Caturday With Jack’s Pack (of Troublemakers)


Jack (on the left) and Alice fighting for attention – can’t give one ‘nubbins’ without the the other! Alice is disgusted that she has to share mom with Jack and Jack is disgusted that he has to share mom with Alice!

Have a super Caturday from Jack and his Pack of Troublemakers!

Caturday – Is Your Cat A Weirdo?

If you’re a cat owner, then you know that cats have their own distinctive personalities. They are all absolutely different; with their own quirks and mannerisms, much like children. I’ve had some odd cats in my life and I’m sure you have, too!

One cat I had years ago, played fetch. Not because I taught him but because he was bored! I was trying to write a letter and kept making mistakes, so I’d crumble up the paper and toss it on the floor. My cat, Spike, brought the paper to me and dropped it in my lap. Not thinking much about it, I tossed the paper away. He brought it back. After a few times, I realized what he was doing! It became one of our favorite playtime activities! Yes, this is the cat my novel, “Spike” was written about! I have yet to finish that story, but I digress!

I had another cat, Fuzz, who came when I called, “Chick, chick, chick, CHICKEN!” It was his cue that it was time to eat.

Another cat, Korn, was a barker. I mean, literally HE BARKED like a dog! Korn came when I whistled a loud, steady whistle. I swear he was a dog in his previous life.

Such weirdos, yes? Do you have a weirdo cat? Here are a few weirdo cats I came across on the internet. I hope you enjoy them on this fabulous Caturday!




























On behalf of all the weirdo cats out there, have a wonderful Caturday!

If My Cats Had Human Voices

When I talk to my cats, but mostly when Dad talks to them, I use a different voice for each cat and answer for them. Sounds weird, but it sure makes us laugh!

I got to thinking about the celebrity voices that might fit my cats’ personalities. This is what I came up with:

Kitty, our senior cat.

Kitty, our senior cat, would definitely have the voice of Katharine Hepburn. Kitty has that head-tremor thing going on, sort of. Her head is always bopping around, like a bobble head you’d put in the rear window of your car. And she’s old, like Hepburn in On Golden Pond.


Honey Bear, Southern Belle

Honey Bear would definitely have a Southern accent. I don’t know why but it just seems right for her. She’d be a little bit of a ding bat and have a lot to say. She would definitely sound like Charlene (Jean Smart) from Designing Women.


Alice, silent but knowledgeable.

Alice would have the voice of Marisa Tomei from the movie, My Cousin Vinny. Why? Because Alice knows a lot and if she could talk she’d have a lot of important information to pass along. I think she’d be a bit of a tattle-tale, to tell you the truth!


Jack, tough guy and coward.

Jack was the hardest to figure out. He’s a tough guy, picking fights with the ladies of the house but he’s a big freakin’ coward if someone comes over or just knocks on the door. I chose James Cagney for Jack’s voice. I think it fits. Cagney was a tough guy. If you’ve seen any of his movies you know what I mean.

But then a scene from my favorite Cagney movie fit with Jack’s cowardly side. In this scene of Angels With Dirty Faces, Rocky Sullivan heads to the electric chair but previously his childhood friend, now Priest, begs Rocky for one last favor. You see, there are a group of punk kids who admire Rocky but Father Connolly doesn’t want the boys to follow Rocky’s same path. He doesn’t want the boys to see Rocky as a hero but instead, as a coward.

So, those are the voices my cats would have if they had human voices. What voices would you tag your pets with, if they had human voices?

Friday’s Funnies – Cats Are A**holes

Yes, they are. If you own cats or have owned them in the past, then you can relate. For the most part, my 4 furbabies are well-behaved. Except for Jack. He’s the asshole of the bunch. I sometimes call him JackASS. He’s perfectly fine to sleep all day, and then sleep beside me on the bed as I’m reading before bed…but as soon as the light goes out and I start to doze off, he decides it’s time for some shenanigans.

There must be a mouse in my closet because Jack was digging around in there (2 nights in a row now) but as I mentioned, he waits until I start to doze off and then he starts misbehaving! He gets tired of that and then he chases poor Honey Bear and that poor girl cowers in fear! He’s not trying to play. He’s being mean. I have to go after him with a fly swatter! He pulled that shit 3 times last night. I’m thinking it’s time for another vest. His old vest doesn’t fit him anymore. I used to put it on him when he behaved aggressively towards the others. That’s the only way I could train him. It took 3 years to get him integrated completely with the others! It worked, but now all of a sudden, he doesn’t like Honey Bear.

I’m shocked (and I bet you are, too) that I haven’t dedicated a Friday’s Funnies post to only cats, so here it is. The proof that cats can be assholes! I hope you enjoy!!


You thought the dog was the one who ate your homework?



On, off. On, off. On, off. Dis be pretty neat!



The new way to say hello!



Shenanigans commence!



You gotta go, you gotta go! Besides, you poop in a porcelain bowl so why can’t I?



Couldn’t decide which one to use!



They want outside but then…



Those blinds will never be the same…and neither will the new ones, and the new ones after that.



Imprint of the ancient house cat.



Screen doors get the same abuse as the blinds.



I think cats purposely knock their toys under things because they enjoy watching us struggle trying to retrieve the dang things!



That fish lucked out when the family cat thought he should knock it off the table!



If your cat does this, then he’s trying to tell you that you watch too much tv.



Oh, hai. What are you guys doing?



As long as the cat is warm…



I stole your lunch. Couldn’t find any meat.



The cat’s new bed.



Don’t dare me, Susan.






This guy doesn’t like that you’re leaving, so he’s going to wipe his ass on your windshield.



Clean the box, Susan!



What? It’s not a new bed? It’s nice and warm!



Will these hatch if I sit here long enough?


I wanna play, too!


This half is not as warm as the other half.



You come at me, I show you the teef and claws!



Cat likes to do puzzles, too!



I’ll unplug it, man. Don’t yell at me!



How about a little tail?



Missing elastic ponytail bands? Ask your cat where they are.



Cats don’t like selfies!



I want some nom nom, too! Dat smell good!



There was an explosion. I swear, I didn’t do it!



The Elusive Underwear Bandit strikes again!



Take that, human! Put some pants on!



Sorry, had a party last night.


And that, my furry little friends, is why humans do this to you:









So, there ya have it! An entire Friday’s Funnies post dedicated to the domestic cat, who were once worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. I don’t think they’ve advanced, do you?

I hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm, stay safe, and stay awesome!

Aunt Debbie





Life Is Better With A Cat

It’s absolutely true except when they weave between your feet while you’re trying to put groceries away! One of these days I’m going to fall and as if that’s not bad enough in my condition, I just might land on one of them. That would absolutely kill me.

Another exception is when you have a floor scattered with grocery bags and they’re screaming at you to feed them because you’re an hour and a half late to feed them dinner. God knows they are starving to death with only a partial bowl of kibble left!

I suppose there are other reasons that cats (or any pet) can be a pain in the butt but we love them all the same. You know what makes it all better? The lovins. The purrs. The slow-blink stares. The moments you just get lucky enough to catch on video, like this silly moment of Jack chasing his tail. He stopped for a minute and I didn’t think he would do it anymore since I grabbed my phone but he did for just a second. It’s really hard to get them doing cute or funny things on video. It’s always easy to get photos of them being cute and innocent while they’re sleeping though.