Friday’s Funnies – Stupid Tweets



We’ve all seen some really ignorant things on the internet. I find myself shaking my head and rolling my eyes every time I get on Facebook. I don’t even use Twitter anymore. I thought it would be funny to Google some stupid things…and Stupid Tweets and Stupid Criminals came up and I was going to do both but decided on Tweets for this week’s Funnies! I hope you get a kick out of them. Some are so ridiculous I can’t believe anyone could possibly be THAT stupid! Enjoy, peeps!!













download (3)


download (2)




Here are a few from Facebook:







download (1)






So, there ya have it! This week’s Funnies! Can you believe how stupid some people can be? They must be taking it as a challenge! “Hey, let’s see who can be the stupidest today!”

Until next time, have a super weekend! Stay cool and hydrated! Make sure your pets have cool water and shade AND LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK! Hot cars are deadly!! 

Aunt Debbie

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