A Simple Caturday

Just a simple Caturday here in SW Missouri. The sun was out and Honey and Alice were soaking up some warmth. Alice is feeling much better, thank goodness. Kitty is feeling much better too but declined to come out for our little photo shoot this morning.



“What the heck are ya lookin’ at, maw?”



“I feel that wind blowing through my fur… Wait. No. I forgot maw shaved a lot of my fur off my backside cuz I was a matted mess.”



Smokie loves being out in the catio. I think she was “looking” for me. I asked her if she knew where she was, and Dad in all his silliness says, “She’s in the jungle baby!” If you don’t get the song reference then you need more rock music in your life!



Jack, well Jack is out and about. He gets to go outside the catio during the day. He was half wild and used to being outside when I adopted him. As I write this, I realize it’s almost dark out so I’d better get him inside.

Good Care Costs A Bit More, It Seems

A little, fat, hairy ass spider just ran up the wall and back down again, never to be seen until it scares the crap out of me crawling up my leg or some other body part. Yay.

Aaaaaagh. It has been a couple of hectic weeks and I’m glad things are on the mend.

Last week, Kitty got sick and I took her to our primary vet. I’ve had about all I am going to take from that clinic! Poor Kitty was confined to her carrier from 11am Thursday to around 1pm on Friday when I finally got her home! I was livid. I even sent extra bedding so she would have a little bit of home. Did they use it? Nope. That poor cat sat in her own urine for all that time. She was traumatized to the max. I will most likely never be able to get her in a carrier again. EVER.

Her blood work showed she is pre-diabetic, so all of my furbabies are on a diet and their dry food is being limited. I still think there’s something else going on to cause blood and mucus in her stool but what the hell do I know? They gave her meds for worms and other parasites….which I told them I could not give to my cats because of my pain and mobility issues. That was the reason she stayed overnight. When I picked her up they handed me a bottle of liquid medication for parasites and told me there was 4 more doses left. That pissed me off because they didn’t tell me there would be more than one dose! The whole reason for her staying the night was so THEY could give the meds. (If I had to take her home right after they gave the meds, she would have thrown it up on the drive back.)

Then on Saturday, poor Alice was sick again. A few weeks ago she had the sniffles and the sneezies but it went away after about 5 days, as cat colds normally do. Well, it came back again and she just wasn’t eating or drinking much. Monday, I tried to call our secondary vet (more expensive) but they were booked up until this Saturday. I called a few other vets, but they were all booked up as well. Out of desperation, I called our primary vet but she was booked until this Friday. (Phew!)

The last vet I called got us in on Tuesday, cost a little more, but was the best vet I have ever encountered in my life! First off, the facility didn’t smell like it was a veterinary clinic. No dog smell, cat smell, disinfectant smell, medicine-y smell, no nothing. They have these awesome odor eliminating candles! Of course, I had to buy one!


                 Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie


The receptionist was very friendly. It was Alice’s turn almost right away. The vet was a very caring and gentle woman, who brought her assistant in to help. She was also very kind and gentle. She made Alice feel very secure and safe while the vet was checking her out. The vet told listened to her lungs to check for an upper respiratory problem. Turns out it wasn’t in her lungs, it was in her sinuses. They gave Alice subcutaneous fluids to hydrate, and a long-acting antibiotic injection. She understood that I had issues giving oral meds. I knew the injection would be more costly but it was worth it. In fact, paying more for everything at this new place was worth it!  We have ourselves a new vet!

Alice is feeling much better today. She finally has her appetite back! She’s eating and drinking better and not sneezing as much. She’s back to her old self again! Now, to keep an eye on Kitty…who was just snoring like crazy beside me…hopefully, she’ll not have any more symptoms but if she does, at least I will feel more at ease about taking her to this new vet! (That is IF I can get her into the carrier.)


                                      Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie



                                    Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie


Oh, and that little, fat, hairy ass spider just found his way up my leg, just as I suspected he would! I squealed a little and brushed him off. He took off and went back from whence he came. I’m sure I haven’t seen the last of him!




When Mom Is Away: By Alice, The Cat

18403030_10155277473194299_8916402982925783340_nMy name is Alice. My day starts bright and early, with running back and forth across the house and in and out the cat door to the catio. I’m so glad Grampa and that other guy built the catio! I’m happy there’s a little door just for us! Can you believe it? We can come and go to get fresh air and see scary critters outside without actually being outside! It’s so fun! But not so fun when the scary dog-like monsters howl in the night. That’s scary as hell.

My friend, Jack sometimes runs in and out with me, but the others just sit and watch us 31046376_10156330787054299_2440345390300430700_nas we dash by. Jack is my friend. When he first came here, he was mean and I didn’t like him. But Mom broke him of that nonsense with that green vest she made him wear. I laughed at him, from around the corner of the room of course. Then when I knew he wouldn’t chase me, I was all bad ass like, “Come at me, bro. You’re not so scary now are ya?”

When Jack and I are running through the house at daybreak, I hear Mom holler from her bedroom, “What the hell are you guys doing out there?” Sometimes she just yells, “Knock it off!”

What’s a cat to do? I get bored. I sleep all day and when Mom and Grampa are sleeping, they expect us to be quiet? Seriously? It’s their own fault for sleeping when it’s time to play! What’s wrong with them, anyway?

31091837_10156330787169299_5438865689683480012_nToday, they are leaving the house for an afternoon of what-I-don’t-know but Mom has the nerve to put me in charge! ME!? Doesn’t she know I want to sleep during the day? She expects me to keep the others in line? Ha.

So, off Mom and Grampa go. I hope they’re back in time for dinner. I hate when they feed31138096_10156330786869299_4361550532215367696_n us late. Especially when I have to listen to Honey Bear bitch and moan about it. That cat is always hungry! She’s a hefty broad, too! Mom says she weighs 17 pounds! I don’t know what pounds are but Mom says Honey Bear is the heaviest cat she has ever seen. She’s a WHOPPER!

16864531_10155012210634299_5022076640343383114_nSmokie just peed on the floor. Good thing Mom puts puppy pads down next to the litter box and it’s really, really a good thing that Mom doesn’t blame me. Since I’m in charge and all. I keep telling Smokie, “You poop in the box, why can’t you pee in it?” She tells me to STFU. “I’m blind, too. What do you expect?” It’s just an excuse. I’d like to kick her ass. I guess that’s what happens when you get old. Mom always says she’s getting old, too, just like Smokie. I hope SHE doesn’t pee on the floor!

Kitty sleeps the whole time Mom and Grampa are gone. I never see hide nor hair of her. 31100320_10156330798799299_340881733414506977_nGood thing, ‘cuz Kitty is kinda scary. She always slaps at us if we get too close. She growls sometimes too. I’m just glad she’s not too mean to me. She’s kind of friendly when she’s sleeping next to Mom. That’s when I squeeze between them to keep warm when it’s really cold. It’s been cold for a long time. What’s with that anyway?

Mom left Jack outside while she’s away. I don’t have anyone to play with. I get so bored. I miss Fuzzy and Korn. They liked me. They played with me and cuddled with me.

I guess I’ll just sleep until Mom comes home.

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Strange Encounters of The Furry Kind


Last night, I was drinking a cup of this tea I found at the health food store, and I was lounging in the recliner. Jack jumped up on my lap and made his way to my chest, where he purred and rubbed his face on my face. I didn’t think much of it because Jack is lovable like that sometimes. But then Alice jumped up and was standing on my chest with her front feet, sniffing my breath and making a weird chirping sound. Then, Smokie (the blind one) jumps up and starts doing the same. I was thinking, “what the heck has gotten into you guys?”

Well, here are the ingredients of the tea: passion flower, chamomile, linden flower, CATNIP, hop strobile, spearmint, lemon verbena, lemon peel, and West Indian lemongrass.

That explains it. Big lol’s!


Jack’s Caturday

Dad and I went out today, leaving Alice in charge. I told her to keep an eye on Jack because he’s new to this “being left unattended in the house” thing. She agreed. Well, I think she agreed. Hard to tell with cats.

When I came home Jack was so happy to see me! My first thought was that he was sucking up because he had torn the house up. I imagined the tv toppled over, curtains shredded, and shit drug out of the cabinets. None of that occurred and it appeared he was a good boy! This is surprising to me because of this cat’s history.

About 3 years ago, I found Jack wandering in our field. He had this cry-baby meow that immediately made me think he was a tiny kitten. He wasn’t. I think he was about 6 months old if that. He was not neutered and I figured he had to be pretty young because he wasn’t marking his territory. I got him to the vet and had him neutered lickety-split. I didn’t want him to start spraying because once they start it’s hard to get them to stop! Jack was very aggressive towards my other cats. At the time, I had 2 other neutered males that didn’t like Jack any more than he liked them! I had to keep them separated. In fact, I had to keep him separated from ALL of my other cats because he wanted to chase them down and I didn’t want to have to rush any of them to the vet with injuries. For the first year of Jack’s time with us, he was outside during the day and when he came inside, I kept my other kitties in my bedroom so that Jack would have some freedom in the house without problems with the others. He had to be taught some manners, too. He wanted to climb on everything and tried to get out the windows. He was a handful but he slowly learned the ropes. He spent his nights in a room, all to himself. This was peaceful for everyone, including the other cats and it kept Jack safe from coyotes outside! We did this for about a year!

Then one night, I just happened to see a commercial for a special vest for dogs that keeps them calm and a light went off in my brain! I went to Walmart and bought a vest, (sized for a small dog) and put it on Jack. He fell over in it like it had rendered him paralyzed! It was hilarious! He wouldn’t move with the vest on for the longest time! After a few weeks, he got used to it and actually started moving around the house. He didn’t chase the others. He didn’t raise hell trying to get outside. None of that. Seems this vest was keeping him in line…. and it wasn’t any special kind of vest either!

After a few more weeks, I started letting him go without the vest when he came inside. He was good for awhile and then he just couldn’t help himself! He started chasing the others. So, I put the vest on him. It straightened him out! Every time he couldn’t behave himself, I put the vest on him. Worked like a charm. We did this for nearly a year.

Jack’s third year was outside during the day, inside around 5pm…. and since he learned to behave himself for a few hours in the house he didn’t have to be locked in his room until I went to bed. There were still scuffles and growling, hissing and chasing on occasion but he learned that when I raised my voice, he could be put in that vest for the duration of the night OR locked in his room.

Last month, I lost my last elder male, so there were now no other males aside from Jack. I thought why not try and NOT lock him up during the night? I figured I’d regret it but I won’t know unless I try. So, a few weeks ago I went to bed without locking him in his room. He watched me lock up the house, turn out the lights, brush my teeth, scoop the litter box and head to my room. I said, “Goodnight, Jack. Be good.” He wasn’t. It was raining outside so none of them wanted to go out on the catio. He didn’t know what to do with himself so he started causing trouble. After about an hour, I got up and locked him in his room. He looked so sad and I felt so bad!

The next night, we tried again. I was shocked but he was a good boy and he’s been good ever since! It’s been 2 weeks now! He has come a long way; from being a wild & crazy, aggressive cat to a sweet & loving furbaby with manners!

Today was the first time we left him in the house for a long period of time, with the other 4 cats and no supervision. It was raining outside and he didn’t want to go back out. I took a chance and he didn’t disappoint! This month marks his 3rd birthday (give or take) and while it’s been a long, long road for both of us, I’m so glad he’s mine!

Maybe next time we leave the house, I’ll put him in charge of watching the others! Hahaha!


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