Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Last Sunday was a great day for any outdoor activity, but come Monday, it was raining. The rain makes me hurt more than icy cold weather. My ol’ Granny used to tell me the rain would make her arthritis worse and that she could even tell when it was going to rain by the way her bones felt. I always thought she was nuts, but now I know better! Anyway, I hope the weather was good to you on Easter!

I hope you enjoy this week’s funnies! I always have fun collecting them and sharing them, too. Which are your favorites?















I think the last one is my favorite because I’m very familiar with the fuckening. It just never fails.

Have a fantastic weekend, peeps! Signing off….

Aunt Debbie

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

  1. I’m going to go with the store layout meme, because it’s true. Walmart is changing everything around and it’s taken months now I don’t know where anything is! The isle where the coffee, creamer and bread use to be now has the beans, rice and shit! Yes I’m pissed (sounding like Archie Bunker) because now I have to revise my how I shop! Lol

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