Toxicity Part Two

As if we don’t have enough environmental toxicity to deal with, we always have a few toxic people in our lives that need to be “cut loose.” You know who I’m talking about. A friend, a friend of a friend, an obnoxious neighbor, it could even be a relative – those people who drag you down, drain you of energy or put you, a loved one or your dreams down as if no one else’s feelings matter. There always seems to be someone who has something negative to say or can’t help but stir up trouble; the behind-your-back-talker, the nay-sayer, the one you just can’t quite trust. They aren’t happy so they don’t want you to be happy either. I don’t need them. You don’t need them. Cut them loose. Declutter. Clean out your closet, so to speak.

I’m all for giving people a second chance, possibly a third but there comes a time when enough is enough. They can’t hurt you if you let them go. If you don’t mean enough to them, for them to be loyal and kind to you then let them go. Declutter. Remove the toxic people from your life.

Toxicity Part One

We are living in a toxic world. We breathe chemicals in the air every day. We put chemicals on our skin. We consume chemicals on a daily basis. Our water supplies are polluted with chemical substances. Our oceans are being depleted and our lands raped. People are dying from disease, murdered by their neighbors and friends, and tortured by their governments. Our entire existence is filled with hatred, greed and envy. I fear for my children and grandchildren. What kind of world will they live in come the year 2020? 2030? 2040? Will our great Earth cease to exist?

New View


                                Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

I finally broke down and purchased a new digital camera. It’s a 12 mp Kodak EasyShare – not top of the line (and not the bottom either) but perfect for snaps of the grandbabies, my pets, nature walks & long drives. I have a refreshed “view” of life now that my pain is greatly reduced so I think the new camera is a very fitting addition to my life.

I’m enjoying my life, my grandbabies and appreciating the people in my life more than I was just one short week ago. I am thankful for my family and friends and I’m thankful for this “new view.”


The Joy of a Little Walk

I’m feeling better than I have in months! My doc gave me a new anti-inflammatory, plus a rescue drug for those days when I have severe pain, and just after one dose of the anti-inflammatory I could feel the difference! I am on Day 4 now and I am thrilled to have some mobility back. (Refer to The Enemy I Must Face for the story of my condition.)

I took a walk last night. It wasn’t a long one, but it was a start. It was smooth walking for the most part and I enjoyed the mild heat and the green all around me. (We have trails on our property so I don’t have to actually go anywhere.) I looked up and watched the birds as they flew over and smacked at a few little flying pests flitting about my face. Even that annoyance didn’t bother me because I was enjoying being able to walk with very little pain! With any luck, this new medication will continue to “do it’s thing” so that I can walk most evenings.

I continue to do my water exercises, which feel wonderful! I am “riding my bicycle” (stationary peddler) every day and I found a DVD of Yoga for Arthritis. I’m not sure I can do many of the poses, but I will do a few now and again, in hopes that I will regain strength after some time and be able to add more. My dietary changes, well….I keep goofing up, however doc said I had lost 20 lbs. so I must’ve done something right!

One day and one walk at a time…..I shall persevere.

WARNING: Some Doctors Are Hazardous To Your Health

I went to a doctor a couple weeks ago and really got nowhere in terms of pain relief. I left wondering “What the heck was I thinking going to this guy?” But how would I have known he was a jerk, since I had never met him before? Now I know.

My records actually made it from the orthopedic doc’s office to “jerk” doc’s office. I didn’t have too long of a wait before being called back or before the doc actually came in. I was surprised about that! The nurse took down all my vital information before telling me the doc looked like Santa Claus and that he was easy to talk to. Then she left the room.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I didn’t DISagree with everything this doc told me. I just don’t like his bedside manner and his knowledge, or lack of knowledge would be more accurate. He first told me I needed to lose weight. I know this. I’ve been struggling with my weight since my first child was born and wasn’t diagnosed with hypothyroidism until my youngest child was 3. I’ve been on meds for all this time and granted sometimes I don’t eat right, but even when I have consciously made an effort to lose weight, nothing happens. I had lost some weight recently though and I am still working on it. Doc proceeded to tell me I need more exercise. REALLY? And how does he think I’m going to do that when I am in extreme pain 24/7? He told me I need to eat a low fat diet. He asked me what do I eat for breakfast? I told him I normally don’t have breakfast. He snipped at me, “You really should eat breakfast; even if it’s just a piece of sausage or bacon!” WAIT. WHAT? Didn’t he just tell me to eat a low fat diet?

Because of my response to the exercise suggestion, he next asked me what I was taking for pain. I told him I had tried all the OTC pain relievers and the only one that helped a little was Aleve (Naproxen Sodium). I told him I didn’t like taking it all the time. He asked me why and I told him I didn’t like the Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke that accompanies this drug. I could hear in his voice how shocked he was at my statement. He said to me in a tone that I didn’t like, “Where the heck did you hear that?” I told him since I had found out I had arthritis I’ve been doing research and all my sources said the same thing. He said he had never heard that. He said that Naproxen Sodium was the drug of choice for arthritis pain. He looked me straight in the eye and told me I was WRONG. Then he told me that I must have it confused with Avandia, which is a medication for diabetes type 2. He said that Avandia may be pulled from the market for the same thing. I knew it wasn’t Avandia because I wasn’t researching diabetes medications. I was researching arthritis and arthritis pain relievers. I told him that ALL of the NSAIDS have the same warning. He sat there and flat out told me I was wrong, again, and that I must have Avandia and Aleve confused, after all they start with the same letter. Give me a break! Ok, I’m not the most intelligent person in the world but I am not stupid and I was very resentful of his tone as well as his assumption that I must be stupid. Now, I don’t mind a few side effects. I know I may not have all the side effects, heck, I may not have any of them. However, I DO mind life threatening warnings.

Now, even though I was uncomfortable taking this medication, he prescribed it anyway! At this point I was just fed up and wanted out of there. But before I left I decided to test him. In my research I had learned that the only way to rule out rheumatoid arthritis is to run a specific test. I asked him, “What kind of arthritis do I have?” He proceeded to tell me the difference between rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. I was fuming. I already know the difference because I researched it. I told him very sternly, “You didn’t answer my question. What kind of arthritis do I have?” Then he told me it was osteoarthritis. I asked, “How can you tell that just by looking at me and my records?” He told me it was because I don’t have the typical curling deformity of the fingers that accompany rheumatoid arthritis. Can’t people have RA without having it advanced to that degree? I’m disgusted at this point and I really want to kick him in the balls. He didn’t run any tests, nor did the orthopedic doctor. He could be absolutely right in saying that I have osteoarthritis but his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. IMHO, he is making an assumption without doing tests. Experience? Perhaps. Laziness? Perhaps. Arrogance? Perhaps. Probably all three.

Here’s the icing on the cake: I was desperate for pain relief so I got the prescription filled. Along with the medication comes a few pages worth of drug information; side effects, how to take the medication, what to report to doctor, etc., etc. But the very first line of one page reads WARNING: MAY INCREASE RISK OF HEART ATTACK & STROKE.

So Doc, I was wrong huh? Maybe you’d better do some research of your own. I am sending a copy of this drug information page to him in hopes that he will do just that.