Friday’s Funnies

I’m about to blow a gasket! Good grief! I have been having issues with my computer today and just when I have everything figured out, I log in to my WordPress account and find that they have made changes to the media download process! It’s just a pain in the ass now! Nothing is working the way it did before!! So, if this post comes out wonky, it’s not my fault! WordPress, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Sheesh!

This isn’t a huge collection. I don’t know why. I’ve been saving them all week but they seem to have disappeared! Anyway, I hope you like them, and just like every week, please share your faves in the comments!














My fave this week: Sarchotic and Eucalyze Legayptus! I hope you found a few enough to elicit a chuckle! 

I think I’ve had enough of this computer, my phone, and every other thing that has anything to do with technology. I’m going to shower and work a jigsaw puzzle. Have a great weekend! Be good, peeps. 

Signing out for now,

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