Friday’s Funnies – Hillbilly Theme

I thought I’d mix it up a bit and do a themed Funnies post once in a while, maybe more often than that! This week: Hillbillies!

I ran across a few hillbilly funnies and thought I’d try and find more. I thought they were hilarious – but I hope no one finds them offensive. They may be inappropriate for some, but put on your big girl or boy britches, and have a few laughs, will ya?? (You might want to take a bathroom break before continuing!)










download (1)

download (2)












Ok, keep laughing. It’s good for you! Better watch out the next time you take a long drive in the country. Make sure you have a full tank of gas and a good map to find your way out of there! *Snicker, snicker, snort!

Have a super weekend everyone! Be sure to drop a comment below and tell me about your faves!

Aunt Debbie

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Funnies – Hillbilly Theme

  1. You go with those themed funnies post girl! Oh man, I’m still laughing! “I gots me some cuzinz in Broken Bow Oklahoma” that might find some of these offensive, lol.
    The uncle daddy one, wow, just wow….🤣😝😂😝

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  2. These were hilarious, Debbie! I’ve seen the pictures of a couple of them online in the past. They may have had other wording on them. Not sure. But, the ones you’ve got here are really funny. lol I can actually picture some of these people saying what’s on their picture. Especially the guy with what looked like a rain slicker hat and the bad teeth, saying, “Hey you…wanna buy some tatars?” I can picture him sidling up to somebody and whispering that to them. lol And, those guys in the bed of the truck, in supposedly a DIY hot tub or mini pool, maybe. That was just a little strange. lol

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    • Since we are both living in “these parts” I figured you’ve seen about as much here as I have…including weirdos who wanna sell ya some tatars…lol. We don’t have to picture in our minds because like Farmers Insurance, “we’ve seen a thing or two!” I’m glad you enjoyed this post! 😀

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