No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

Once when my sisters and I were young, my youngest sister, who was probably around 5 years old, was jumping on the furniture. She knew better. Mom and Dad were always telling us to “stop jumping on the furniture!” Youngest sister was a brat and a half and did it anyway. She fell and knocked her head on the coffee table. Then she ran like a bat out of hell because she knew she was in big trouble! Everyone was chasing her, trying to catch her because she had blood spewing out of her head!! So, to the hospital she went. I don’t recall how many stitches she ended up with, but to my knowledge, she never jumped on the furniture again! In fact, I don’t think any of us ever jumped on the furniture again!

Goes to show you, kids don’t always do as they’re told. They have to learn on their own. As parents, we just have to pray they don’t kill themselves while learning their life lessons.


Throwback Thursday

As I mentioned before, I have been going through old papers and such, and I keep finding memories; sometimes the memories are difficult but sometimes they’re much treasured! This is a little treasure that my sister, aka Pookie, sent me several years ago. The photo is of the two of us when we were kids. I’m the oldest. I don’t think our youngest sister was born yet. We were buds back then and we’re still great friends today!




Wish You Were Here….

I really miss you. I wish you were here. I wonder how long it will be before I see you again. It’s lonely here sometimes and I wish I could just talk to you. I wish I could talk to you in person. It would be nice to hear your voice. I can’t just pick up the phone and call you. We communicate but it’s hard being so far, far away from each other. Some day maybe we will be closer, although we will never be closer at heart than we are now. We’ve been through a lot together and will surely be through much more. I’m hoping you know that I’ll always be here for you, as I know you will always be there for me. After all, we are family and will always be. Sisters forever. To the end. In my heart, always. I wish you were here.

The Loves of My Life

I know I’ve told all the people in my life how much they mean to me. I hope they heard me. I’d hate to leave this world without them understanding the love and laughter they have brought to my life. I’d hate for them to leave this world and not know how truly loved and appreciated they are by me.

My Dad, who is also my best friend, taught me many things in my life. He taught me to never be late, to always have a sense of humor and to just be myself. He is very special to me. He’s always been there for me and helped me raise my children when their father opted to drop off the radar. He’s a good man, a bit on the silly side, but he’s MY Daddy and I love him.

S.R., my daughter and my oldest child, is a very complex person. She has a sensitive side but she hides it and she hides it well. I raised her to be strong and make her own decisions. I raised her to be kind and generous. I also raised her not to take any crap from anyone. And she doesn’t. I love her unconditionally even though we haven’t always seen eye to eye. She has made some bad choices in her life as we all have but that’s how we learn. I’m proud to call her my daughter, and I will always love her with every inch of my being.

My son, C.F., is a kick in the pants! He has a strange sense of humor and can be very warped at times. He is my baby and he doesn’t like it much when I call him that. After all he’s 20 years old. He is very sensitive, like his sister, but rarely shows it. I can see it in him, when others may not. He tries very hard to be a tough guy – he wears his hair long, has tattoos and piercings and people see him as a tough guy. Some of his co-workers are even afraid of him! I know him differently than they do. I raised him to be kind to animals and learn from them. I raised him to treat people with respect, unless of course they don’t respect him. I raised him to be strong and independent. I’m proud to be his mom. I love him with all of my heart and soul.

My grand children will always have a special place in my heart — forever. No question. They light up my days and make me feel young again, although at the end of the day I can really feel my age! They make me laugh, they make me cry and they can really get on my nerves! I love them dearly and wouldn’t trade my time with them for anything else in this world.

My younger sisters, who were royal pains in my ass when we were growing up, have become my dearest friends and I couldn’t have gotten through the last year without their love and support. They helped me to deal with things that no mother would ever want to have to deal with. They were my shoulder to cry on; although far away. They made me laugh when things were gray. They told me things will get better and they reassured me that I am a good mother, a good friend, sister and person. I cherish my sisters and I hope they know how much I love them.

A.B., who is not my child, but I think of her as my own. I’ve been calling her my “other daughter” for many years now. I love her and wish for her the very best things in life. I hope she knows that I am here for her when her family stabs her in the back again. She deserves better than that. No matter what the relationship between A.B. and my son, I will always think of her as my “other daughter,” and I’m proud to be part of her life.

These are the people who are the closest to my heart. Of course there are those who have passed on, like Mom, Granny, Nana and Papa, Aunt Helen, Cousins John M. and John D. and my great-great grandmother…..all of whom I think about often. There are close friends like Becky, Fawn, Terri, Teri, Andrew and more; I hope they realize how important they are to me. There are also the people who were my in-laws at one time. I doubt that I will ever have anything good to say about my ex ever again, but his family was my family. I’ve missed them a lot since we moved away.

So many people, so little time on this earth. I don’t think my job is done here.