Friday’s Funnies – Theme: Rain That Never Stops!

We’ve had an enormous amount of rain this month, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing BUT we also had a few very high winds. Those high winds blew some of the roofing off my Dad’s bedroom, so when the rain came…well, let’s just say it rained in my Dad’s bedroom for 24 hours straight…and it’s not done yet! There were buckets everywhere and plastic over his bed, desk, dresser, and tv. Now to get someone out here so Dad doesn’t decide to get up on the roof himself! Dad’s bedroom isn’t the only problem. There’s at least one bucket in every room of the house. We need to get the new house finished, pronto!

I hope you find the humor in these memes. In no way are they meant to make light of the damage and loss that people have endured during extreme wet weather. I just found it fitting to post them since we’ve been having such a wet month and it certainly shows in our house!























Well, there ya go! Have any favorites? I think I like Walking My Fish and Floating Mannequin! Oh, and the Dehydrated Mud meme…that looks just like our yard! Haha! I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s collection!

Have a super weekend, everyone! As for my weekend…ugh. It’s raining again and I wish it would stop! I’m tired of having to move things and the sound of water dripping, in the house!

Until next time,

Aunt Debbie

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Funnies – Theme: Rain That Never Stops!

    • New house began in 2002. Dad and I put in the foundation ourselves. My son helped Dad erect the walls and do the roof. Dad put in windows and doors. Each Spring/Summer a little more was done. Then Dad got old and I got…disabled. It’s been sitting ever since. I keep telling Dad he needs to hire someone to come out. He’s stubborn. He says, “Why hire someone to do what I can do myself?” Which makes perfect sense – IF he was doing anything himself!! Ugh. Anyway. Yeah, it still sits.

      I have no clue what’s going on with WP. I checked and it seems to be fine on this end.

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