My 11 Most Popular Posts of 2019

If I were to try and pick which of my posts were the most viewed this year, I wouldn’t have even come close to these! I thought I’d share what WordPress stats are telling me, just for shits and giggles, and because a thunderstorm is approaching and I have to be quick so I can unplug! Don’t want to lose my modem or wifi router!

Let me know what you think! Maybe you’ve already read some or all, but maybe you missed a few, and that’s ok! I appreciate all of you for reading my blog! Enjoy!



1.  Friday’s Funnies – Feb. 15th

2.  Roomis Igloomis

3.  Motivational Monday

4.  Chronic Pain and Depression

5.  The Ex-Files – The Day My Mom Passed

6.  Bierock Casserole

7.  Loser Boyfriend Syndrome

8.  Friday’s Funnies – Stupid Tweets

9.  A Shout Out!

10.  Earworm – Que Sera Sera

11.  Farts!

2 thoughts on “My 11 Most Popular Posts of 2019

  1. I loved #’s 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and especially 11! 😂🤣
    Dads hilarious, I’m telling you. Hey Alyssa, shut the fuck up, lol. Not that he would say that but I’m sure it’s crossed his mind.
    I’ve made the Bierdock casserole a couple of times, it’s my go to meal and the boys love it! I love all your posts my friend. Keep them coming for 2020!

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