Throwback Thursday

Today, I ran across quite an amusing memory from a few years ago on my Facebook feed. I thought I’d share it because it gave me a hardy chuckle. I hope you do, too!

Today, I took Dad to see his urologist for his annual check-up. He was called back fairly quickly, leaving me to read a magazine in the waiting room. While I was thumbing through articles, an older man came in and announced his arrival to the receptionist. He then asked, “Where’s the bathroom?” The receptionist replies, “We are going to need a urine sample from you today.” He says to her, “Well, I’ll just give you my underwear.” It caught me off guard and I laughed out loud. It was the funniest thing I have heard in a long time! The receptionist tells the man, “Since I really don’t want to wring out your underwear, I’ll take you back right now.” Gosh, the things you hear when you leave the house!!!


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Oh man the things the “older” folks say. But then again I suppose they’ve paid their dues and feel that they can say whatever they want whenever they want, lol. My dad said something similar when I took him for his urology appointment. He saw an old friend their and they started talking which was good for me, he was distracted for a while. Then they called my dad’s name and he turned to his friend and said in Spanish “Well it’s time for me to go back and get my ass poked, see ya” and I was mortified! Everyone heard and I knew everyone there understood what he had said.

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