Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week – March 3, 2023

Good Morning! TGIF, as they say. Fridays are the same as any other day, in my world. I hope this week has been a good one for you. We’ve had too much rain, and we’re running out of buckets! It’ll be nice when the new house is finished.

This week’s collection of funnies comes early in the morning because what else can I do when I wake up at 4am? I hope I haven’t repeated them. It’s hard to recall if I’ve shared a meme or not. On with the show! Enjoy!




I hope you enjoyed this collection! Trail Guide and Chicken Little are pretty good ones! Those would have to be my top two. Which were your faves?

I hope you have a super (and dry) weekend! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog! I appreciate you all!

Until next time,


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