Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week

Another week has passed us by… They say time flies when you’re having fun. I call bullshit. I was NOT having fun this last week and time flies whether you’re having fun or not. That’s how I got so damn old. Haha!

So, onward and upward. Here’s this week’s funnies. I hope you enjoy them!







































Have a fun and lively Fall weekend, my friends! I hope you have great plans! Take care and see you on the flip-side!

Aunt Debbie



Author: Deb / Being Aunt Debbie

Single, mother of 2 adult children and grandmother to 4 beautiful grandchildren! I crochet, make jewelry, hand-poured soaps, and what ever else I can get into! I love Medieval History, castles, all things Celtic. I love animals, rock music, Mexican food, writing, learning, and good movies.

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Funnies – My Faves This Week”

    1. I know, right? 😀 That type of thing drives me insane. People make errors and I make my share, but to not even try to get things right drives me bonkers! I see it a lot with the younger generations. I don’t think they’re teaching them anything in school!


  1. I about fell out of my seat laughing with the Schrödinger one. Good news? Bad news? Who’s to know? Love it. The bad news, it’s curiosity tickled me, too. I guess I’m a cat-lover this week. Who am I kidding? I’m a cat-lover every week! Hope you are feeling better!

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      1. Yes, that whole crying thing is just not good. They say that laughter helps with pain management and I wouldn’t doubt it. Music, too! But then, I think you have the music thing sorted. I seem to remember a post about you listening to some pretty hard core music and surprised the hell out of some kids. I swear you and I have sooo much in common. Almost the same age, lots of the same views, love animals, and even the same sense of humor! ❤️ 🤗

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