Thomas The Train

By now you should know that I am a proud crocheter. My grandmother taught me when I was just 8 years old. I always have at least 4 projects going at any given time. I get tired of the same colors, same design, or same stitches so I start something new or work on one I started the last time! It keeps things…well, not boring! I love it all the same!

This baby finally got finished last week and I’m so proud of it! I made it for my grandson who is 5 years old now. I had been working on it for quite some time. It took over 100 yellow squares and boy, did I get tired of that color!


Image Copyright Being Aunt Debbie

Since I’m not the mother of a small child, nor have any of the grandkids watched Thomas while at my house, I had no clue what Thomas looked like, not really. When I Googled for answers, I got photos but I wondered how the heck will I ever do that? Especially the face. I mean, really?


Image Copyright

I searched high and low for a pattern I could easily follow…because some patterns are just messed up. I’m not a designer so I absolutely needed a pattern! Never found a one but I did see a photo of a Thomas blanket that I knew I could do without a pattern!

The face was difficult, as I thought it would be but I managed to get ‘er done, as they say. It doesn’t look exactly the same as the real Thomas, and my Thomas looks a bit older – like one of the other trains, I’m told, but that’s ok because it’s still obvious to a 5-year-old who it is! (I hope!)

I’m giving this to Kayden for Christmas – that is, IF I can wait that long! Fingers crossed!!

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