Tonight’s Playlist

I have been in a pissy mood all day. Seems like everything just rubs me the wrong damn way. I woke up in severe pain, that didn’t help. I couldn’t even reposition without being in agony. I just got up and started the day. It wasn’t early, but it was early for me, considering I didn’t go to bed until after 2am. Oh well. Getting up a little early won’t kill me. After a couple hours, I wished it would.

I tried to improve my mood with a little reading and then I did some piece work on my grandson’s blanket. That wasn’t helping much. I tried to do some writing but everything I wasn’t happy with anything I typed. So, I put on some music.

I tried some pop/rock and then my go-to playlist but what helped boost my mood were the darker, angrier, pissed off songs. Go figure. I thought I would share a few with you so here goes:

Pantera – Walk


Avatar – Torn Apart


Godsmack – Cryin’ Like A Bitch


Wednesday 13 – Bad Things


Drowning Pool – Bodies


Korn – Dead Bodies Everywhere


Linkin Park – One Step Closer


Slipknot – Psychosocial


Apocalyptica w/ Corey Taylor – I’m Not Jesus


Apocalyptica w/ Adam Gontier – I Don’t Care


I’m in a better mood now so there’s that… I hope you enjoyed at least one of these songs!! What do you listen to when you’re in a bad mood?






















































































10 Songs On My Playlist Today

Today, I had an appointment that was quite the drive. It was 3 hours, round trip. As much as I love Dad and enjoy his company, humor, and stories of his youth, I really enjoyed being completely alone! My music kept me company and I cranked it up and rocked out! I sang along and wiggled and tapped to the music. This is something I can’t normally do with Dad in the car!

I am always amused by the number of people who look at me like there’s something wrong with me. They see a 56-year-old woman in a car with music blaring, that can be heard through closed windows and they get this odd look on their faces. Older people probably think I’m too old for that nonsense, younger people probably think it’s odd that I’m listening to such modern music, and people my age probably wonder why I’m not listening to country music! Some might just think, “Damn, is she deaf?”

What was I listening to? I’m glad you asked! (Even though you didn’t….heehee.) Here are 10 of the songs on my playlist today:


Korn – Freak On A Leash


Avatar – Let It Burn


Gojira – Stranded


Avenged Sevenfold – Hail To The King


Bad Wolves – Zombie (cover)


AC/DC – Thunderstruck


Rammstein – Du Hast


Red Sun Rising – The Otherside


Drowning Pool – Let The Bodies Hit The Floor


Soundgarden – Spoonman


So, what’s on your playlist?

Funny story…..

I went to Walmart today after my appointment and pulled into a parking spot next to another car on my left. I had this song playing, and if you know me then you know I had the volume up pretty loud. My window was down about 4 inches or so. I sat there for a minute, checking my phone and responding to a message. I rolled up the window, turned off the car and got out. That’s when I noticed this kid in the car next to me, plugged into an ipod. He looked like he was around 15 years old. He pulled the earphone out of his ear and asked, “What are you listening to?” I told him, “Swedish Death Metal. What are you listening to?” He says, “Nothin’.” I had to laugh because I imagined he was listening to something sappy like Justin Beiber or some other nit-witted pop idol. I also imagine he has never seen an old lady like me listening to Swedish Death Metal…or any metal at all. LMAO!

It made my day!