Monday Thoughts

It has become painfully clear to me over the past few weeks, that I have many friends who are racist or have hatred for other people based on religious beliefs or sexual orientation. This sickens me to my core!

I normally respect the opinions of others but not when it comes to racism, or hatred of another person based on their personal beliefs or something they have no control over. I have NO RESPECT for those people who choose to hate.

We were not born hating others. Hatred is taught. This new realization that I have friends who are racist has exhausted me. My heart hurts and I am overwhelmed with anger and disbelief. People I went to school with, women of my generation, educated people, people who went to school with my kids, teachers and other professionals…who are so blatantly racist or hateful of others because of skin color?? It is small-minded and just plain ignorant. There is no excuse for such hatred!

I’m leaving you with a few great quotes to ponder and share if it moves you to do so. Peace be with you, ALL of you!








7 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said. No one is born hating anyone; it’s learned from our parents, authority figures, etc. Children growing up in those households should be able to recognize that those parents/authority figures are wrong in their thinking, and those same children need to be the ones to say they themselves will end the cycle of whatever type of hatred they have for certain groups of people. I grew up with it in my family. I never gave my opinion to my elder family members about how I thought they were wrong in their thinking of anyone who wasn’t white. I only kept quiet about it because, even though they didn’t have to say it in these exact words, I knew that I was just a kid and kids weren’t allowed to have opinions. They were just to sit, behave yourself, and learn from the examples of your parents/elders. So, I kept my mouth shut. But, I’ve never changed my way of thinking about how we treat each other, and that means EVERYONE, including people of other races or ethnicities. I raised my two sons to treat everyone with respect, no matter their race or ethnicity, and from what I’ve seen/heard, they do just that. The same goes for gender. I also taught them to respect girls/women and to treat them with the same respect they’d give boys/men. Unfortunately, I continue to see women treated disrespectfully around the world. No doubt it’s because some fathers don’t even show respect to their child’s mother. So, we have to consider the source from where these children are learning these messages. Again, just my 2 cents.

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    • I have a ‘friend’ who thinks that all Muslims are terrorists. I had a ‘friend’ years ago who told her daughter right in front of my daughter that all black people are murderers and rapists. I have a ‘friend’ who calls Mexican-Americans wetbacks…among other things. It physically makes me ill. These are not the kind of people I will have as friends so anyone who shows their true colors is out on their ass! You’re right about kids learning this shit from the adults in their lives. Some examples, ‘eh? I may have not been the best mother, and probably taught my kids shit I shouldn’t have, lol, but they are very kind-hearted, fair, and non-judgemental adults now so I must have done something right! My daughter’s current boyfriend is black and he’s a better father to my grandson than the bio-dad and as long as he’s good to my daughter (as with any man regardless of color) then we will not have a problem.

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  2. I agree Deb, and what’s worse is how some races/cultures/ethnicity’s are also racist against their very own. As you know, I live on the border with Mexico and I hear Hispanics being racist against Mexicans and vice versa. Especially people from Mexico that come from wealth and privilege. It’s so disheartening to listen to someone from Mexico say that Americans from Mexican decent are “low life wannabes” yes, I’ve heard that said in conversation which pisses me off. The to hear Americans of Mexican decent calling Mexicans “mojados” or wetbacks. I’m like we are from the same culture mofos, let’s set a good example to children that tolerance above all is the only way to do away with racism of any kind! Ugh, it’s so frustrating 😡.

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  3. The only thing I can’t tolerate is intolerance. Deb, know that you have friends who share your views. Celebrate them. Don’t bother with the racists. No one needs that kind of negativity. Being angry with them gives them the power to upset you. They aren’t worthy of a second thought.

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  4. If only people would accept that there is something different and stop to be afraid of it because that is what behind intolerance and prejudice.Every case is a single one.I was at a beach yesterday and the lady beside me kept going on like Greek are a bad breed, to work over there you need to be a mafia guy and bla bla bla….I still don’t know what stopped me to pretend to be Greek just to see her stupid face going any color.I never worked in Greece but I worked with many Greeks and they were all splendid person.
    I agree with Linda, we should just not to waste time with the end of the day their hate and fears spoil their own lives not ours.🤓

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