8 thoughts on “Thought For The Week

  1. Was it Sister Teresa who said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love” ? When I start feeling overwhelmed and the world starts crashing in on my life because of all the…shit (there’s a lot of shit), I try to remember that and that the only thing I can change is the small things around me — my attitude, my perspective, my love for the people around me. Hopefully, that will ripple out into the world. Other than that, I want to laugh as much as possible and hopefully bring laughter into the world because the world and the people in it are wonderfully absurd. Hopefully, there’s a ripple effect for bringing laughter into the world. I figure there’s enough people trying to make great big changes and they are very serious about it. That equates to a lot of tension caused by opposite and equal reactions. I’m not saying that what these serious people are doing isn’t incredibly important, it’s just not something I can do. I can’t change others. They can’t change me. So I try and focus on what I can do. If I keep my humanity and stay small, keep my head and refuse to get caught up in ensuing madness, that’s where I can make the biggest differences. And as long as I keep my humanity, which is all I have control over and all I will ever have control over, then there will always be humanity in the world for as long as I live. Fingers crossed. Did I make any sense? Mona

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