a little note, telling them something I loved about them. They made things in school for me, as well.

To me, Valentine’s Day is about showing your love and appreciation for someone or something. We should really be doing that every day of the year though, shouldn’t we? Here are some funnies to make you laugh on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re involved in a relationship or single (by choice, like me) or even if “it’s complicated,” I’m sure your funny bone will get a kick out of at least some of these! Enjoy!













































I think the last one made me laugh the most! Oh, and the “Kiss My Nose” cartoon! Haha! Well, I hope you liked this week’s funnies! Which were your favorites?

I hope your Valentine’s Day is well spent; whether with your significant other, with your kids, or friends. Remember, LOVE YOURSELF, too! Any time spent on yourself is time well spent!!

Have a great weekend!

Aunt Debbie