WIP Wednesday

Time for WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday! I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been crocheting like a madwoman and that I would share my current WIP with you today.

I have been wanting to make my firstborn grandson a throw with his fave baseball team (Kansas City Royals) on it and I finally found a good pattern. Of course, there had to be some changes made but with the help of the original pattern designer, I managed to get the pattern I wanted.

So, I had to change the CC in the upper left-hand corner to KC and of course, the name of the team from Chicago Cubs to Kansas City Royals.

The narrow blocks are the quickest to get done, and then the smaller rectangles and squares like the KC are fairly quick. What’s really maddening is when you get a couple rows done and then the count is off. It’s hair-pulling time! I sometimes can’t find my error and then I have to frog (take out) a few rows and do them all over again! UGH! It happens, but mostly when someone is talking to me (Dad) and I lose my concentration. And then sometimes this old mind of mine wanders and I lose track of what row I’m on.

This is what I’ve got so far. I still need to do a few of the outer blocks and the name of the team. I might run out of royal blue and sungold but I think I’m good on the white. I’ll stop at Hobby Lobby on Saturday and get more if need be. What do you think so far? I know it’s hard to tell until it’s further along or joined together. I can’t wait to get it finished!


My grandson is going to love this! He loves his baseball! Not sure if I’ll give it to him for his birthday in October or for Christmas. I guess it depends on how excited I am when I finish it!

Kitty Comfort

Well, I’ve finished another project. I’ve been slowly making throws for everyone in my immediate family. This one is for one of my nieces. It took about 2 days to do each block, well that’s not actually true. It took me several hours over a 2-day period to do each block. I love these kitties! They’re so cute!

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I can’t tell you how many rows on each block I had to frog (rip out) because I screwed up the count somehow. Oh, that shit drives me insane!

The last project I finished went pretty quickly. It’s for my “other daughter” who is expecting her 3rd child in September. I hope she likes it.


My next project is for my first born grandson. He’s into baseball so it’ll be baseball themed! It’ll say, “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” and will be in his fave team’s colors. I can’t wait to get started on it!

Thomas The Train

By now you should know that I am a proud crocheter. My grandmother taught me when I was just 8 years old. I always have at least 4 projects going at any given time. I get tired of the same colors, same design, or same stitches so I start something new or work on one I started the last time! It keeps things…well, not boring! I love it all the same!

This baby finally got finished last week and I’m so proud of it! I made it for my grandson who is 5 years old now. I had been working on it for quite some time. It took over 100 yellow squares and boy, did I get tired of that color!


Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

Since I’m not the mother of a small child, nor have any of the grandkids watched Thomas while at my house, I had no clue what Thomas looked like, not really. When I Googled for answers, I got photos but I wondered how the heck will I ever do that? Especially the face. I mean, really?


Image Copyright Clipart-Library.com

I searched high and low for a pattern I could easily follow…because some patterns are just messed up. I’m not a designer so I absolutely needed a pattern! Never found a one but I did see a photo of a Thomas blanket that I knew I could do without a pattern!

The face was difficult, as I thought it would be but I managed to get ‘er done, as they say. It doesn’t look exactly the same as the real Thomas, and my Thomas looks a bit older – like one of the other trains, I’m told, but that’s ok because it’s still obvious to a 5-year-old who it is! (I hope!)

I’m giving this to Kayden for Christmas – that is, IF I can wait that long! Fingers crossed!!