What’s Eating Aunt Debbie?

Well, I’m back after sporadic posts over the past few months – I’ve just not been motivated to do much in the line of writing. I don’t know why. I have a lot to say but when it comes right down to it, I always wonder, “Who really cares what I have to say?” I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that way.

Anyway, here I sit…the keyboard beckoning me to write and my fingers, which seem to have dyslexia these days, refusing to cooperate! What can I say, to start out 2022?

First, I’ll just say I hope everyone reading this has had a great start to the new year. If you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution, don’t be too hard on yourself. I learned a long time ago to make small changes as I go. If you want to make changes in your life, you don’t have to make huge changes all at once. Take it one day at a time because life just gets in the way sometimes. As they say, shit happens. If things don’t work out one day, then start again the next day.

The holidays are always an emotional time for me. I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my bestie and my son and his family. It was a nice day but it took me 2 1/2 weeks to recover. I tried not to overdo it; almost everything we had that day was pre-made or semi-homemade. Still, it was too much for my legs to handle. Christmas was nice, with my son and his family, lots of laughs, and my grandson is beginning to warm up to us. We made pizza (semi-homemade) and my grandson was happy to help! He made his very own personal pizza!

Another thing on my mind, besides the same ol’ crap with Covid, is the absolute rudeness of some folks. Online, all you seem to see are comments that are not only unnecessary but mean and/or rude as hell. Most people wouldn’t say those things to a person’s face but online, I guess they think it’s just fine. I do not.

Yesterday, I was at my bestie’s place and I had parked in one of the front spots reserved for the handicapped. I have my handicap placard displayed as required for parking there. I was there for maybe an hour, if that, and when I came out there was someone parked behind me, blocking me in. I was pissed. How can anyone think that it was ok to do this? I can see if you had to run something in real quick but that was not the case. My bestie came out to find out who the owner of the car was and it was the apartment manager’s car for Pete’s sake! She pulled out so I could leave and as I left I saw her pull back into the same space. Clearly, she was not just running in real quick nor was she disabled. Who would think it’s was ok to block someone in like that? Apartment manager or not, it’s just plain rude. So sick of rude people.

I’ve been feeding a stray cat, since last year. His name is BobCat because he has a bobbed tail. He’s very sweet and I wish I could bring him in the house but it just won’t work with Jack. Jack is very aggressive and has slipped out the door a few times. Each time, the first thing he does is attack BobCat. Aside from the fighting, BobCat is an intact male and would probably pee all over the house which would lead to Jack peeing all over the house so NO, that’s not going to happen. I’d like to get BobCat neutered but I just don’t have the extra funds for that. Anyway, with the weather getting colder and colder now, poor BobCat is outside with minimal shelter and warmth. He has a small doghouse with a soft bed as padding and lots of straw but I’m sure it still gets cold in there. I just can’t help but feel bad. I wish I could afford to buy a better system for him. I pray he can stay warm enough through the winter.

There are other things on my mind, always, but that’s enough for now. I’m just trying to get back to writing, even if it’s just a little each day.

Now, tell me… What’s Eating You?

Upside Down Birds, Blah, Blah, Blah, Sewer!

Today was an interesting but very irritating day. Dad and I decided to go to Walmart this morning to prepare for the incoming cold weather later in the week. I want to be stocked up on water, bread, milk…you know, the usual…for the cold winter months. Today it was pretty busy but it could have been worse… like the very day before an incoming storm. Holy crap. People think it’s going to be the end of the world if they don’t have bread and milk…wait, I just bought those didn’t I? Well, in my defense, we didn’t wait until the last minute to go out for supplies like other people do!

The drive (30 miles) was rather amusing, with Dad’s silly antics and questions like, “I wonder how many cows there are in the world?” and “I wonder if birds can fly upside down?” The latter acted out as if he were a bird flying…”Look at me! I’m upside down!” Like I said, amusing. Never a dull moment.

So, anyway Dad wanted to stop at the clinic to make an appointment to see a dentist. He’s been having trouble with his gums. He went in and I waited in the car. He came out surprisingly, with an appointment for this afternoon at 1:45. We had enough time to go to Walmart so we headed over to do the evil chore of shopping with the numerous rude morons that frequent that place. Hey, wait a sec… I frequent that store, too. But I’m not rude to anyone unless they’re rude to me and I’m definitely not a moron.

Thankfully, they had a scooter and I was able to get around the store without excruciating pain. Of course, there were always ‘pains’ lurking in the middle of the aisle or at the end of the aisle who were so oblivious to anyone or anything around them that I was forced to go around to the other end of several aisles, just to get what I wanted. I think that sort of ‘pain’ is inevitable in Walmart. I shudder to think what it’s like in Kmart!!

At the checkout line, I thought, what good timing to have found a checker with no one in her line! Ha. Lucky, my ass. That woman talked her damn fool head off and NOT to US, mind you. She was chatting with another woman behind her and wasn’t working very fast – in fact, she seemed to not be able to scan items and talk at the same time. She just wouldn’t stop yammering on. I had to say something. I admit it. I was rude. I said, “Can you work a little more and talk a little less?” She didn’t even freakin’ hear me! OMG. She kept talking, scanned a few items, started talking some more… She said to the other woman something about how her mom said blah, blah, blah… She actually said blah, blah, blah! So, what did I say? I said, “Yeah. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!” She was oblivious. I was pretty irate if you can imagine. When she was finally finished scanning and bagging, I asked, “What bag did you put the batteries in?” We needed some small button batteries of various sizes and I didn’t want them lost. That woman, her name was Judy, just kept on talking. So, I asked my question again just a little louder. She still didn’t hear me so I freakin’ raised my voice that may have been a holler, I don’t know. The whole time Dad was looking for the batteries. She heard me that time and found the batteries. I thanked her, I don’t know why. Maybe for such a swell time. Ha.

We still had time to kill before we went to Dad’s appointment, so we stopped at the library. I had to use the restroom so that’s where I went first. I swear. You will NOT believe this but when I went to wash my hands all of a sudden there was such a foul stench of sewer. Yes, you read that right. SEWER. I scooped up a little water and brought it up close to my nose. OMG. That stench was coming from the water! I dried my hands off and used hand sanitizer, not once but twice. When Dad used the restroom he said the same thing. Tomorrow I’m calling the Health Department.

At the clinic now for Dad’s dental appointment. He was pretty stressed to begin with but then the paperwork frustrated him even more. You know, all those questions they want you to write answers to but then when they call you back they ask the same damn thing so they can put it in the computerized files. I always tell them, “It’s on the papers I just filled out!” Dad’s too nice. He endures. When he came back out he said they were putting him on an antibiotic and sending him to a periodontist. Yay. That made him happy. NOT. His blood pressure was still high when we got home. Tomorrow he calls for an appointment.

At my age and with my chronic pain issues, I don’t have the patience for the bullshit we had to deal with today. From now on, I’m taking down names at Walmart. The good ones will be praised to the management and the bad ones? Well, use your imagination!